Monday, 17 February 2014

Mission Life is Good!

Hello hello hello! 
Well I have got some hilarious stories to tell, I hope I can do them justice over email. And I hope I can remember them all hahaha. Well actually there is only a few, but still!
So  Tuesday: We had exchanges. I was in Lodi with Sister Langi. She is the cutest. She is from utah but is actually Tongan! We had a pretty low key day (but i'm kind of used to that lately with SisG being sick and stuff haha) but it was good. We had a church tour with a family they are trying to teach, and it was really good. Then we just visited a lot of people. and haha I chose randomly out of the area book, and I chose a less active family that had a note beside it that said "husband is JW" hahah oops. Well we went there at 5:55 (dinner was at 6) and we ended up talking to him for AN HOUR! just in his doorstep. Haha turns out he wasn't JW, but turns out he was crrrrazy! He was spitting bible verses at us and saying how mormons are racist, polygamist and think we are all going to have our own planets and become God. Hahahah wow. So no matter what we explained to him, like with polygamy that it is only okay if God commands it, otherwise it is an abomination. And there are examples in the bible and everything. Stil wouldn't have it. Then the racism thing hahah there was no chance of getting him to believe that. And we explained to him that we believe we are going to become LIKE gods. Not that we are going to become God. He really didn't understand it. Hahaha wow. So then we went to dinner, and the whole dinner conversation was all about Korean Dramas. haha apparently they are a big thing and people get into them and a lot of is Korean women yelling and being dramatic.  This will make sense why i'm telling you this in a minute. So after that we went back to Galt, and SisG and Sis Jolley had a great day in Galt! They were on bikes and were talking to everyone and made some appointments and stuff!
Wednesday: We were supposed to have some appointments with the people they met on exchanges, but none of them worked out. But we went to see Chris(who we had an appointment with) but he wasn't there. But we met his mom named Kyong (she is korean) hahahaah and she was sooooo dramatic she was yelling and freaking out and telling us all about her life and all her problems. So I was having my own personal korean drama! haha it was hilarious! But seriously, she is really dramatic, and has had a lot of hard things happen to her.... and a lot of them sound like they have happened because of her son Chris who is supposed to be the person we were meeting with.....! hahaha So yaaaa. So I hadn't met Chris yet at this point, but I was kind of a little wary on meeting him.  Then we visited other people we saw Carly-Ann, she is doing good, still got lots of shooting competitions and stuff going on. Then we went to see Lynn (she is somebody we met a while ago and is interested in "becoming mormon" as she puts it hahah, but we weren't able to get a hold of her for like a month) so we tried to teach her the restoration but somehow it turned into the law of chastity. hahaha good times.
Thursday: we had district meeting. elder Messick our district leader always makes things interactive and fun haha. We played a little "fishing" game, it was for talking to everyone. We had decided the day before that we were going to ride bikes this day, it was a lot of fun! haha I actually love riding my bike! I think SisG really scares people but hahahah it was good. We were able to talk to a lot of people! And hahaha we met Chris! He is really scary.I'll tell you more later. Ya thursday was a good day though!
Friday: We had weekly planning then we went to visit this old lady named Sheryl at the old folks home here in Galt. hahaha she wanted our planners and she was so mean to all the other old people. hahahahaah It reminded me of our times visiting grandma rae and all the hilarious onry old people! hahaha then SisG lost her glove, and she wouldn't stop talking about it, so at 6 at night when it is dark out she wanted to look outside everywhere we went yesterday for her black glove..... oh my goodness. Well we never found it. And then after that we went to visit Debbie hahahaha and k her roommates let us in and we knocked on her bedroom door and she didn't answer, so  we peeked in and she was sleeping. So hahaha it was Sisgs idea to wake her up and talk to her. Well she woke up but instantly fell back asleep, so then sisG was singing to her and like patting her head hahahaha oh my gosh, it was hilarious. And she never woke up! I was laughing so hard. Wow. (Had to be there I think)
Saturday: Wow this day started off interesting. We went to visit this lady in our ward who we just met cause she goes to the other ward cause of a divorce situation hahaha. and well we went to meet her new non member bf. before he got there she told us her whole life story and divorce story...! awkward! and then her bf came and we taught him the plan of salvation, he had all sorts of crazy questions. And get this! Where this guy lives is in San Fernando! So where Jake is serving! So I sent Jake a letter asking him what ward he is serving in, cause that would be cool if he lives in the ward Jake is serving in right now. After that nothing too much happened just visiting lots of people and doing our thing!
Sunday: haahha wow. So first we had ward correlation with BroHinds, then ward council, then we quickly went to visit Sheryl again then we had church at 1. So after church we went to visit Chris with Judy (On thursday when we taught him he wouldn't let us pray inside of his home, so he called us back and said sorry and he wanted us to come back after church on sunday) so we did. And hahaah so it started off with Chris telling us that he had met me and SisG before (in 1996 he told us) and then he told us all about how the government watches everything we do, and he is being controlled by the government since he was 6 years old. He was registered in something called "Project Artichoke" (hahahaha), and so since he was 6 he's been being watched. He moved 3 times in his childhood and his neighbour was always there no matter where he lived, he was following him. And then he said the government can see into the future (Thats how he met us in 1996) and he told us he is going to die before his 36th birthday (he is 35 and his birthday is in May, hahaha Judy said she is going to come to see him in June lol) And he even knows how he is gonig to die, because he has seen it (the government showed him) he is going to be sitting on the very couch that we were sitting on and have his arm chopped off. Then I asked him if it made him feel better that neither SisG or I were from this country and that there is no way the gov could be controlling us. Then he was like oh.... uhhhh I don't know. hahah but then my personal favourite out of the whole conversation was hahaha he asked us if we knew who John Galt was. We said no... then he told us John Galt is LUCIFER. (I think i must have slept through that lesson in seminary where we learned that another one of Lucifers names is John Galt haahahah). And he said his dad told him to never live in a place called Galt or else he was going to die there. Sooooo ya. I'm not too sure if Chris is accountable hahahahaha. But it makes for a really good story hahahaha. Then after that we went to have dinner with the most adorable family, went and visited a few more people and then went home. hahaahha wow, all in a days work. Watch out for project artichoke. ;)
So ya! hahaha good week. And you were right transfers are next week! So I won't be emailing till Tuesday, and I will tell you what the results of transfers are. My guess is: SisG leaving and me staying! But who knows!  
Well I love you so much!!!!!!!!
Have  a great week!!!

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