Monday, 6 January 2014

Rick and Shirley are Getting Baptized!

Wow I haven't emailed you since LAST YEAR! haahha, oh those jokes never get old.
I had so much fun talking to you all on Christmas, it made it such a special Christmas! A lot of the other missionaries waited to open all of their presents and stuff, but I think it made it an even more special Christmas because I wasn't worrying about presents or anything I was just looking forward to talking to you the whole time :). How fun it was! It didn't even seem like it had been 4 months since the last time we talked! Oh I love you SOOO much!!
Anyways, this week was great!
I thought the day after Christmas was going to be really hard but it actually wasn't that bad. It seemed like I dreamed the whole thing hahah. A really great dream. But we dived right in and got right back to work. first we went to visit Rick and Shirley... I think I told you about them before. They are the older people who are living on the Rhodes property, and we had a lesson with them when SisG didn't have a voice, and we invited them to be baptized and they said yes! woohoo. Well we went over to see how they were doing since we last talked to them, they were doing fine and stuff. (they sold their house and just live in an RV) So they were doing fine, and they talked to us a loooot. hahah, but by the end of it we weren't able to talk about very much, and we realized there probably isn't enough time for them to get baptized since they are leaving on January 3rd. So after we went and saw them we had district meeting, hahah our new district leader is great, his name is Elder Messick and he makes our district meetings very fun and interactive. This one was about how we need to teach clearly. So he had us instruct him on how to make a peanut butter sandwich, and hahahah we really needed to be clear. Someone told him he needed to "stick the knife in the peanut butter" so thats exactly what he did hahaha he didn't unscrew the lid or anything, just stabbed it right in. Oh we were all laughing so hard it was fun. So a good object lesson on how we need to be clear. Cause even though we understand something, someone else might not haha. 
Friday we had weekly planning, and we didn't have too much to plan, but we always manage to make great plans, but somehow they never go how we want them too hahah agency.... ;). It was nice day though. We ended it by having Sushi with one of the families in the ward! 
Saturday was great, we dived right in and worked worked worked the whole day. We basically always do that, but this time we really were working hard and  testifying to everyone! We got a lot accomplished so that was awesome.
Sunday we were at church and guess who came! Rick and Shirley!! Wooooo! It was so exciting! And they loved church! They loved all of the talks, and they were all really good. One of the speakers was about how great things happen by small and simple means. So it was perfect. And then a girl gave her mission farewell talk. She had a really cool story, summarized: she wanted to go earlier but nothing was working out at all, she had distractions, road blocks and all sorts of stuff BUT she got called to the mexico chiuaua mission whiiiich apparently they didn't let Caucasian sisters in until just a couple months ago. SO if she would have put her papers in earlier she wouldn't have been able to go to that exact mission! Very cool! So after church we did our studies and stuff (oh by the way we were doing a fast of thanks! It was mission wide, and it was to be grateful for all of the baptisms and miracles we've seen in our mission this year) THen after studies we went and saw Rick and Shirley. annnnd we talked about how small and simple things great things come to pass and then booom we invited them to be baptized on THURSDAY! Annnnd they said yes! Soooo! Rick and Shirley are getting baptized tomorrow!! Wooohoooo! very exciting! They are honestly just awesome and so prepared. So after we saw them we went to the house of the girl who gave her farewell talk and we talked all about missions are the mtc and all the fun stuff! Hahah it was a blast. They are suuuch a great family! After dinner we went and visited more people and then called it a night! We were just so excited about Rick and shirley!! yayaay!
Monday: Well since Rick and Shirley are getting baptized, they need to be taught all of the lessons. hahaa So we went over to teach the plan of salvation, and then if it felt right we would include the gospel of Jesus Christ. Well we did! And then they asked for a review of joseph Smith! hahaha so we ended up teaching 3 lessons! It was crrrazy! But awesome! And they weren't overwhelmed or anything! it was really good. The rest of the day was busy too so it was a great guy. Hahah we had dinner at a members on the street we tracted where the Hindu guy lives and he saw us and came and said hi and talked to us for a while hahah it was kind of hilarious.
Tuesday: Now this was a great day! New Years Eve! So we started out with district meeting, which was fun. We were talking about importance of church attendance, so inviting people to church and about preparing people for baptism. So we had another interactive lesson where we had a relay race type thing! haha very fun!  After that we went to give Rick and Shirley the lesson on the commandments and then they got their baptismal interviews! And while they were being interviewed we made the programs! So great use of time. Then we visited more people, then picked up our dinner, then went to applebees with our district for dessert then came back to galt and played games with our zone! It was so fun! haha i love our zone. We played a game called zombies, which is just like tag, and once you get tagged by a zombie you are a zombie. Hahah it was a lot of fun. So ya it was a great New Years Eve! ahahah. Went to bed at 10:30 hahaha. 
But ya it was a great week, lots and lots of exciting things!!
Tomorrow is Rick and Shirleys baptism! So while you're on the road to idaho you can think of them! :)
WELL I love you SO much and I loved talking to you!!!

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