Monday, 6 January 2014

Another Awesome Week in Sacramento!

Hello family!
Can you believe we will be talking to eachother in 8 days?! Woohoo!! I'm so excited. I am planning on calling around 3 my time, so 4 your time. I hope that works out. Also, it will be either skype, facetime, or google+. whatever you prefer!! Brother Williams has a mac, so lots of options. I will probably email you on Christmas Eve to figure it out for surezies. So until then :)
Well this was a good week! They're all good weeks, some are better than others, but still all good ;)
Tuesday: we were supposed to have a new member lesson with Jim at the Bigelows. But we got to the Bigelows, and Jim called us and cancelled. So we still stayed and then had lunch at the Bigelows hot chili! haha, it was good stuff. Then we went home to grab something and we checked the mail annnnnnd there was something for me! You got me that cd!!! Wow! Thank you so much!! That was so nice! I put it in the car and we've been listening to it all week :) I looooove it! Thank you so much!!  We were supposed to have an appointment with this lady named Julie at 4, but we showed up and no one was home.... soo we left her a note telling her to call us, sooo ya, we'll take that as a shes not interested haha. Then we went to see Carly, annnnd well she basically dropped us. We kind of saw this coming, she said that she realizes its a big commitment, and shes not sure if she can keep it or not. So i guess its a good thing that she realizes its serious, but its still kind of sad. Then we visited more people, the usual. But in the night we had done all of our plans but still had some time before we needed to go, so we were trying to figure out what to do. So we look in the area book and we see this name we've never seen before. So we go visit her, her name is Roxy, and she is the coolest lady ever! She is the only member in her family, but she has 3 adorable kids and a husband. And she has been inactive for a long time, but sounds like she really wants to come back!! So we were very excited! she was so nice and even gave us a poinsettia when we left!
Wednesday: This was our temple conference day!! Woohooo!! So at 9 Judy came and picked us up to drive us to the temple. Before we went to the temple we stopped at a lds bookstore. I bought "Jesus the Christ" I'm excited to read it! And Judy bought us Christmas presents :) awwww so sweet! I love her! Then Judy dropped us off at the chapel beside the temple. First we took a picture, and the picture is only of 4 zones! I'll send them to you! And then we had a cute little program with musical numbers, videos and talks! It was really cute. They also did a little nativity hahaha. It was really funny, especially cause an elder and sister were Mary and Joseph. Hahah the stood about 6 feet away from each other. Then we had lunch, and watched our white Christmas video. Then we talked about the temple then got to do a session! It was great :) I love the temple! Then after the temple Sister and Brother Hinds drove us home! Hahaha and we thought we would just be driving home, but it took a long time haahah we stopped and got wendys, then got gas, then stopped at the store called hobby lobby. Its my new favourite store!! hahah its a good thing its not in our area! Or else i'd be broke. We bought hole punches for our planners, and bought a cute little present for Peggy! It was a good day.
Thursday: After our studies the sister Sisters came and checked our house for cleanness. We passed with flying colors, and they loved the toilet seat cover ;) hahaha. I love it too! Then we had our district meeting, it was good! Then we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Nelsons, all about temple work. And Lloyd isn't doing too good :( he's been smoking again. We're sad about that, but we're helping him however we can! Then in the night we stopped by the Jason Rivers with bro. lamb (he is the eq pres) and they were really busy but Jason and Bro Lamb really bonded! So that was good. hahah me and SisG were just kinda standing there while they talked about their boy talk lol
Friday: Weekly planning today... its hard when we don't have any solid investigators, but if the plans we made work out, then they will be awesome! Hahah nothing too much happened this day, we tried the house of Juan, and well now we know he is officially ignoring us lol, he came up to the door, looked out the window and then walked away hahahah. Good times. Rejection doesn't phase us missionaries. Then we were having correlation with Bro Hinds at the church, and hahahah we got there before him and we were looking at all of the plaques of the missionaries who are from the Galt ward. And being girls we were talking about who we thought was the cutest and stuff, and then all of a sudden i turn around and hahahahaah the Elders were standing behind us and heard everything we were saying! hahaah it was hilarious! They said they were happy to know we were normal lol.
Saturday: Today hardly felt like a saturday, which is good! haha usually saturdays feel so long! This was full of visiting people, and 2 dinner appointments hahaha. oops. We had dinner at Dennys with Judy at 3:30, we weren't going to miss this, we love Judy too much! She gave us our Christmas presents :) She bought me a ctr ring! verrrry cute! And then we played the crane game (its tradition) except we playd the .50 cent one! We are moving up in the world! and we each won a big one! haha woohoo! Then right after dinner with Judy we had dinner with the Maestrettis, hhaahah I tride not too eat too much at dennys, but by the time we got to maestrettis i was so full, I was chewing and I thought i was gunna explode! hahaha not reccomended to have 2 dinner appointments in a row. The Maestrettis are a Less active family we're working with, so thats why we went. SisG was sick and couldn't talk anymore because her throat hurt so bad so we went home at about 7. hahaha she passed right out when we got home.
Sunday: Great sunday! No ward council, GREAT talks in church, a cool chime number by the youth and then a nice relief society! We had dinner with the Chaffins (sister Chaffin is the daughter of Brother Bigelow) annnnd get this! They have a son who is serving in Salt Lake right now and she was showing us his missionary board, and its got a few pictures are stuff. And in one of the pictures was Steven Darker! So apparently Elder Chaffin and Steven were really close on the mission! So if you see Stevens mom or sister or something you'll have to tell them I'm serving in Elder Chaffins parents ward! Small world! Then wow we had a crazy afternooon haha since SisG passed out right when we got home the night before we didn't plan for Sunday. And we were doing really bad with all of our goals. So we were visiting people like crazy and visiting every part member family possible! It was crazy! and somehow we managed to meet all of our goals! and we even got to go to the stake choir christmas thing!  It was grrreat!
Monday: It wasn't pday, and it was transfer monday, which apparently are usually hard to focus and no body does anything, but it felt like a normal day for us! We actually had a really productive day! We went and saw Roxy and brought Sister Chaffin with us, and had a grrrreat talk! She wants to have us teach her kids! woohhoo! Then we were visiting lots of other people and doing lots of missionary work. Then transfer calls. hahah we're both staying. Wow. So I guess I don't get a follow up trainer, and SisG will be in Galt for 6 months! hahah, I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen to me. And only other changes in our area are, our district leader Elder Gilray is leaving to be a zone leader in stockton! And now elder Messick is our district leader, and I guess we'll meet the new elder on Thursday! Wowza
today we went to the flea market and now we're emailing and shopping and we'll go see the other people who are leaving! I don't think too many people are leaving our zone! But I guess we'll see!!
WELL I love you so much!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!! :)


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