Monday, 17 February 2014

Pictures from the Mission!

Me and Sister Langi

Sister Lacusta and Boston!

Candy Gram for Judy

Good Bye Sister Gutierrez!

Sister Gutierrez!

A Wall in Galt!

Me and the wall in Galt!

Sister Lacusta and Sister Hale!  New Companion

Driving in the Car!

Valentine Flowers from Brother Williams!  The family we live with!

A Date on Valentines

Hey everbody!
This was a great week! So 
Monday night we went over to see Tony again with Sister Lethbridge. And we were trying so hard to invite him to be baptized on February 28, but he was saying he would be baptized when he was ready.So it was all good.
Tuesday: We didn't do anything too much. We cleaned the car and wrote our talks for Zone Conference the next day and visited a few other people.
Wednesday: This was zone conference! I love zone conference! Especially when we don't have a member of the seventy there to yell at us! hahah. So bright and early we woke up and headed to the chapel (it was in Galt so we didn't have to drive far at all) We parked our car and put the finishing touches on it to make sure it was sparkling clean . We were talking with the other missionaries and stuff and then it got started. We did some introductions haha there is missionaries from all over the world! There is one from Hong Kong China, one from Christmas Island another from Chile and then me and one other elder from Canada! Woooo (He is from Cardston). We had a fun time doing Scripture Jeopardy with Sister Lewis, (my team won woooo!) We had some training with President Lewis which was great! He is an awesome scriptorian! Always has a scripture to back anything up, it's pretty cool. We talked a lot about the Atonement and how it is individually for every single one of us! Then we had lunch, and as we were heading to lunch Sister Cherrington (she is the lady who is in charge of cars) pulls Sister Hale and I aside and says there is some major damage to the roof of our car. Haha well I'm too short so i've never even seen the top of our car, so I had no idea. And neither of us have either been on top of it, so we have no idea where it came from. They asked us if there were some Marshallese youth dancing on top of our car.... haahha we said, not that we were aware of lol. And then we go to lunch and they announced who won the cleanest car and me and Sister Hale won!! woohoo! Our cleaning of the car paid off! (Also it pays off to have an old car with high mileage). So that was awesome. Then the Cherringtons talked to us about bike/ car safety and then missionaries were sharing their hilarious bike crash stories hahahah. After some more trainings with the Assistants and then with our zone leaders we all gathered up again. And president lewis told us whose talks he chose. (we all write a 3 minute talk and he chooses 2 of them) And I really wasn't expecting him to choose mine , but he did! So I had to go up there and read my talk infront of everyone haha.Then we had some more training with President Lewis and he told us that in a mission president training Elder Ballard said that "this time ranks with the Restoration and the coming forth of the book of mormon!" How cool is that? It is a time for the hastening of the work! So zone conference was a great time, and it was the whole day! Lots of fun!
Thursday: This was a good day, we went out talking to lots of people, went to visit a pmf and actually were able to talk to tthe husband (haha cause we caught him while he was outside smoking a cigar). Then I felt like we should go visit the Maestrettis and it was a good thing we did, we went over and Antonio called this lady over and she is going through some major trials so we were able to  talk to her and help her feel better. We had dinner with the Underwoods which was very fun and then went to the RS activity in the night. Hahaha it was all about parenting, but Elaine and Julie came so it was worth it to be there. 
Friday: Happy Valentines day! This was a good day. Woke up and Brother Williams had bought all us girls flowers! So nice! Then we weekly planned and then we went to visit Tony! We went over there and we found him while he was working in his garden. Then we sat down and were talking, he turns to me and says I have something to tell you that you're really gunna like! So we assumed it ws going to be about the olympics or something hahah, but then he says. "I've been thinking and I do want to get baptized at the end of the month!" We were like whaaaaaat!! So then we asked if he wanted to plan for the 28, and he asked if we could do it sooner. SO we're planning for February 25 :D. Very exciting! Then he gave us a tour of his garden! Its very impressive, and he made us some inventive pancake things! Very very fun! So we got a different kind of a date on valentines ;). Then we went to Sister Stricklands for dinner. And hahah it was so funny. She sat down for dinner and her chair broke! We were all laughing but then we were worried and had to make sure she was okay. After dinner we went and visited Peggy and gave her some chocolates and then called it a night.
Saturday: We found out Debbie was in the hospital so we went to Lodi to visit her and we called the elders in Lodi to come and give her a blessing. Then we went and visited lots of other people, and it was a good day. Went by quick.
Sunday: This was a good day! We had ward council in the morning and the Area Seventy Zack Smith was there haha. It was a nice surprise. He came up to us after and said he was really impressed with the work we've been doing, and that he had a meeting with President Lewis later and was going to pass on that we're doing good! So that was nice. Tony came to church! And the ward was fellowshipping him so much! It was awesome! We came home and had dinner and then called it a night! So all in all it was a really great week!
It flew by! Now we are in week 4 of the transfer. Only 3 more weeks or so in Galt! Crazy to think about!!!
Well I love you all! Hope you are having a great week!!!!

GALT - Great American Little Town

Well what a week! Haha nothing too exciting to report on, but it was a good week.
Monday: It was a good pday ( i love pdays). After we had dinner we had a lesson with our new investigator Tony! He is just the cutest man! He is 78, Italian and actually used to live in Canada! woohoo! He was a barber hahhaha and he's got hairs coming out of his ears and like 3 inch long eyebrow hairs hahaha. But I love him! He is super excited to start learning, and we invited him to church and he was more than willing to come!
Tuesday: Well we got a call on Tuesday and guess what, I'm the driver again! woohoo! Haha I wonder is Pres Lewis is sending me to a biking area and wants me to enjoy driving while it lasts hahah. Who knows! It was a good day we just were out doing our thing visiting all sorts of people, then in the night we had dinner with the Lethbridge family! (haha i'm not sure if I've ever mentioned them, isn't that a great last name though? THere is actually 2 Lethbridge familys in my ward! small world!) It was so fun having dinner at their house hahah it was good times. Also someone has to look this up, but they said the name of the person who founded Lethbridge is named Galt. That would be too crazy. Also hahah Sister Lethbridge said Galt stands for : Great American Little Town. hahaha very cute.
Wednesday: We had a pretty productive day which was good. We managed to visit lots of people and teach them! It was good times. Hahaha before we went out we were looking at the wii in the other room by ours and we noticed that Sister Williams has some exercise games haahha so we decided we were going to do them when we came home in the night. So we did, and turns out it was only 15 minutes, so then we went outside and ran! It was good times! Before we went home and did that though, Faith a girl in the ward called us and wanted us to come over and "hang out" hahaha. She is the only member in her family and is going strong in trying to stay involved in the gospel. When she gets in trouble her parents punish her by taking away her privilege to go to church activities. So horrible. 
Thursday: We had zone training in Lodi. Our zone leaders did a really good job. They are so organized and had everything all figured out. Then at 2:30 we had an appointment to pass on Andrew to the ysa elders, so we went there and were waiting and we called the elders and they couldn't find the address so they just didn't come!! We were like what the heck! They didn't even call us or anything! So we were calling the assistants figuring it all out and then gah. So it ended up being that we made another appointment with Andrew for friday to pass him off. hahaha oh the elders. Then we visited more people haha went to see Debbie H which is always a good time! 
Friday: We actually passed Andrew off to the ysa elders, and they said they had a really good lesson with him. They scheduled to have a church tour with him on tuesday! So thats exciting for him and them! Then it was weekly planning, SisHale is a lot different than Sister Gutierrez.... sooo ya its a lot different. This was actually the first time she has shown any interest in our area, so that was good! It was pouring rain all day too. So we went out to try and visit people but NO ONE answered! hahah the whole day, not one person! It was ridic! 
Saturday: It was still pouring rain! So its a really good thing cause California needs all this rain, but ahaha its a little interesting doing missionary work in the pouring rain! Everyone thinks we're crazy! But it paid off going out in the rain cause we had a successful day! Visited lots of people, we had a ward social, and then we had a lesson at the Crosiers with Stacey and Angela. It was fun.
Sunday: This was a good Sunday. Sister Hale gave a talk, she did a good job. And guess who was at church! Tony!! woohoo! He sat with me and Judy hahaah. And he stayed all 3 hours and he loved it! We talked to him after and he wanted to take us out for coffee so he could learn more hahha then we told him we don't drink coffee, so he said what about tea? Then we said we don't drink tea either, and then he was like okay how about a coke?! hahaha and we told him we do drink coke. (we didn't mention we don't buy things on sundays though, ahah we'll save that for when we're teaching the commandments) But we scheduled another appointment for Monday night! Woohoo! I'm excited! Then we had dinner at the Victors haha always a good time. And then we went to Lodi and had a choir practice with our zone hahaha we are singing for zone conference, and let me tell you it was a gong show! But it will all work out. After we came home we were talking with the Williams for a long time, it was a lot of fun! Then we went to bed and bam now its pday!!
So it was a good week!
I hope you are all having a good week too!!
I heard Canada has 5 medals in the Olympics! WOOOO!! GO CANADA!

Fasting Works

Hello Family! Well things are going goooood here on the mission!
This will probably be a short email, but i'll try and remember everything that happened.
I'm not sure if I told you but last Tuesday when I was emailing we had went to Deseret Book and out for sushi with Judy before. It was a lot of fun! Then after we came home and emailed did our shopping and then Sister Gutierrez packed and we went and said bye to people!
Wednesday: This was the big day of transfers. So sister Crosier came and picked us up at 9:30 and off we went to the office. So usually for transfers you will just go to the office drop off your comp, get your new one and then head back to the area. But my comp was south of where we were so we just  dropped Sister Gutierrez off and then headed back to Galt. So we met up with Sister Hale. She is nice! She unpacked her stuff and then she realized that she forgot some things in her old area so we had to drive back there (haha good thing we had 100 extra miles in the car) So we got her things had some ice cream and then she came back and finished unpacking. So it was a pretty low key day.
Thursday: This was my first day of leading the area and showing Sister Hale around. It actually went surprisingly well! haha I was nervous about showing her around, but we found people to visit. So that was good. We had district meeting in the afternoon and we met the new elder in the district and the new zone leader! Haha not as many changes happened with exchanges as I thought would happen! All the missionaries who came out with me are still in their first area, so we'll be in our first areas for 6 months! Actually I only know of one sister who got transferred.... and she is doing tongan work? But she doesn't speak tongan so I don't know how that is going to work! She will be serving with Sis Langi (the one I went on exchanges with last transfer) And Sis Langi speaks tongan soooo I guess they will figure it out! I'm not sure if I told you but there are sooo many different languages in my mission! Haha and i'm still here speaking english ;). Its crazy though! Cambodian, Laotian, Tongan, Marshellese, Spanish, ASL and MORE! So many! So this is a really multi cultural mission! Super cool! Anyways back to this day. We went and visited Elaine and actually her daughter and Son in law were there, and Brad (the son in law) Is a member, but hasn't been to church since he was a teenager and he was talking with us and was talking about how he loved doing baptisms for the dead when he was a kid and about how the book of mormon and bible go hand in hand with each other! So he was helping out! haha it was awesome!
Friday: This was weekly planning, so we planned until like 2:30 and then went out visiting people. Haha we went and visited Andrew again. He is still acting like a jew. Literally! hahaha. He doesn't believe that Christ is more than just a prophet. He looks at him as if he is equal to all the prophets! Soooo when he came to church he noticed that everything we talked about was centered on Christ and he didn't know what to think about that. Hahaha so we're passing him off to the ysa elders lol. So last week or so we got a referrl from HQ that was a guy named Tony who had been to the temple tour and wanted a book of mormon, sooo me and SisG tried to contact him but never were able to, so on our last try there we left a pass a long card with our number on it. Soooo this guy Tony contacted SL and got referred to us again! So we went over and were actually able to meet him! But we couldn't go inside cause we didn't have a lady with us and he is an old single guy. So we're going over tonight with a member! Should be good times! From when we briefly talked to him it sounds like he has had events in his life that have lead him toward the church! So i'll update you next week on how everything with him goes :).
Saturday: Saturdays are always the longest days haha but this one was okay! We were visiting all sorts of people and hahaha I think last email I mention a guy named David Brinkerhoff who said he would come back to church and bring his kids. Well he asked us to text him to see if he's available. So hahah on friday we texted him seeing if we could come over and he said "I'll get back to you". Then we said okay thanks. So on saturday hahah we went there and he was on the phone but his kid answered the door, and David was sooo mad! hahaha and then he texted us the sassiest text saying he told us not to stop by bla bla bla and now he never wants us to stop by again. Hahahaha oops. He was probably just waiting for something like that to happen so he would have a reason to never have us come back. Sooo I guess we won't be going there for the rest of the transfer. Saturday night we went to the baptism of two little girls in the ward! It was very cute!
Sunday: This was a really good sunday. Well the whole state of California has been in a drought, so there was a state wide fast for rain! So we were fasting and in the middle of church it started raining! How about that! I felt like I was in that old movie hahah you know the one? So that was good. Still not nearly as much rain as they want, but a little is better than none right? Relief Society was good too. Hahah our lesson was about getting everyone on board with missionary work. So hahah last week we had put a sign up in the RS binder for people to sign up if they could come out on lessons with us and only 1 person signed up and then hahah after this lesson like 8 people signed up! It was great! and hahaha This lady Sister Underwood, who I love (we had Christmas at her house) said the funniest thing "The missionaries asked me to do splits with them, how can I do that when I can barely do a somersault?!" haahah soooo funny! She makes me laugh! Then we had dinner at the Bigelows and then tried some other people buuuut it was super bowl sunday sooo we just went home.
But ya things are good! Sister Hale is easy to get along with! So things are great! Hopefully we'll have some great things happen here in Galt. Ohhhh good ol' Galt.
Debbie Hamilton the less active lady we visit sometimes gave me a hat that says Galt, California on it. hahah so now I will never forget Galt. Not that I ever would ;)
WELL Thats about it!!
I hope you are all doing faaaaantastic! I love you SO MUCH!

Transfer Week

Well today is transfers....! haha i'll get there, I'll tell you about our week first.
So last monday, I saw a girl I know from school! She is someone I went to Mexico with! It was crazy! haha we saw her at Target. small world right?
Tuesday: Hahah oh wow, so we had planned to meet up with Chris again on Tuesday and Judy was going to come, so we went there and no answer. So Judy asked us if we had eaten lunch and haha we hadn't so we ended up going out to lunch with Judy, and hahaha we stayed talking for so long. oops. But it was so fun. We had so many referrals to contact, so we went and tried to contact some, we were able to meet one named Alex who just wanted a copy of our bible cause he wasn't convinced we use the King James Bible... so we just answered some of his questions and went on with our day. Hahah 3 of our referrals names were Tony. So weird.
Wednesday: We were supposed to go see Brenda with a member from the ward, but she ended up bailing... soooo another lesson that didn't go through. good times :). We had district meeting, we discussed all of the things that Elder Baxter told us to do when he was here. It is really being inforced and encouraged. haha its lots of things to do, but they are all really worthwhile. We will find lots of new investigators if we do all the things they say to do. Then we made transfer predictions haha and we sang "God be with you till we meet again" hahah so sad. Then we went to visit Andrew, and he has been reading the Book of Mormon! And he is so interested in coming to church and learning more! so woohoo! But the only bad thing is.... he is ysa... so we have to pass him on to the zone leaders of a ysa ward. We went and visited some less active members and this one guy named David said he is going to come to church again! So thats exciting. And we went and visited a lady who is active and hahah we decided we wanted to bike to Thornton with her hahah it'd be like 40 miles round trip lol. It would be so fun! ahahah We didn't get to do it before SisG left, but maybe with my new comp.
Thursday: Thursday wasn't too exciting, we just visited lots of people, went tracting and then in the evening we went and visited Kyong with Sister Hinds hahah basically we were just flies on the wall while they were gabbing. But sister hinds invited her to church and  she reluctantly said she would come!
Friday: We had weekly planning annnnd thats about all I remember. Nothing too exciting haha.
Saturday: This was a good day we were able to see lots of people we went to Thornton. We went and saw Elaine which is someone we've been visiting for a while, and she said she would come to church on sunday! So we were excited about that.
Sunday, we had 3 investigators at church! woohoo! Elaine, Kyong and Andrew! We actually had to do a little split with some ward members so we could get all the people. So SisG stayed at the church  and gave Andrew a tour while I got Elaine with the RS president. And then Andrew got a ride with the Bigelows. It was a great sacrament meeting, it was ward conference. Then our gospel principles class was packed! Which was awesome! So the only person who didn't enjoy church was Kyong. hahaah she left right after sacrament meeting. But Andrew and Elaine really enjoyed it.
Monday: This was a good day (even though it wasn't pday ;) ) We made Judy a little candy gram because she always does so much for us, then we had the single sisters fhe potluck haha, and Lloyd and Elaine came! It was great!  And then we got our transfer calls! Sooooooo! I'm staying in Galt haha no surprise. My new companions name is Sister Hale. Sister Gutierrez is going to South Sac and her companion is going to be Sister Fenton! (She was in the mtc with me). So tomorrow we get the new companions, soooo next week I'll have to update you on how everything is! 
Hope you are all having a GREAT WEEK!!!! I love you all!! :)


Mission Life is Good!

Hello hello hello! 
Well I have got some hilarious stories to tell, I hope I can do them justice over email. And I hope I can remember them all hahaha. Well actually there is only a few, but still!
So  Tuesday: We had exchanges. I was in Lodi with Sister Langi. She is the cutest. She is from utah but is actually Tongan! We had a pretty low key day (but i'm kind of used to that lately with SisG being sick and stuff haha) but it was good. We had a church tour with a family they are trying to teach, and it was really good. Then we just visited a lot of people. and haha I chose randomly out of the area book, and I chose a less active family that had a note beside it that said "husband is JW" hahah oops. Well we went there at 5:55 (dinner was at 6) and we ended up talking to him for AN HOUR! just in his doorstep. Haha turns out he wasn't JW, but turns out he was crrrrazy! He was spitting bible verses at us and saying how mormons are racist, polygamist and think we are all going to have our own planets and become God. Hahahah wow. So no matter what we explained to him, like with polygamy that it is only okay if God commands it, otherwise it is an abomination. And there are examples in the bible and everything. Stil wouldn't have it. Then the racism thing hahah there was no chance of getting him to believe that. And we explained to him that we believe we are going to become LIKE gods. Not that we are going to become God. He really didn't understand it. Hahaha wow. So then we went to dinner, and the whole dinner conversation was all about Korean Dramas. haha apparently they are a big thing and people get into them and a lot of is Korean women yelling and being dramatic.  This will make sense why i'm telling you this in a minute. So after that we went back to Galt, and SisG and Sis Jolley had a great day in Galt! They were on bikes and were talking to everyone and made some appointments and stuff!
Wednesday: We were supposed to have some appointments with the people they met on exchanges, but none of them worked out. But we went to see Chris(who we had an appointment with) but he wasn't there. But we met his mom named Kyong (she is korean) hahahaah and she was sooooo dramatic she was yelling and freaking out and telling us all about her life and all her problems. So I was having my own personal korean drama! haha it was hilarious! But seriously, she is really dramatic, and has had a lot of hard things happen to her.... and a lot of them sound like they have happened because of her son Chris who is supposed to be the person we were meeting with.....! hahaha So yaaaa. So I hadn't met Chris yet at this point, but I was kind of a little wary on meeting him.  Then we visited other people we saw Carly-Ann, she is doing good, still got lots of shooting competitions and stuff going on. Then we went to see Lynn (she is somebody we met a while ago and is interested in "becoming mormon" as she puts it hahah, but we weren't able to get a hold of her for like a month) so we tried to teach her the restoration but somehow it turned into the law of chastity. hahaha good times.
Thursday: we had district meeting. elder Messick our district leader always makes things interactive and fun haha. We played a little "fishing" game, it was for talking to everyone. We had decided the day before that we were going to ride bikes this day, it was a lot of fun! haha I actually love riding my bike! I think SisG really scares people but hahahah it was good. We were able to talk to a lot of people! And hahaha we met Chris! He is really scary.I'll tell you more later. Ya thursday was a good day though!
Friday: We had weekly planning then we went to visit this old lady named Sheryl at the old folks home here in Galt. hahaha she wanted our planners and she was so mean to all the other old people. hahahahaah It reminded me of our times visiting grandma rae and all the hilarious onry old people! hahaha then SisG lost her glove, and she wouldn't stop talking about it, so at 6 at night when it is dark out she wanted to look outside everywhere we went yesterday for her black glove..... oh my goodness. Well we never found it. And then after that we went to visit Debbie hahahaha and k her roommates let us in and we knocked on her bedroom door and she didn't answer, so  we peeked in and she was sleeping. So hahaha it was Sisgs idea to wake her up and talk to her. Well she woke up but instantly fell back asleep, so then sisG was singing to her and like patting her head hahahaha oh my gosh, it was hilarious. And she never woke up! I was laughing so hard. Wow. (Had to be there I think)
Saturday: Wow this day started off interesting. We went to visit this lady in our ward who we just met cause she goes to the other ward cause of a divorce situation hahaha. and well we went to meet her new non member bf. before he got there she told us her whole life story and divorce story...! awkward! and then her bf came and we taught him the plan of salvation, he had all sorts of crazy questions. And get this! Where this guy lives is in San Fernando! So where Jake is serving! So I sent Jake a letter asking him what ward he is serving in, cause that would be cool if he lives in the ward Jake is serving in right now. After that nothing too much happened just visiting lots of people and doing our thing!
Sunday: haahha wow. So first we had ward correlation with BroHinds, then ward council, then we quickly went to visit Sheryl again then we had church at 1. So after church we went to visit Chris with Judy (On thursday when we taught him he wouldn't let us pray inside of his home, so he called us back and said sorry and he wanted us to come back after church on sunday) so we did. And hahaah so it started off with Chris telling us that he had met me and SisG before (in 1996 he told us) and then he told us all about how the government watches everything we do, and he is being controlled by the government since he was 6 years old. He was registered in something called "Project Artichoke" (hahahaha), and so since he was 6 he's been being watched. He moved 3 times in his childhood and his neighbour was always there no matter where he lived, he was following him. And then he said the government can see into the future (Thats how he met us in 1996) and he told us he is going to die before his 36th birthday (he is 35 and his birthday is in May, hahaha Judy said she is going to come to see him in June lol) And he even knows how he is gonig to die, because he has seen it (the government showed him) he is going to be sitting on the very couch that we were sitting on and have his arm chopped off. Then I asked him if it made him feel better that neither SisG or I were from this country and that there is no way the gov could be controlling us. Then he was like oh.... uhhhh I don't know. hahah but then my personal favourite out of the whole conversation was hahaha he asked us if we knew who John Galt was. We said no... then he told us John Galt is LUCIFER. (I think i must have slept through that lesson in seminary where we learned that another one of Lucifers names is John Galt haahahah). And he said his dad told him to never live in a place called Galt or else he was going to die there. Sooooo ya. I'm not too sure if Chris is accountable hahahahaha. But it makes for a really good story hahahaha. Then after that we went to have dinner with the most adorable family, went and visited a few more people and then went home. hahaahha wow, all in a days work. Watch out for project artichoke. ;)
So ya! hahaha good week. And you were right transfers are next week! So I won't be emailing till Tuesday, and I will tell you what the results of transfers are. My guess is: SisG leaving and me staying! But who knows!  
Well I love you so much!!!!!!!!
Have  a great week!!!