Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"The Gospel Changes Lives"

Hahah thought I'd start out with something different!
Well this was a good week. All weeks are good weeks I guess! But ya soooo
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Lloyd, we watched the movie Finding Faith in Christ. It was really good. Lloyd even teared up a bit. I could tell everyone was feeling the spirit, so that was great. I was feeling it, and for some reason in that moment it just became so clear to me that Jesus Christ made such a huge sacrifice! He really was here and really died for us. Its amazing to think about. We are all so blessed. After we had our lesson we had some HOT chili hahaha. We were at the Bigelows and his sister made it. Hahah Bro Bigelow was coughing it was pretty funny. After that we went to the library and did some mormon.org time hahaha aka we just went and creeped all the other missionaries in our zone. It was kind of funny seeing everyones pictures and stuff. Also, I could see the missionaries who are serving in our stake at home too! hahaah after that we decided to go visit the lady who we did service for one time. She wasn't home, but we ended up talking to her mom for a while lol. She was just some old baptist lady. It was impossible to keep her on topic of the gospel lol. Then we went to visit this lady named Julie whose husband is a member, but totally inactive. And Julie is really nice and actually agreed to have us come back on tuesday for a lesson! Turns out she didn't even know what the book of mormon was, so missionaries have been visiting her for ages, but no one had ever given her a book of mormon! so we're excited about that! Then that night after visiting some other people the spanish elders called us and told us something really exciting! They went to visit the lady we met in Thornton, and now her and her son are scheduled to be baptized on December 28! So thats super crazy and exciting!
Wednesday we started our day with our studies then we went to Lodi to get the brake and signal light changed on the car! The guy at the dealership did it for FREE! wow people are so nice to missionaries! haha we don't even know if he was a member or what, but he just said we were good to go! So that was so nice! Then we planned to have daily contact with Lloyd this whole week so we stopped by and gave him some fudge and read a story from the ensign, and then gave him the ensign to keep! Then we were supposed to have dinner with this part member family, but they cancelled :'( but they rescheduled for a lesson on friday. This is a super interesting family. The wife, Michelle is a member, but hasn't been to church since she was a teenager, and her husband is not a member. But they just had a baby, so they want to find a church to raise her in! So they are "investigating" even though shes a member. Hahah. they are reeeeeeally nice! Then carly also cancelled her lesson for that night. sad day. We went tracting  this day and haha it was actually a really interesting day. We met a Hindu man who was telling us allll about his beliefs and then every time he said Jesus he would say "Geejus" hahahah it was so funny. Ya so good luck ever converting a hindu! lol. Then we went and taught Karma, and she is just the smartest  little girl ever!
Thursday we had zone training! This was good, it was all about how we need to become really effective planners. When we got home my other package was there!! Woohooo! Loved it! Thanks mom and dad! And Darren for the adorable ornament hahahaha loved it! Also I can't wait to put the toilet seat cover on! HAHA so funny! love it! Then we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Bellvilles. We talked about the priesthood. It was a good lesson. We think Lloyd is really understanding and gaining a testimony of the priesthood after he got the blessing to help him stop smoking! After our lesson we had a voicemail from President Lewis and he told us he is going to try and do as little amount of transfers as possible! So chances are good that SisG is staying! I was pretty sure I was going to, but now we will probably both be here!
Friday was weekly planning. Which is now getting hard because we don't have any investigators.... i guess we can't complain though cause the reason we don't have that many is because they keep getting baptized :) ahaha. On wednesday we scheduled to have Carlys baptismal interview on this day, and she texted us and told us she couldn't. But we pretended we didn't see the text and showed up anyways hahaha. So then the elders came and she had her interview! Now she is all set for baptism except for she doesn't have a date planned yet....! gahhhh that's the easiest part lol. After that we went to have our lesson with Michelle and Jason (the pmf from above) It actually went pretty good. We taught the restoration but really focused about how it can  bless families! It was good. After that we had our ward Christmas Party! hahah it was kind of funny. My favourite part was the song that someone made. It was a gospel version of the 12 days of christmas. So each table had a different day and we would shout out our parts! It went:
On the 12th day of Christmas the Prophet gave to me:
12 apostles preachin'
11 Witnesses
10 Percent Tithing
9 Crafts to finish
8 Year old Baptisms
7th day as sabbath
6 Be's from Hinckley
5 golden plates
4 Standard works
3 sunday meetings
2 years on a mission
And my ancestors on a family tree.
Hahahah so it was very cute and a lot of fun! Ohhh and while we were there we saw Jim arrive but we didn't know where he went so we figured he went home, but then we saw him helping in the kitchen!! soooo great to see! He has really just dived in! It is great :)
Saturday was exciting! It was Lloyds baptism!!! woohooo! The day finally came! It was really nice! Great talks on baptism and on the holy ghost, it only took one dunk! annnnd him and the bishop both fit in the font! haha woohoo! It was really nice! Lloyd was really nervous before hand, but then it was all good!
Sunday was also a good day and guess what! There was frost on the car! haha i had to give my comp a lesson on how to scrape all of the frost off... and a lesson on how you need to scrape everything off or you can't see....lol. good times.....! Then Lloyd got confirmed! yayayay! He is officially a member of the church! very exciting! We are so happy for him! I can see the huge change thats happened in him since taking the lessons. Its really amazing! The gospel changes lives! yayaya! Then we went and visited some people, and its getting really hard to contact people, because no one will stand and talk to us on their doorstep cause it is too cold for them! And we can't go inside their homes unless there is a woman in the house! so i don't know how we are going to find new investigators and haha i've been thinking of all the missionaries back home...! I have no idea how they find new people or contact them lol. Its gotta be hard annnnd COLD! But ya in the evening we went and watched the Christmas Devotional hahahha it was really funny, they said they were broadcasting it at the stake center, so we figured a lot of people would be there but nope, it was literally just me and Sister G and the Lodi sisters. hahahahah great turn out. It was funny! But I really liked it! Russell M Nelsons was quite the production! hahahaha it was cute though! The song with all the kids was adorable! He looked like Mr Rogers with all the kids sitting around him singing to him! hahah very adorable!!!
Well This week we get to go the temple!! yayayayyyy! On wednesday! I'm very excited! We're also having some kind of Christmas party thing! It's all day, it's going to be a lot of fun! :)
Well anyways I will close here for now!
OH but you gotta tell Grandma thank you SOOO much for sending me the Campbell Chronicle! I loved it! And you gotta tell Grandpa he did a great job! It was a lot of fun reading about everybody! Hahaha the picture of Derek and one of the schlenkers at the parade made me laugh! hahahah! But it was really great to get a update of the year :)
WELL I love you so much!!!!!!
Sister Lacusta :)

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