Monday, 17 March 2014

I'm Not Changing!

HELLO Family!
So here I am in the NEW AREA. I didn't think I was ever going to leave Galt! Haha 1/3 of my mission there. But it was a great 1/3. I loved it! I actually think I am going to miss it. But change is just part of the missionary life. So this will be a total new adventure.
Wednesday: We woke up like usual and I quickly finished packing, and then Sister Lethbridge came and picked me up to drive me to the mission office. We got all my stuff put in the other vehicle and headed out to El Dorado. So El Dorado is known for being the rich area and the area is huuuuuge. Haha its ridiculous. Our car is a Jeep Compass. Its cute. Definitely a Sister car. hahaha, looks pretty funny when elders jump out of it. So we got to our area, she gave me the low down of everything, then we ate some lunch and went to work. I met our "investigators"... haha ya. And then this stake does something fun, every transfer they have a dinner for all of the missionaries. This way we can all meet each other and meet the stake who is there helping with missionary work. Our stake president here is suuuuper intimidating. He is a former mission president! And i guess president lewis was sick for a time, and this stake president took over for him while he was out of commission. So he definitely knows what he's doing with missionary work, and he will definitely know if the missionaries aren't doing what theyre supposed to haha. But ya. Also we found out our ward mission leader had a heart attack... no bueno. But I guess he is doing good. After the dinner we went home so i could unpack and stuff. 
Thursday: We had district meeting. Our district seems like a lot of fun, I'm excited about it. Then we came home had lunch and stuff and then went to meet some people. Haha we're supposed to talk to everyone we see, and this area is super spread out so there aren't many people just out and about, so we saw this girl and we ended up chasing her up a hill asking if we could talk to her hahaha and she yelled back down the hill "IM NOT CHANGING" hahaha it was super funny. We talked to her anyways. We went to visit some less actives and hahah when they opened the door their dog got out and then jumped the fence, ran down the street and then attacked the neighbours chickens hahahaha. Oh my gosh, It was the funniest thing ever. We didn't even know what to do. awkward.
Friday: This was weekly planning, we literally planned until 3 and didn't even finish. At 3 we had an appointment with Louie who is one of our investigators. (he is a shingle spring meewok (sp?) which is the native tribe up down here. and there is some major drama going on with the tribes and stuff... sooo ya) it wasn't too productive of a lesson. I don't see him going anywhere too fast... we'll see.
Saturday: In the morning we finished our weekly planning, dropped by our 2 other investigators, they both dropped us. (they weren't really potentially even solid at all...  one of them was rlds... so she didn't see any different in our churches hahaha the other was a 15 year old girl they met while tracting...) We went to see Louie and now we're thining about dropping him, but aren't too sure what to do. So you can see our teaching pool is super solid right now.... We stopped by some people who literally live in mansions, hahah i'm sure the initial shock will wear off, but for now it is super fun seeing all these huge houses. Like wow, its ridiculous how big some of these houses are. Then we had a fhe planned with this la/pmf and we went there, it was a lot of fun.
Sunday: First day in the new ward. It was good. Its funny to see that no matterwhere you go, no one is perfect. Hahah everyone is just doing their own thing. It seems like a good ward though. 
So ya this area will be interesting... so far I'm not a huge fan, but i'm sure it will grow on me. Hahah I do love the members we live with though, they are super nice and Sister Goff (thats who we live with) makes us green smoothies every morning. Also Sister Kim (my companion) has a whole bunch of exercise vids that we can use for morning glory! So it will be good times!
Thats all for now :)
Pray for us that we will be able to find lots of new people to teach! Cause we need it!!! 
WELL I love you SO MUCH!!!! Have a great week!!!!!

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