Monday, 17 February 2014

A Date on Valentines

Hey everbody!
This was a great week! So 
Monday night we went over to see Tony again with Sister Lethbridge. And we were trying so hard to invite him to be baptized on February 28, but he was saying he would be baptized when he was ready.So it was all good.
Tuesday: We didn't do anything too much. We cleaned the car and wrote our talks for Zone Conference the next day and visited a few other people.
Wednesday: This was zone conference! I love zone conference! Especially when we don't have a member of the seventy there to yell at us! hahah. So bright and early we woke up and headed to the chapel (it was in Galt so we didn't have to drive far at all) We parked our car and put the finishing touches on it to make sure it was sparkling clean . We were talking with the other missionaries and stuff and then it got started. We did some introductions haha there is missionaries from all over the world! There is one from Hong Kong China, one from Christmas Island another from Chile and then me and one other elder from Canada! Woooo (He is from Cardston). We had a fun time doing Scripture Jeopardy with Sister Lewis, (my team won woooo!) We had some training with President Lewis which was great! He is an awesome scriptorian! Always has a scripture to back anything up, it's pretty cool. We talked a lot about the Atonement and how it is individually for every single one of us! Then we had lunch, and as we were heading to lunch Sister Cherrington (she is the lady who is in charge of cars) pulls Sister Hale and I aside and says there is some major damage to the roof of our car. Haha well I'm too short so i've never even seen the top of our car, so I had no idea. And neither of us have either been on top of it, so we have no idea where it came from. They asked us if there were some Marshallese youth dancing on top of our car.... haahha we said, not that we were aware of lol. And then we go to lunch and they announced who won the cleanest car and me and Sister Hale won!! woohoo! Our cleaning of the car paid off! (Also it pays off to have an old car with high mileage). So that was awesome. Then the Cherringtons talked to us about bike/ car safety and then missionaries were sharing their hilarious bike crash stories hahahah. After some more trainings with the Assistants and then with our zone leaders we all gathered up again. And president lewis told us whose talks he chose. (we all write a 3 minute talk and he chooses 2 of them) And I really wasn't expecting him to choose mine , but he did! So I had to go up there and read my talk infront of everyone haha.Then we had some more training with President Lewis and he told us that in a mission president training Elder Ballard said that "this time ranks with the Restoration and the coming forth of the book of mormon!" How cool is that? It is a time for the hastening of the work! So zone conference was a great time, and it was the whole day! Lots of fun!
Thursday: This was a good day, we went out talking to lots of people, went to visit a pmf and actually were able to talk to tthe husband (haha cause we caught him while he was outside smoking a cigar). Then I felt like we should go visit the Maestrettis and it was a good thing we did, we went over and Antonio called this lady over and she is going through some major trials so we were able to  talk to her and help her feel better. We had dinner with the Underwoods which was very fun and then went to the RS activity in the night. Hahaha it was all about parenting, but Elaine and Julie came so it was worth it to be there. 
Friday: Happy Valentines day! This was a good day. Woke up and Brother Williams had bought all us girls flowers! So nice! Then we weekly planned and then we went to visit Tony! We went over there and we found him while he was working in his garden. Then we sat down and were talking, he turns to me and says I have something to tell you that you're really gunna like! So we assumed it ws going to be about the olympics or something hahah, but then he says. "I've been thinking and I do want to get baptized at the end of the month!" We were like whaaaaaat!! So then we asked if he wanted to plan for the 28, and he asked if we could do it sooner. SO we're planning for February 25 :D. Very exciting! Then he gave us a tour of his garden! Its very impressive, and he made us some inventive pancake things! Very very fun! So we got a different kind of a date on valentines ;). Then we went to Sister Stricklands for dinner. And hahah it was so funny. She sat down for dinner and her chair broke! We were all laughing but then we were worried and had to make sure she was okay. After dinner we went and visited Peggy and gave her some chocolates and then called it a night.
Saturday: We found out Debbie was in the hospital so we went to Lodi to visit her and we called the elders in Lodi to come and give her a blessing. Then we went and visited lots of other people, and it was a good day. Went by quick.
Sunday: This was a good day! We had ward council in the morning and the Area Seventy Zack Smith was there haha. It was a nice surprise. He came up to us after and said he was really impressed with the work we've been doing, and that he had a meeting with President Lewis later and was going to pass on that we're doing good! So that was nice. Tony came to church! And the ward was fellowshipping him so much! It was awesome! We came home and had dinner and then called it a night! So all in all it was a really great week!
It flew by! Now we are in week 4 of the transfer. Only 3 more weeks or so in Galt! Crazy to think about!!!
Well I love you all! Hope you are having a great week!!!!

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