Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pictures from the Mission!

Me and Sister Kim

My Zone on a LARGE tree stump!

Me and the another Large Tree

Tunnel through the tree!

Cute little ladies from GALT!  The lady in the green is 93 years old!

Sweet new ride in Galt!  Only lasted a few days then I was transferred.

The "Lethbridge Family" from Galt.  I was born in Lethbridge

Me and Sister G at the Temple!

The Family I lived with in Galt!  Love them!!

Cute house in my new area!

Me and Sister Kim relaxing after an exhausting appointment!

Donkeys and Zebras mixed makes a ???

Our Jeep Compass on the walking trail!

Me and Sister Kim on the walking trail.

Turning our Jeep around on the trail!  Ooops!  

Moses Said "Let my People Go"

Hello Family!
Well this was just the weirdest week ever. Hahah nothing that we planned to do worked out the whole week. It was so weird!
Tuesday we started out by going to practice this song we were asked to sing in church. You should go look it up cause it is super beautiful. It is "I'll go where you want me to go" And its by Lindy Kerby. Or kirbymusic.com or something. Its really cool. But at first we hated it. haha but once we figured it out we loved it. So we were practicing at this members house, then we went to visit some less actives, they ended up giving us a tour of their whole backyard and their chicken coops hhaha and they gave us some free eggs! Kind of fun, everyone has chickens here so everyone just gets their own eggs. We went tracting and man it was a rough crowd hahah. Not one person was interested. We had dinner at this hilarious familys house, they are kind of less active. And the husband is just sooo funny! His wife was giving us a tour of their house and showing us all of her art work and it ended up being a long tour and then the husband yelled from the bottom of the stairs "MOSES SAID LET MY PEOPLE GOOO" hahaha. We were dying laughing
Wednesday the day started out great we had a practice lesson with the Towers. It was a good thing we taught the lesson cause they didn't remember anything about the whole restoration haha. Then we had a lunch appointment with the Houston family and ohhhh myyy goshhhh they talked so much! Hahah it was exhausting, cause I couldn't even understand what they were saying or talking about, but it was good. Thennn we went to visit this less active lady named Marjorie and oh my GOSH she talked even mooooore!! We were held captive for like and hour and 15 minutes!! It was oh my gosh. I almost died!!!! But when we finally got out of her house there was a frog on her wall so Sister Kim caught it! Haha so we had a frog, we named him Jerry. Then we went to visit a less active she-male. HAHA this is probably one of the funniest people i've met on my mission so far. So her name is Nicole, but she goes by Nicolas (Its actually her dad who is the la member, but sister kim had told me about her/him so I wanted to meet her/him hahah). So we knock on the door and she answers in silky pajamas and a santa hat, and we asked if her dad is there. She's like "no, he's not here. I'm his son. Actually I'm the only male on the whole planet. Actually i'm God. I don't pray. But there are 2 kinds of praying. Praying and Preying. I'm more familiar with the preying. Because I'm the only male on the planet, and all women are in love with me." Then she goes on to tell us that we obviously don't have boyfriends cause we don't look like the type who have boytoys hahahahaha. And during one point Sister Kim started laughing hahah and  then I almost started laughing. But nicolas/nicole is completely serious the whole time. hahahaha. So we left. And we were dying laughing, and then we decided to send it in as a referral to the ysa elders hahaahahah. So we did. 
Thursday is the day we usually have district meeting, and we have it at 10:30. so we drive to the church and no one is there.... so we were like a little early so we figured that the elders were just running late. Nope. turns out there was no district meeting! And we had no idea because our phone sucks hahahaha. So we showed up and its cancelled. So we went home and had to rearrange our whole day. Lol, because the reason it got cancelled is because we had a special training with president on Friday, which we had no idea about. Hahah so good thing we found out, or else that would have been terrible. The rest of the day was kind of crazy, just visiting some people and meeting some referrals. I had a crazy allergy attack hahha good times. We had dinner at the Blodgett family and they were running late and we had an appointment after so we just did our spiritual thought first and then had dinner. But haha I guess I was a little bold with the commitment I was leaving cause Brother Blodgett was asking me if I was studying law and hahah he kept trying to get out of doing his missionary work and I'd be like Hey! don't change the subbject! And he eventually agreed to it haha good times.
Friday was not weekly planning cause we had our special training with president lewis. It was super good. He is just the best! Now eveyone is feeling pumped up and ready to do missionary work! woohoo! The rest of the day was just sort of a normal day visiting people and doing our thing.
Saturday was when we did our weekly planning and ahahah in the middle of it the zone leaders (ysa elders) called us about the referral Nicolas we gave them hahahah sounds like it was just as crazy for them. We're not sure if they figured out it was kind of a joke or not. Hahah but either way hilarious. The rest of saturday was so crazy. We went to see Louie and ended up dropping him. His heart is just too hard. Then we went to contact this referral and we typed it into the gps (not mine, but the one that is in our car) and oh my gosh this gps is a piece of junk!! hahah it led us on a wild goose chase!!! Hahaha we were following it and started going down this road, and then all of a sudden its like this dirt road with a lot of ditches, (which isn't uncommon in this area) but this one looked a little iffy. But the gps said to go on it, so we followed it. We keep driving and we see 2 ladies walking. Turns out it was a walking path! hahaha so we were in the middle of a walking path in our big jeep compass! hahaha so funny! After that little adventure we went to our ward activity which was an "international potluck" it was lots of fun! All of the families we committed to bring non members to actually brought nonmembers!! none of them live in our area, but still! It was great! 
Sunday was a great Sunday we had our early meetings, then church. Our song went good the ward loved it! annnnd the rest of the day was good. We had dinner at a pmf which was a lot of fun. Then we basically called it a night! 
So it was kind of a weird week, but still a good one! hahah lots of funny stories!!!
Love you allll!!!!!!!!

Monday, 17 March 2014

New Companion!

Sister Kim on Sister Lacusta's left.  New Companion!!

I'm Not Changing!

HELLO Family!
So here I am in the NEW AREA. I didn't think I was ever going to leave Galt! Haha 1/3 of my mission there. But it was a great 1/3. I loved it! I actually think I am going to miss it. But change is just part of the missionary life. So this will be a total new adventure.
Wednesday: We woke up like usual and I quickly finished packing, and then Sister Lethbridge came and picked me up to drive me to the mission office. We got all my stuff put in the other vehicle and headed out to El Dorado. So El Dorado is known for being the rich area and the area is huuuuuge. Haha its ridiculous. Our car is a Jeep Compass. Its cute. Definitely a Sister car. hahaha, looks pretty funny when elders jump out of it. So we got to our area, she gave me the low down of everything, then we ate some lunch and went to work. I met our "investigators"... haha ya. And then this stake does something fun, every transfer they have a dinner for all of the missionaries. This way we can all meet each other and meet the stake who is there helping with missionary work. Our stake president here is suuuuper intimidating. He is a former mission president! And i guess president lewis was sick for a time, and this stake president took over for him while he was out of commission. So he definitely knows what he's doing with missionary work, and he will definitely know if the missionaries aren't doing what theyre supposed to haha. But ya. Also we found out our ward mission leader had a heart attack... no bueno. But I guess he is doing good. After the dinner we went home so i could unpack and stuff. 
Thursday: We had district meeting. Our district seems like a lot of fun, I'm excited about it. Then we came home had lunch and stuff and then went to meet some people. Haha we're supposed to talk to everyone we see, and this area is super spread out so there aren't many people just out and about, so we saw this girl and we ended up chasing her up a hill asking if we could talk to her hahaha and she yelled back down the hill "IM NOT CHANGING" hahaha it was super funny. We talked to her anyways. We went to visit some less actives and hahah when they opened the door their dog got out and then jumped the fence, ran down the street and then attacked the neighbours chickens hahahaha. Oh my gosh, It was the funniest thing ever. We didn't even know what to do. awkward.
Friday: This was weekly planning, we literally planned until 3 and didn't even finish. At 3 we had an appointment with Louie who is one of our investigators. (he is a shingle spring meewok (sp?) which is the native tribe up down here. and there is some major drama going on with the tribes and stuff... sooo ya) it wasn't too productive of a lesson. I don't see him going anywhere too fast... we'll see.
Saturday: In the morning we finished our weekly planning, dropped by our 2 other investigators, they both dropped us. (they weren't really potentially even solid at all...  one of them was rlds... so she didn't see any different in our churches hahaha the other was a 15 year old girl they met while tracting...) We went to see Louie and now we're thining about dropping him, but aren't too sure what to do. So you can see our teaching pool is super solid right now.... We stopped by some people who literally live in mansions, hahah i'm sure the initial shock will wear off, but for now it is super fun seeing all these huge houses. Like wow, its ridiculous how big some of these houses are. Then we had a fhe planned with this la/pmf and we went there, it was a lot of fun.
Sunday: First day in the new ward. It was good. Its funny to see that no matterwhere you go, no one is perfect. Hahah everyone is just doing their own thing. It seems like a good ward though. 
So ya this area will be interesting... so far I'm not a huge fan, but i'm sure it will grow on me. Hahah I do love the members we live with though, they are super nice and Sister Goff (thats who we live with) makes us green smoothies every morning. Also Sister Kim (my companion) has a whole bunch of exercise vids that we can use for morning glory! So it will be good times!
Thats all for now :)
Pray for us that we will be able to find lots of new people to teach! Cause we need it!!! 
WELL I love you SO MUCH!!!! Have a great week!!!!!

I'm Getting Transferred!!

so about time for that email eh? Haha sorry it's been a crazy day... Crazy week!!
It's feels like it has been forever since I last emailed you so I'll just tell you all of the exciting stuff

Sister Parkinson is your new companion for 6 days, give her a quick crash course of the area and then You're leaving! So ya! Crazy stuff.
So them blah blah Wednesday was kind of a write off.  Thursday morning at 8 sister Parkinson got here and at 11 that day we had zone training. But ya sister Parkinson is awesome a super good missionary, so I'm suuuuuuuper glad that she is staying Galt. I love this area and it's reassuring to know it is good hands. So we worked really hard I showed her as many people as I could and tried to show her around, we did lots of contacting and just a whole bunch of good stuff. It's been a good 6 days lol. So ya nothing that sticks out.
Then yesterday we got our transfer calls, I'm going to the El Dorado Zone, el dorado 1st ward. And my new companion will be sister Kim! I've heard great things about her so I'm super excited. Also yesterday we got a new car! That was awesome haha it only has 1200 miles on it! So we had one of the oldest cars in the mission and now the day before I leave they gave us a new one hahaha. But I think we either have a truck or a jeep in el dorado. Apparently our area is huge! Rich people everywhere and super spread out in the country! So it should be fun!
Today we woke up at 5 so we could go to the temple! It was great! The. We got back st like 11:30 and went to this cool place called "black chasms" it was a lot of fun. It was kind of a hike/ caving! Our whole zone went! So that was a lot of fun! Hahaha we got so muddy! And I ripped my shirt lol. Also there was this one spot called the "birth canal" hahahaah you went out head first and it was soooo small and hahaha on my way out my pants started coming down hshshahs I was like elders don't look!! Hahaha very funny. It was tons of fun. So the. We came home and it was like 5:30 then we went out for dinner with the Williams and I called some people to say bye cause I'm just too tired to go over lol and I haven't even started packing shahaha. And we're leaving tomorrow morning st 8! So I'll be off to my new area! Sister Gutierrez thinks all my stuff with sister hale is prepping me to be a trainer lol. So she thinks I'll train soon hahaha I hope not.
But ya I'm excited to see what it's all about! Also sad to leave Galt, but it will all be good!!
Sorry I probably can't send back personal emails, but I promise I will next week.
I'm on sis Williams ipad and it takes so long to type on here
We'll just know I love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Pictures from the Mission!

Tony cutting my hair

Sister Hale getting a haircut!

Tony's Baptism!!

Tony's Baptism

Tony at the font.

The Elders in my District
Flowers from the Bishop's Wife

Tony Got Baptized!

Hello hello hello!
What an exciting week! I don't even remember everything that happened. Haha days and weeks start to blend together after a while, so sorry if my emails keep getting more and more vague.
Monday: Always a good time because it's pday. After emailing and shopping and stuff we went home and went to the singles fhe potluck. This is a bunch of single ladies who have fhe every week, and then once a month they all feed us. Its super nice. And sometimes hilarious. Hahaha these old ladies are always talking about something interesting.
Tuesday: This was the day of Tonys baptism! Woohoo! So we went over to his house and filled out his baptismal form and showed him a picture of what it will look like when he gets baptized. Hahah he then asked us if we could take a picture of him getting baptized in the font... ahaha we were like ummm no sorry. Lol. So funny. Sister Hale has been sick this week, so we just kind of took it easy for her, and then went over and got the church all set up for his baptism. It ended up being a really nice baptism.  Hahah Brother Bigelow gave a great talk on baptism, then Tony got baptized when he was in the water he was like "im never gunna get outta here" hahah I guess it was warm! Then Sister Lethbridge gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost and then bishop welcomed him into the ward and it was great! Tons of ward members came so that was awesome, and the english sisters from Lodi came with an investigator, so that was exciting for them! Then we went home, the elders gave us some steak! that was awesome. So we had steak for dinner, and then the english sisters came and picked me up for exchanges!
Wednesday: So this whole day I was in Lodi with Sister Jolley. (She was Sister Gutierrez's follow up trainer) She is a great missionary! It was a fun day. Hahah they were out of miles for the month so we ended up just parking the car and doing a lot of walking, and it was raining out so that was a lot of fun. We had a lesson with their investigator who is getting baptized next week, had dinner at a really funny members home, and went to teach a practice lesson at a members home. and we did lots of contacting. Sister Hale and Sister Maughn had a good day in Galt. They found us a new investigator and went to Thornton  they got lost getting there. Pretty funny.
Thursday: We had district meeting at 10 in the morning, which was good as always, and then we decided to have a district lunch! That was fun, hahahah me and Sister Hale went and grabbed taco bell and the elders came back and all made sandwiches it was just so opposite of how you think it would be it was funny. The rest of the day we visited some people, went and saw Peggy, that was a lot of fun. And had dinner with the Trinnamans. They are one of my favourite families from the ward!
Friday: Weekly planning day! Sister Hale was really sick again this day, so we didn't do a lot. We had dinner at the Chantry familys home, that was super fun!
Saturday: This was a good day, we saw Lloyd, he decided he is coming back to church :) So that is really good! And he's starting to slowly stop smoking! woohoo! Then we saw Bob, he's been reading his book of mormon, but he wont come to church! Then we went to help Tony with something  he wants to sell his furniture, so we helped him put it on craigslist. We were at the bishops doing that. Then we had to go home, and on our front step Sister Johnson ( the bishops wife) had brought us some beautiful flowers! So that was super nice of her. Then we saw Debbie  she is always sooo funny. She was back in the hospital earlier this week, but she said they kicked her out because they heard her laughing in her room cause she was watching "The Mask" with Jim Carey and she was laughing really hard. Super funny! Then we had some dinner and called it a night.
Sunday: This was a great sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting. Tony got up and bore his testimony! (It was more of his whole life story... but thats okay, he'll learn) We forgot his baptismal record at home, so we had to run home and grab that during sunday school so bishop could sign it, and then we came back for relief society and we taught the lesson, we taught it on missionary work! Then we had dinner with Brother Williams, Enchiladas made by the spanish branch and then visited some other people and called it a night. 
Now it is PDAY! woohooo! And today we are going to some place called "Big Trees" With our district! So I guess we're gunna go see some big trees , I'll take pictures for next week :)
ps. Next week pday is on tuesday! So i'll email then :). And its transfers!
I have a funny feeling i'll be staying in Galt another transfer.... buuuuuut we'll wait and see!

Just Another Week in the Mission

Hello family!
I don't have too much to report on this week, but it was a good week!
Monday after pday was over we had dinner at the bishops and Tony came! It was so great! Tony loves the bishop and the bishop loves him, he is going to be a great addition to the ward! We showed him a short video about the Restoration and talked about how Joseph Smith restored the gospel. We asked Tony to pray about if Joseph Smith was really a prophet and he said he would do it no problem.
Tuesday: We went and saw Tony and haha he cut our hair! It turned out pretty good. It was kind of funny having such an old guy who is our investigator cut our hair! But now it is healthy. Tony is such a great guy I hope you guys can come meet him some day! Then we had dinner with Judy! Which was fun as usual! Then we went back to her house and were talking and stuff.
Wednesday: We went and taught Tony the Big 3! This is tithing, the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. Hahah just as we figured Tony didn't have any issues with the Law of chastity. And he is so sweet. He said if the Lord commands me not to drink coffee I won't drink any coffee! Hahah How awesome is that? I just love this guy. We went and visited some other people that night and stuff but that was about the highlight.
Thursday: We had our district meeting, we talked about all of our different investigators and stuff and talked about how we can help each other. It was a good district meeting. We went and saw Elaine and talked with her, she won't be at church this sunday cause her and her family are going to 6 Flags. But she is reading from the book of mormon. We saw tony today too and he cooked lunch for us! Hahah real Italian spaghetti! It was delicious! 
Friday: We had weekly planning, then we were able to see Jim and Lloyd and Peggy. We hadn't seen Jim since Sister Hale got here so it was good to see him. He was excited to see us and wants to come to the single ladies fhe on monday night haha. Lloyd isn't doing so good :( He decided he's not going to come to church until he can stop smoking. So that was a real bummer.
Saturday: Hahah there was a bridal shower being hosted at the Williams house and with like 20 cars parked in the driveway we had no  chance of getting out. So we just stayed for the whole thing. It was really fun. Then we were on chair duty. Part of being a missionary I guess ;). Then we went to dinner visited some less active people and called it a night.
Sunday: This was a great sunday. Tony came to church, Bishop announced his baptism and the ward is super supportive :) Then we had dinner at the relief society presidents house which was fun. Her whole family as there and it reminded me of all our good family times hanging out :).
So not much to write about, but still a good week.
Tony is all set for his baptism TOMORROW :D We're so excited! 
Next week I'll send pictures :)