Monday, 17 February 2014

Transfer Week

Well today is transfers....! haha i'll get there, I'll tell you about our week first.
So last monday, I saw a girl I know from school! She is someone I went to Mexico with! It was crazy! haha we saw her at Target. small world right?
Tuesday: Hahah oh wow, so we had planned to meet up with Chris again on Tuesday and Judy was going to come, so we went there and no answer. So Judy asked us if we had eaten lunch and haha we hadn't so we ended up going out to lunch with Judy, and hahaha we stayed talking for so long. oops. But it was so fun. We had so many referrals to contact, so we went and tried to contact some, we were able to meet one named Alex who just wanted a copy of our bible cause he wasn't convinced we use the King James Bible... so we just answered some of his questions and went on with our day. Hahah 3 of our referrals names were Tony. So weird.
Wednesday: We were supposed to go see Brenda with a member from the ward, but she ended up bailing... soooo another lesson that didn't go through. good times :). We had district meeting, we discussed all of the things that Elder Baxter told us to do when he was here. It is really being inforced and encouraged. haha its lots of things to do, but they are all really worthwhile. We will find lots of new investigators if we do all the things they say to do. Then we made transfer predictions haha and we sang "God be with you till we meet again" hahah so sad. Then we went to visit Andrew, and he has been reading the Book of Mormon! And he is so interested in coming to church and learning more! so woohoo! But the only bad thing is.... he is ysa... so we have to pass him on to the zone leaders of a ysa ward. We went and visited some less active members and this one guy named David said he is going to come to church again! So thats exciting. And we went and visited a lady who is active and hahah we decided we wanted to bike to Thornton with her hahah it'd be like 40 miles round trip lol. It would be so fun! ahahah We didn't get to do it before SisG left, but maybe with my new comp.
Thursday: Thursday wasn't too exciting, we just visited lots of people, went tracting and then in the evening we went and visited Kyong with Sister Hinds hahah basically we were just flies on the wall while they were gabbing. But sister hinds invited her to church and  she reluctantly said she would come!
Friday: We had weekly planning annnnd thats about all I remember. Nothing too exciting haha.
Saturday: This was a good day we were able to see lots of people we went to Thornton. We went and saw Elaine which is someone we've been visiting for a while, and she said she would come to church on sunday! So we were excited about that.
Sunday, we had 3 investigators at church! woohoo! Elaine, Kyong and Andrew! We actually had to do a little split with some ward members so we could get all the people. So SisG stayed at the church  and gave Andrew a tour while I got Elaine with the RS president. And then Andrew got a ride with the Bigelows. It was a great sacrament meeting, it was ward conference. Then our gospel principles class was packed! Which was awesome! So the only person who didn't enjoy church was Kyong. hahaah she left right after sacrament meeting. But Andrew and Elaine really enjoyed it.
Monday: This was a good day (even though it wasn't pday ;) ) We made Judy a little candy gram because she always does so much for us, then we had the single sisters fhe potluck haha, and Lloyd and Elaine came! It was great!  And then we got our transfer calls! Sooooooo! I'm staying in Galt haha no surprise. My new companions name is Sister Hale. Sister Gutierrez is going to South Sac and her companion is going to be Sister Fenton! (She was in the mtc with me). So tomorrow we get the new companions, soooo next week I'll have to update you on how everything is! 
Hope you are all having a GREAT WEEK!!!! I love you all!! :)


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