Monday, 17 February 2014

Fasting Works

Hello Family! Well things are going goooood here on the mission!
This will probably be a short email, but i'll try and remember everything that happened.
I'm not sure if I told you but last Tuesday when I was emailing we had went to Deseret Book and out for sushi with Judy before. It was a lot of fun! Then after we came home and emailed did our shopping and then Sister Gutierrez packed and we went and said bye to people!
Wednesday: This was the big day of transfers. So sister Crosier came and picked us up at 9:30 and off we went to the office. So usually for transfers you will just go to the office drop off your comp, get your new one and then head back to the area. But my comp was south of where we were so we just  dropped Sister Gutierrez off and then headed back to Galt. So we met up with Sister Hale. She is nice! She unpacked her stuff and then she realized that she forgot some things in her old area so we had to drive back there (haha good thing we had 100 extra miles in the car) So we got her things had some ice cream and then she came back and finished unpacking. So it was a pretty low key day.
Thursday: This was my first day of leading the area and showing Sister Hale around. It actually went surprisingly well! haha I was nervous about showing her around, but we found people to visit. So that was good. We had district meeting in the afternoon and we met the new elder in the district and the new zone leader! Haha not as many changes happened with exchanges as I thought would happen! All the missionaries who came out with me are still in their first area, so we'll be in our first areas for 6 months! Actually I only know of one sister who got transferred.... and she is doing tongan work? But she doesn't speak tongan so I don't know how that is going to work! She will be serving with Sis Langi (the one I went on exchanges with last transfer) And Sis Langi speaks tongan soooo I guess they will figure it out! I'm not sure if I told you but there are sooo many different languages in my mission! Haha and i'm still here speaking english ;). Its crazy though! Cambodian, Laotian, Tongan, Marshellese, Spanish, ASL and MORE! So many! So this is a really multi cultural mission! Super cool! Anyways back to this day. We went and visited Elaine and actually her daughter and Son in law were there, and Brad (the son in law) Is a member, but hasn't been to church since he was a teenager and he was talking with us and was talking about how he loved doing baptisms for the dead when he was a kid and about how the book of mormon and bible go hand in hand with each other! So he was helping out! haha it was awesome!
Friday: This was weekly planning, so we planned until like 2:30 and then went out visiting people. Haha we went and visited Andrew again. He is still acting like a jew. Literally! hahaha. He doesn't believe that Christ is more than just a prophet. He looks at him as if he is equal to all the prophets! Soooo when he came to church he noticed that everything we talked about was centered on Christ and he didn't know what to think about that. Hahaha so we're passing him off to the ysa elders lol. So last week or so we got a referrl from HQ that was a guy named Tony who had been to the temple tour and wanted a book of mormon, sooo me and SisG tried to contact him but never were able to, so on our last try there we left a pass a long card with our number on it. Soooo this guy Tony contacted SL and got referred to us again! So we went over and were actually able to meet him! But we couldn't go inside cause we didn't have a lady with us and he is an old single guy. So we're going over tonight with a member! Should be good times! From when we briefly talked to him it sounds like he has had events in his life that have lead him toward the church! So i'll update you next week on how everything with him goes :).
Saturday: Saturdays are always the longest days haha but this one was okay! We were visiting all sorts of people and hahaha I think last email I mention a guy named David Brinkerhoff who said he would come back to church and bring his kids. Well he asked us to text him to see if he's available. So hahah on friday we texted him seeing if we could come over and he said "I'll get back to you". Then we said okay thanks. So on saturday hahah we went there and he was on the phone but his kid answered the door, and David was sooo mad! hahaha and then he texted us the sassiest text saying he told us not to stop by bla bla bla and now he never wants us to stop by again. Hahahaha oops. He was probably just waiting for something like that to happen so he would have a reason to never have us come back. Sooo I guess we won't be going there for the rest of the transfer. Saturday night we went to the baptism of two little girls in the ward! It was very cute!
Sunday: This was a really good sunday. Well the whole state of California has been in a drought, so there was a state wide fast for rain! So we were fasting and in the middle of church it started raining! How about that! I felt like I was in that old movie hahah you know the one? So that was good. Still not nearly as much rain as they want, but a little is better than none right? Relief Society was good too. Hahah our lesson was about getting everyone on board with missionary work. So hahah last week we had put a sign up in the RS binder for people to sign up if they could come out on lessons with us and only 1 person signed up and then hahah after this lesson like 8 people signed up! It was great! and hahaha This lady Sister Underwood, who I love (we had Christmas at her house) said the funniest thing "The missionaries asked me to do splits with them, how can I do that when I can barely do a somersault?!" haahah soooo funny! She makes me laugh! Then we had dinner at the Bigelows and then tried some other people buuuut it was super bowl sunday sooo we just went home.
But ya things are good! Sister Hale is easy to get along with! So things are great! Hopefully we'll have some great things happen here in Galt. Ohhhh good ol' Galt.
Debbie Hamilton the less active lady we visit sometimes gave me a hat that says Galt, California on it. hahah so now I will never forget Galt. Not that I ever would ;)
WELL Thats about it!!
I hope you are all doing faaaaantastic! I love you SO MUCH!

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