Monday, 17 March 2014

I'm Getting Transferred!!

so about time for that email eh? Haha sorry it's been a crazy day... Crazy week!!
It's feels like it has been forever since I last emailed you so I'll just tell you all of the exciting stuff

Sister Parkinson is your new companion for 6 days, give her a quick crash course of the area and then You're leaving! So ya! Crazy stuff.
So them blah blah Wednesday was kind of a write off.  Thursday morning at 8 sister Parkinson got here and at 11 that day we had zone training. But ya sister Parkinson is awesome a super good missionary, so I'm suuuuuuuper glad that she is staying Galt. I love this area and it's reassuring to know it is good hands. So we worked really hard I showed her as many people as I could and tried to show her around, we did lots of contacting and just a whole bunch of good stuff. It's been a good 6 days lol. So ya nothing that sticks out.
Then yesterday we got our transfer calls, I'm going to the El Dorado Zone, el dorado 1st ward. And my new companion will be sister Kim! I've heard great things about her so I'm super excited. Also yesterday we got a new car! That was awesome haha it only has 1200 miles on it! So we had one of the oldest cars in the mission and now the day before I leave they gave us a new one hahaha. But I think we either have a truck or a jeep in el dorado. Apparently our area is huge! Rich people everywhere and super spread out in the country! So it should be fun!
Today we woke up at 5 so we could go to the temple! It was great! The. We got back st like 11:30 and went to this cool place called "black chasms" it was a lot of fun. It was kind of a hike/ caving! Our whole zone went! So that was a lot of fun! Hahaha we got so muddy! And I ripped my shirt lol. Also there was this one spot called the "birth canal" hahahaah you went out head first and it was soooo small and hahaha on my way out my pants started coming down hshshahs I was like elders don't look!! Hahaha very funny. It was tons of fun. So the. We came home and it was like 5:30 then we went out for dinner with the Williams and I called some people to say bye cause I'm just too tired to go over lol and I haven't even started packing shahaha. And we're leaving tomorrow morning st 8! So I'll be off to my new area! Sister Gutierrez thinks all my stuff with sister hale is prepping me to be a trainer lol. So she thinks I'll train soon hahaha I hope not.
But ya I'm excited to see what it's all about! Also sad to leave Galt, but it will all be good!!
Sorry I probably can't send back personal emails, but I promise I will next week.
I'm on sis Williams ipad and it takes so long to type on here
We'll just know I love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!

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