Thursday, 21 November 2013

Challenging Week!!

Wow! What a week. haha I'm pretty sure I say that every week, but it's true every time. This week was really challenging though. A lot of ups and downs! 
Tuesday we had a lesson with Lloyd at the church with Brother Hinds. We followed up on our lesson of the Restoration and showed the restoration dvd. We felt like it would be very important for Lloyd to understand that through Joseph Smith the gospel was restored and that only a man who has been given this authority is a prophet! The lesson went well. Brother Hinds wasn't tooo crazy.
Wednesday was an alright day! We had district meeting at 11:00 which was good, as always. Our district leader Elder Gilray always gives great lessons. This one was about keeping it simple. I feel like this is a problem for a lot of missionaries or a lot of Ward Mission Leaders!!! Haha I feel like SisterG and I have been pretty good at keeping things simple and not over complicating things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. He taught it simply and thats how it should be! there is a quote in preach my gospel, (I dont remember what page) that talks about how we need to teach simply not so that people will understand, but so that there is no room to misunderstand!! I love that and that is how it should be. After district meeting things went down hill....! All of our appointments for the night cancelled. Carly who has never cancelled before cancelled! Then our lesson with Karma got cancelled. And then!! We had a lesson with Beth the next day and she cancelled!!!! It was so sad! We were in shock!! But the silver lining was hahaha we had dinner at the Bishops house.
Thursday. Wow so we thought Wednesday was bad. So we are getting ready in the morning and then Lloyd called us! He said he didn't want to be a mormon anymore!!!! We were shocked!!!! He said that the mormon church was too quiet and he wanted a louder church! So we called Gilray and asked if he had any advice for us hahah. Basically he told us we just needed to go talk to him and find out if that is really his concern, or if there is a real concern and he's not telling us about it. Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Jim that morning (we need to teach lessons still after they have been baptized) We called him and he cancelled on us too! We were so sad!! So all 3 of our appointments that day were cancelled too! We didn't even know what to do with ourselves lol. So we kept driving by Lloyds to see if he was home and if we could talk to him, eventually he was home so we went and talked  to him. We asked him what happened! Then he told us his real concern. Our last lesson we challenged him to stop smoking until our next lesson. You know we were going to try and be more bold because with Jim we weren't bold enough and we ended up having to change his baptismal date. So his real concern was, he had been talking to his brother and his brother told him that if he didn't stop smoking by our next lesson we weren't going to let him get baptized!!! Oh my gosh we felt so bad! Basically Lloyd was just feeling like he wasn't going to be good enough, but we assured him he was! And we said we know quitting smoking will be hard but he could do it!! He also for some reason felt that God wanted him to smoke because, in the olden times they "cleansed temples with fire" so he felt that he was cleansing his body. I said Lloyd something like I think we both know that Heavenly Father just wants us to take care of our bodies because they are such a special gift from him, and we know that smoking is harming them. Joseph Smith received revelation from Heavenly Father called the Word of Wisdom that is a health code to keep our bodies clean and healthy. One of the things we're asked not to do is to smoke or use tobacco. Lloyd then said God is telling me that what you're saying is true. hahaah!! woohoo!! The Spirit strikes again! It was really a good little heart to heart with Lloyd. It made us love him a lot more. Now he isn't just another investigator, he is Lloyd and his needs are important! So we were so happy and relieved that we were able to find out Lloyds real concern and now he is still on track and excited to be baptized!!!! ahaha he called us after our dinner appointment and asked "I need to know what other things I need to take out of my diet" So we set up an appointment for friday to teach the word of wisdom
Friday was weekly planning and then we ended up teaching Lloyd about the word of wisdom with sister Holden. It went so great and LLoyd is so willing to follow the word of wisdom!  Then we taught Lisa the homeless lady with sister holden. Lisa talks soooooooo much! gah.
Then saturday was another crazy day. No set appointments, so that always sucks. We invited Carly-Ann to a baptism that the elders were having, and we invited Karma. So we showed up at the baptism and oh man! there were so many missionaries! It wasn't good. the zone leaders, the elders whose baptism it was, the spanish elders, president and sister lewis and then us!! It didn't look very good. Our investigators didn't end up showing up so we left. So hopefully president and sister lewis don't think we were being lazy!! cause we weren't! 
Sunday I gave a talk in church! haha luckily I had some notice and had time to prepare. I talked mainly about Jesus christ and his atonement and how that is the center or everything, and the reason we do missionary work is so that they can feel the grace that Jesus Christ has provided for us! then i challenged everyone in the ward to talk to their friends, or refer them to us. I liked it. hahaha someone came up to me after and said that wasn't your usual missionary work talk. haahh not sure if that is  a good thing or not! But a lot of people came and said they liked my talk so it couldn't have been that bad!
Well that was our week! Haha we survived! I haven't got your package yet :'( but I got lots of mail! :) I got a letter from Cherish, Grandma, Emily, Echo, Tiffany and an elder from the mtc! It was so great to hear from them all!!!!
Tell Echo she must have been inspired to send me the talk she did because i used it for my talk in sacrament meeting! :)
Well I love you all and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

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