Monday, 13 January 2014

Be Accountable for your Goals!

Hello family!
Well, this wasn't a terribly exciting week, but it was still a good one!
Tuesday: we had zone training. We talked all about setting goals and being accountable for them. Our mission didn't do so hot for our December goal, so now we really need to work hard. We didn't reach the year goal, so what do they do to the 2014 goal, they made it even higher! hahaah so the new goal for 2014 is 801 truly converted SOULS. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I will be serving for the entire year of 2014 so I really gotta work hard! Oh and guess what, on the bright side, even though we didn't meet our December goal, or our year goal, my zone was the only zone to meet and exceed our goal for December! woooooo! go Lodi Zone!! The rest of the day was good, we contacted some referrals from the spanish elders and hahaha, we must never actually meet the people they are talking about cause almost every referral they give us is SO MEAN. ahhaha we walk up to the door and they just start shouting at us to go away haahahah. Soooo funny! It usually ends up being the spouse of who the referral is supposed to be. so mean. lol. Oh and when we got home that night I read that talk from the ensign that you suggested Dad. It was a good one! :)
Wednesday: Oh this was a pretty funny day somehow hahaha. No one was answering or could talk to us at all, so we went to visit Debbie. She is the lady who was making her own pain medication hahaha. And well anyways she moved to a new place, and its SO NICE! So we are super happy for her that she is in a better environment. Its beautiful really! We drove up and there was like a big ol beautiful fountain, and a pool! hahaha I was hoping a butler would come out and offer us lemonade hahah, but no one did ;).  So we are really happy for her, it should really help her to clean up and everything! Then we had dinner with Judy, we switched it up and went for Mexican instead of to Dennys. Then after dinner we went to Judys so SisG could relax. And hahahah while we were there a Kirby Vacuum salesman came and ended up giving us his whole demonstration hahaah. Oh my gosh, it was hilarious. So if you're interested in buying a new vacuum for $3000 kirby is the way to go! hahahah. I'd rather buy a CAR!
Thursday: In the morning we had a short training with President Lewis. Man he is just the best, really! He gave us a lot of good advice, the one thing I  really remember us talking about was not giving up after the  first or second try. Then someone in my zone related it to when Nephi, Laman and Lemuel went to get the plates from Laban. We don't know, but maybe the reason it didn't work out the first two times was because the Lord was preparing everything. If they would have given up they never would have gotten the plates, also maybe they went the second time and gave all of their riches for the exact reason that Laban was celebrating cause of all his new wealth and then got drunk, and because he was drunk they were able to get the plates! So it all goes back to the Lord has a plan for us!! And it's all in his timing! Cool to think about :). After visiting a few more people we went right back to Lodi for our interviews with President Lewis. Hahaha oh man, on the way there I did an oops. I was driving behind a car and it drove over something, and it looked just like cardboard, and I figured since they drove over it I could too, hahaha so I drove over it and it got stuck under the car! ahhhhh! So then it was stuck and it didn't sound like cardboard, so I pulled over and tried to get it out. (and just because this always happens I was in a white skirt haha) So I was laying on the ground trying to get it out (it ended up just being a small like 6inch plastic road thing) but in the process I hit my hand  on one of the pipes under the car and burnt my pinky! hahaha oooops. Then we went to interviews, it was good times, president Lewis asked us about a scripture we'd been pondering lately and about what "weapon of rebellion" we wanted to lay down.
Friday: We had weekly planning, haha our planning keeps getting quicker and quicker...! And guess what the package you sent came! Thanks so much!!!!! I love it! And you! Nothing too exciting happened this day, but one exciting thing was that we went inside of Jims house for the first time! ( The whole time we taught him we either taught at the church or at a memebrs house, and everytime we visited we just talked on the front step!) So it was exciting! Hahah good ol Jim. 
Saturday: Ohhh this day started out really slow. It was gloomy out, drizzling outside and no one was answering at all! We used like 2 hours worth of plans in like 30 minutes ahhaha. Not good. But somehow it all worked out. A member from Lodi named Billy came out with us for a bit, he is Darrens age. We visited some people and some people actually let us talk! Haha how exciting! But for a lot of other people their precious sports games were on so they couldn't talk ahaha. We went to visit this old man named Wayne that we met while tracting and hahaha. We gave him a book of mormon so we asked him if he had been reading it. Then all of a sudden his wife pops out of nowhere, and ahahah she hated us! Oh my gosh! So she starts going off about how she only reads the bible bla bla bla then we tell her about Jesus Christ said he had sheep of another fold who he went to visit, and the Book of Mormon is proof that he went to visit them. Then she says "You are NOT of my fold" hahahahahahaa, I think my jaw dropped I was so shocked. It was sooooo funny! Some people! they don't even have any information about what they are saying isn't true or aren't even willing to give it a chance. Lol, but as we walked away we heard her getting mad at Wayne for talking to us. very funny. Oh by the way her name was MADdie. Makes sense ;). Oh and later that night we went to see Bill, he is a verrrrrrry less active (we never call anybody inactive hahaha its a missionary thing) member, and he is an alcoholic and a smoker, but he has a very strong testimony and wants to come back. So we went to visit him and his wife Debbie. They both said that they would like to receive a blessing. (Debbie was some crazy crazy crazy back issues, I cant even begin to explain the surgeries and stuff shes had, but just for a sample, she has 2 giant rods and a screw on every vertibrae, and they had to cut her open from the front and take her stomach and intestines out and put them on the table so they could operate on her back... hows the mental image?) So anyways, needless to say Debbie is always in a lot of pain. So we talked to them a lot and arranged for someone to come over Sunday and give them a blessing.
Sunday: Well we now moved to 1 o clock church, I don't really like it. But i'll survive. Ward coucil is at 11, and then done at 12, so then we just hung out at the church till church started haha. Sacrament was awesome, really, the talks were just great! then sunday school and RS were good too! Then we went and visited some people had diner at the most dynamic home ever ahahahahah oh my gosh. then we went to Bill and Debbies and they got their blessing. Well actually only Bill got his, Debbie I think changed her mind.... which is sad, cause seriously it could really help her out! But ya, then we called it a night! 
I Hope you all had a great week too :)
Well I love you sooooo MUCH!
Sister Lacusta

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