Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"Wheres the Happy At?"

WOW! It feels like we just talked.... emailed ;) haaha. Isn't this great!
Well not a lot has happened since my last email But I will still update you!
Thursday was Thanksgiving, so we had the whoooole day for pday! We were so excited but then it ended up not being so great ahahah... we wanted to go shopping, but all of the stores were closed? It was so weird. So we ended up just going to walmart grabbing a few small groceries and then taking a nap! Haha so no complaints I guess! The Williams (the members who we live with) whole family was in town so it was a full house! They were having a thanksgiving dinner and playing together as a family! It felt being there cause we're not related.... we just live there hahaha. So it was kind of funny. Then we went to the Johnsons (who is the bishop) for thanksgiving dinner! Wow haha I honestly didn't even eat that much but i was stuuuuffed. I had to just sit there for a while and let it all sink in haahah. There were 9 different desserts and SisG tried a little bit of every dessert hahahahaha. Oh wow, so funny. Then we just kind of hung out at their house for a while, and actually neighbour to the Johnsons is Judie L, who is a less active sister. We went and visited her because we knew she was all alone. So we went and sang a hymn to her! Then haha oh ya I forgot, so at the Bishops there is this old old old lady (she is like 94 or something) who lives there. Her name is Bea, so anyways Bea was sick and super contagious so she was quarantined to her room. hahaha so we went to say hi (from the doorway) and we were like "Hi Bea! Happy Thanksgiving!" and she says " WHERES THE HAPPY AT?!?!?" hahaahahahahah oh my gosh. It was so sad it was funny! She was sooooo grumpy because she couldn't come out for thanksgiving. Maybe you had to be there, but whenever something bad happens me and SisG say "WHERES THE HAPPY AT?!" hahahahah then we laaaaaugh. good times! So it was a good thanksgiving day!
Friday was weekly planning! We usually plan separately for all of our investigators, and we were like "Oh! we don't need to plan for Lloyd because he is getting baptized!" Then like 20 minutes later we got a call from Lloyd. We said Lloyd how are you? He said "not good" We asked what was wrong, and he told us he smoked that morning!!!! Oh noooo! we were shocked! It was the last thing we were expecting! So we told him not to worry and we could come over. So we went to see Lloyd and told him that everything was okay, We told him we loved him, Heavenly Father loves him and that he could still get baptized but that we have to move it a week. So he was sad, but he was feeling better. Then we came back home and called a lot of people and told them we were rescheduling Lloyds baptism. Surprisingly no one asked why. So that was good! But it is scheduled for the 7th at 2pm! We are excited!  Then we visited more people and did more missionary things and had dinner at the relief society presidents house. Then at 6! We actually managed to kind of have a lesson with Carly! our 12 year old investigator. Haha what we did was watch "The Testaments" which is a grrreat movie that takes place in the book of mormon time. So we watched that and had popcorn haha it was good. Its really an amazing movie. When Jesus Christ comes (ooo spoiler sorry haha jk) the spirit is sooooo strong! It was just like wow! So if you guys get a chance you should watch it! If you don't have a copy, just ask the missionaries! haha :)

Saturday, well saturdays are usually horrible. hahah but this saturday was actually surprisingly great! Jim went to the temple with the ward and did baptisms for the dead! How awesome is that?? :D We were sooo happy for him! And you'll never guess what! YOUR PACKAGE FINALLY CAME!!! Woohooo! I was in SHOCK. Hahah i had called on friday and they said it should be arriving, but it seemed too good to be true. But sure enough! It came! WOW thank you so much! I am sooooo spoiled! Everything was just perfect!!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and spoiling me so much! That gps is just wow. I'm speachless! Its amazing! And so high tech! And so personalized! :D I love it! And all the goodies! And the socks and everything! I just feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you so much!! So after I opened and saw my package and was in shock we went to Thornton. hahaha now I don't know if I've ever mentioned Thornton before, but it's this small town that is in our area. It takes about 25 minutes to drive there or something, and k I thought Galt was small, but Thornton is just wow, I don't know why anyone would voluntarily live there. It looks like one of those scary small towns that you see in scary movies. Where everything just stares at you as you drive by and where everyone is crazy hahaha. So we went to Thornton, and it was actually pretty successful! Which is super surprising! SisG taught this lady (all in spanish) and she is actually pretty interested! So we got a referral for the elders! And it was cool I was actually like understanding bits and pieces of what she taught. Haha i could tell she taught basically the whole restoration, about Christ coming to the americas and about the Plan of Salvation. After we got in the car I asked her if that was what she taught, and it was!! Wow maybe I have the gift of tongues. hahaha jk. I know I don't. But it was good. Then we went and visited a few less active people and then went back to Galt. We had dinner with the Huston family. Wow. The talk sooo much. It was exhausting. They started tell us all of their problems. hahah for some reason a lot of people think that missionaries are therapists. And let me tell you we are not! We are just normal people but we wear a name tag. hahahaha (which reminds me whenever we go shopping people always ask us if we work there hahahaahah Its like umm no sir, sorry I work for Jesus Christ!) Ohhhhhh and I just rememberd, Judie L the lady we visited on Thanksgiving called us today and said, can you guys come over sometime today? So we went over and she had bought us jackets!!!! How nice is that?!?! Wow, we were just so shocked. People really really treat us so nicely!
Sunday was a good sunday! Church was great! hahah its so funny, it feels like we are celebrities at church or something hahah everyone is saying hi to us and hugging us and wanting to talk to us! Haha it's so great! It was an awesome fast and testimony meeting! Lloyd came to church and we sat with him, and he actually teared up during a little boys testimony :'( so tender. Then we had dinner with Peggy Munn. She is so sweet (we had to call her and ask because no one had signed up for that day... haha probably because we just passed it around yesterday... ooops) But she said yes! It was a lot of fun. Then we went to visit the Trinnaman family, which is Karmas family. I'm not sure if I ever told you about Karma. She is 8 and the only thing she wants is to be baptized! She is sooo smart and knows just about everything you could! Her mom is not a member, and her dad is less active, but they live at the grandparents who are totally active. So we visited them and it was a gong show hahahaha. There is the brother named Jared who is 7 and we were just visited at first and then he cuts in and says " WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING ABOUT JESUS AND GOD?" hahahahahahaha it was so funny! So he knows what missionaries do! Which is great hahaha. We wish more people knew what missionaries were there for. So we shared a scripture (Helaman 5:12) cause Jared wanted us to, and then it turned into the whole room singing the wise man and the foolish man! hahaha it was so funny! Then we went to visit a few less active people then came home. Oh and by the way mom, I gave Judy the present and she loved it :) She said she is going to write you a thank you note! so then I'll email it to you! She was soooo happy and really loved it!
This week I really realized how glad I am here on my mission. Seeing other peoples worries and their problems, and they just seemed so small and didn't seem important. The Williams son had his girlfriend over and they were being soooo crrrazy and lovey dovey, and it was just like ya, wow, thats not what my focus is right now haha! I'm supposed to be here serving my mission! And even though its hard, it is good, I am learning A LOT. and hopefully helping some people too ;) hahaha. But ya, me and SisG just talked about that a lot how we are so glad we are here serving our missions, and how we are so happy to be doing the Lords work! And sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to, but then we remember this is the Lords work, not ours! So it is all good!!

WELL I love you so much!!!! STAY WARRRRM!

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