Monday, 17 February 2014

GALT - Great American Little Town

Well what a week! Haha nothing too exciting to report on, but it was a good week.
Monday: It was a good pday ( i love pdays). After we had dinner we had a lesson with our new investigator Tony! He is just the cutest man! He is 78, Italian and actually used to live in Canada! woohoo! He was a barber hahhaha and he's got hairs coming out of his ears and like 3 inch long eyebrow hairs hahaha. But I love him! He is super excited to start learning, and we invited him to church and he was more than willing to come!
Tuesday: Well we got a call on Tuesday and guess what, I'm the driver again! woohoo! Haha I wonder is Pres Lewis is sending me to a biking area and wants me to enjoy driving while it lasts hahah. Who knows! It was a good day we just were out doing our thing visiting all sorts of people, then in the night we had dinner with the Lethbridge family! (haha i'm not sure if I've ever mentioned them, isn't that a great last name though? THere is actually 2 Lethbridge familys in my ward! small world!) It was so fun having dinner at their house hahah it was good times. Also someone has to look this up, but they said the name of the person who founded Lethbridge is named Galt. That would be too crazy. Also hahah Sister Lethbridge said Galt stands for : Great American Little Town. hahaha very cute.
Wednesday: We had a pretty productive day which was good. We managed to visit lots of people and teach them! It was good times. Hahaha before we went out we were looking at the wii in the other room by ours and we noticed that Sister Williams has some exercise games haahha so we decided we were going to do them when we came home in the night. So we did, and turns out it was only 15 minutes, so then we went outside and ran! It was good times! Before we went home and did that though, Faith a girl in the ward called us and wanted us to come over and "hang out" hahaha. She is the only member in her family and is going strong in trying to stay involved in the gospel. When she gets in trouble her parents punish her by taking away her privilege to go to church activities. So horrible. 
Thursday: We had zone training in Lodi. Our zone leaders did a really good job. They are so organized and had everything all figured out. Then at 2:30 we had an appointment to pass on Andrew to the ysa elders, so we went there and were waiting and we called the elders and they couldn't find the address so they just didn't come!! We were like what the heck! They didn't even call us or anything! So we were calling the assistants figuring it all out and then gah. So it ended up being that we made another appointment with Andrew for friday to pass him off. hahaha oh the elders. Then we visited more people haha went to see Debbie H which is always a good time! 
Friday: We actually passed Andrew off to the ysa elders, and they said they had a really good lesson with him. They scheduled to have a church tour with him on tuesday! So thats exciting for him and them! Then it was weekly planning, SisHale is a lot different than Sister Gutierrez.... sooo ya its a lot different. This was actually the first time she has shown any interest in our area, so that was good! It was pouring rain all day too. So we went out to try and visit people but NO ONE answered! hahah the whole day, not one person! It was ridic! 
Saturday: It was still pouring rain! So its a really good thing cause California needs all this rain, but ahaha its a little interesting doing missionary work in the pouring rain! Everyone thinks we're crazy! But it paid off going out in the rain cause we had a successful day! Visited lots of people, we had a ward social, and then we had a lesson at the Crosiers with Stacey and Angela. It was fun.
Sunday: This was a good Sunday. Sister Hale gave a talk, she did a good job. And guess who was at church! Tony!! woohoo! He sat with me and Judy hahaah. And he stayed all 3 hours and he loved it! We talked to him after and he wanted to take us out for coffee so he could learn more hahha then we told him we don't drink coffee, so he said what about tea? Then we said we don't drink tea either, and then he was like okay how about a coke?! hahaha and we told him we do drink coke. (we didn't mention we don't buy things on sundays though, ahah we'll save that for when we're teaching the commandments) But we scheduled another appointment for Monday night! Woohoo! I'm excited! Then we had dinner at the Victors haha always a good time. And then we went to Lodi and had a choir practice with our zone hahaha we are singing for zone conference, and let me tell you it was a gong show! But it will all work out. After we came home we were talking with the Williams for a long time, it was a lot of fun! Then we went to bed and bam now its pday!!
So it was a good week!
I hope you are all having a good week too!!
I heard Canada has 5 medals in the Olympics! WOOOO!! GO CANADA!

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