Thursday, 7 November 2013

First Baptism on my Birthday!!

Hey Family!!
It feels like its been FOREVER!
But its just been one day more than usual. hhaha. So ya it was a good week, like usual SO many things happened!
On Tuesday (Moms birthday :) ) We had Jims Baptismal interview scheduled! So exciting right! So we planned to have the lesson at 10 then have his interview right after.... WELL Old Scratch (haha Satan) was working really hard on Jim that day! First, his alarm didn't go off, and he had to drive his niece to Stockton, then on his way back, he ran out of gas, then he realized he didn't have his wallet! So he had to call someone to come bring him money and to help with gas, and then after he got gas, his car had died so it woouldn't start!!!! Everything and anything happened to him! It was crazy! So anyways, he didn't end up getting to brother hinds house until like 12:40 HAAH. So by the time we were done everything we had been there for FOUR hours!! It was crazy. We had a really good little short lesson though AND he passed his interview!! woohooo! We ended up rescheduling his lesson for November 9! :) So its exciting!
I'm pretty excited that my first baptism on the mission is going to be on my BIRTHDAY! woohoo!!!
Thursday which was HALLOWEEN ended up being a lot of fun. In the morning we had these senior sisters, (who are actually sisters in real life and companions in the mission) come check our apartment for cleanness. They are so adorable! Then at like 3:30 we went to see Jonathon and Mirta ( I can't remember if I told you about them already, they are former investigators who had a firm baptismal date and everything, but for some reason they didn't get baptized) So we've been trying to set an appointment with them for weeks, but everytime something came up and we couldn't have the appointment. SO we actually got to go in their house and sit and talk with them, and we were kind of bummed out, it turns out they mostly just love hanging out with the missionaries. They had some elders before who they thought were really cool, so they didn't actually care about the lessons, they just liked hanging out. So, we are not going to focus on them for a while haha. But after that we had ZONE TRAINING in Lodi. it was awesome. We actually got to watch Ephraims Rescue the movie, and eat pizza! Then we had actual zone training. It was so fun! 
Friday we had another lesson with Jim at the Bigelows house, and it went well, it wasn't awesome or anything, but it was good. We just shared the talk by President Monson called Obedience Brings Blessings. And then we all talked about it. It was good. Then we did weekly planning and stuff, and we actually got to call people and make the plans for Jims baptism! Which was a lot of fun! After weekly planning we went to visit a few people, and there is this guy named Jonny who we met while tracting he is like 24. So he clearly doesn't understand what missionaries do cause he invited us to have a beer and to stay the night HAHAHA so needless to say we are not going to be visiting Jonny for a while. Then when we were leaving he gave us hugs and we both just like froze, it was so funny. We were laaaaaughing so hard. 
On Sunday I had my first experience with a total anti-mormon! HAHA oh man. So on Saturday we were tracting and we met this kid probably about my age, and he was on his way to work, but he said to stop by on sunday around 1 cause his dad would love to talk to us. So anyways we ended up talking to this guy for an HOUR. just in his doorstep. He told us his whole story about how he became a Christian and all that jazz and then we were like ya that is great, Jesus is awesome! But then he started telling us we're not Christians, we're going to hell, we're bringing everyone we're teaching down to hell, and all this stuff! HAHA oh my gosh, I was getting SO mad inside! This guy was suuuuch a jerk! Near the end I was just taunting this guy though hahaah. We asked him to pray about what we talked to him about, and he REFUSED to do it. So I was like "Don you seem like youre SCARED to pray about it because you know it'll be right when you pray about it" and then he didn't like that and totally was getting mad hahaha oh my gosh it was hilarious. And then I kept trying to end the conversation by bearing my testimony, and I was like "well I KNOW... bla blabla" and then he would be like "NO YOU'RE WRONG" hahaahah it was ridiculous!!!! But ya. He was telling me my testimony was wrong.... It was just so ridiculous. 
But through that whole experience it made my testimony stronger! Seems like a silly way to do that, but it really did. I'm so thankful I know the things I do! Why would Jesus Christ only visit one group of people? The Book of Mormon is just MORE proof of Jesus Christ. But according to Don we are not Christians even though if you read 2 Nephi 25:26 it says exactly what we do. We talk of christ we rejoice in christ, we phrophesy of Christ.and SO ON, but apparently we're not Christian hahahaah. What a nut job.
Then Monday was transfer calls! For some reason SisG was freaking out... lol even though it was pretty much set in stone that we're both staying. So annoying. But anyways in the morning we had a lesson with Jim at the Bigelows. We watched the Restoration video and it was awesome. We wanted to make sure Jim had a testimony of Joseph Smith, and turns out he had prayed about it on his own to find out! We were so proud! Then we had lunch there! Then we went home and washed the car hahha by hand (ooo la la ;) haha jk) and then went and visited people, and then had dinner at Sister Cooks house. She let my play her harp! Mom you should take up the harp! Its just like piano! I'm gunna learn how to play for reals when I get home!!!! we'll see, but that would be awesome. 
Then today, I got to go to the TEMPLE! Woohoo! It was awesome. I wasn't planning on going, but then I felt like I should go, so I did. Judy and I went, and SisG stayed with the Lodi Spanish Sisters. It was great to go, and then we came home and now we are here!!
So hopefully everything will go smoothly for Jims baptism! We are so excited for him!!!!

Well I love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!
Thanks for all of your support!

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