Monday, 6 January 2014

Quarentine isn't very fun!!

Hello Hello Hello!

Well I got to tell you about this week, well since wednesday haha. I've been living in QUARANTINE. Lol. I'll update more, but i'm emailing from the house that we live at right now hahha

So anyways, i emailed on new years day! After we did our shopping and stuff like that, Sister Gutierrez was feeling really sick. Like she said her chest hurt really bad, and she felt like she couldn't breathe. So after we got home she just laid down and was resting, and she was like moaning in her sleep. It was very sad. So I was trying to be a good companion, I made her soup and was bringing her medicine and stuff if she needed it, and jus helping out. And I cancelled our dinner appointment for the night.  
THURSDAY was RICK AND SHIRLEYS BAPTISM! Wahoooo! What an exciting day! So we woke up, and I studied, SisG couldn't function so she just kind of laid in bed, and then at 12 we went to go set everything up. Well it didn't take very long to set everything up, so SisG was just laying on the chairs and I was playing some hymns on the piano. Then it was finally time for the baptism :) Rick and Shirley came and were looking so cute! We got their baptismal forms filled out and then the program started. They were really worried we were going to invite the whole town of Galt, haha we didn't. But we got the whole program and it was really cute. It was all members of the Rhodes family! (which is the members in the ward who they are related too). And then this girl from the ward named Ayana sang a song, she has the most beautiful voice, and she sang at Jims baptism too. So they got baptized and it was so cute. Shirley was first, then Rick, and then they hugged in the font! It was so cute! And all of the little kids started chanting "kiss! Kiss!" but they didn't kiss haha, but it was verrrry cute. I couldn't stop smiling haha my face kinda hurt afterwards hahaha.Then they got confirmed at the baptism, which was very nice. I can tell this is just the beginning for them! They are going to be great members where ever they decide to settle down! Ohhh i wish that they were staying in Galt :( but they're not. oh well. But it was a great service. Also haha on the bottom of the program it said "Refreshments" and we forgot to ask people to bring refreshments but hahaha I brought one bag of Hershey kisses, so at the back table there was a tiny bowl of Hershey kisses hahaahha. Everyone was like "these are the refreshments?!" hahaha very funny. So then after the baptism SisG was almost dead I think, and we were talking to Brother Bigelow and a few other people and they said we should go to the ER and get her looked at. They were worried she has pneumonia or something! So we were like ohh boy. Well doing anything medical on the mission is so annoying cause we have to call the nurse, then she has to call someone else, and then he has to call someone.  Soooo SisG thought that she heard from somewhere that if we went to a hospital or something like that, that we needed to have an american citizen with us. I was pretty sure we didn't, but I didn't feel like arguing with my dying companion. So we called all sorts of people to try and come with us to Lodi to the urgent care. So Peggy, came and picked us up. Well after a long time of waiting in the urgent care, we found out that SisG's lungs were like stuck together and she wasn't really getting any oxygen, so thats why she was in so much pain and couldn't breathe. So the doctor did some lung thing and made it so she couldn't breathe again. Then he also said that she has the flu and is highly contagious! haha so she has to stay in for 5-6 days. and he also prescribed me and the williams with medicine so we wouldn't catch the flu. So then we had to go get all the drugs, the pharmacy said it would cost $117 for the medicine he prescribed me. But thats not right cause we have our mission insurance which somehow makes everything $10. So then I called the mission nurse to ask her what was up with that, but hahaha we never told her we were going to the urgent care so she was mad we bypassed her. And then ya. Somehow it all ended up working out. We got all of our drugs and now we've been on house arrest. lol, jk. it feels that way though.

So ya, since thursday we've just been at home. Literally I think I have been outside for a total of 5 minutes since thursday. I'm going crazy.  It's a good thing Rick and Shirley got baptized, and its a good thing we don't have a whole lot of other things going on right now. But ya, we've just been relaxing and watching movies.... all church movies! hahah there are some pretty cheesy ones! But ya I can't wait to get back to work. Today should be our last day, and I think we are going to go to Lodi to go shopping and stuff. So not total quarantine. hahaha. 
Oh and mom that book you gave me, I love it! I've already finished it. haha I read it in 2 days. Very good! 

Well, that is all that has happened since Wednesday. Hopefully next weeks email will be full of more information!! hahaha

Sister Lacusta

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