Friday, 29 November 2013

Lloyds Baptism is coming up!

WOW! It feels like it has been FOREVER!
How are you all? I hope everyone is doing well!
We had a good week and a half. Lots of exciting things happened!
Last Tuesday we went on exchanges! We were with the spanish sisters. SisG was in Lodi with sister thomas, and I stayed in Galt with sister pitcher. It was a lot of fun! It was so weird though, I had to make all the plans, and it's really hard to plan the whole day out! But it turned out to be a really good day. First we did all of our studies, then we went and did some service for Sister Cook, haha we were expecting to do yard work or something outside like stacking wood, but we ended up cleaning crabs!! ahhaha it was so funny! The strangest service ever. But it was fun. Then we went to visit a few people and at 3 we met with Jim and Brother Bigelow at the church. (Oh I think last week I told you about how Jim didn't come to church and we were worried, turns out he just was really sick and fell back asleep, but then ended up at the hospital, but all is well now!) At 4 we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Nelsons, we taught the plan of salvation. It went really well! then we had dinner with the duncan family. and hahaha oh man I was telling sister pitcher all about the duncans son. He is less active, and one time when we went to try and visit him he just yelled at us. And then when we show up to dinner, the grumpy son was there! haha it was hilarious! After dinner we went to the yw/ym activity and talked about the importance of testimonies and how important it is to share them. The youth then were writing their testimonies in book of mormons and they are going to give them to their friends. After yw/ym we went home and received a call from Bro.Nelson, and he told us he was talking to Lloyd before we got to the lesson, and Lloyd shared with him that he is medicated for being schitzophrenic. so Bro. Nelson was all concerned, but we know that Lloyd is fine. But still we called our district leader and he said everything was fine because he is accountable and he is safe!
Wednesday we had ZONE CONFERENCE. Wow what a day. So on Monday we had cleaned the car because every zone conference they check how clean the cars are and see if you still get the privilege of having one or not. but it had rained! hahaha so there was no point in cleaning it, but at least we were obedient. So anyways, Elder Baxter of the Seventy was there at our zone conference. WOW. he is super scary! hahah if he wasn't an apostle I don't think I would like him very much... haha shhh don't tell. But anyways he is scottish, bald, and doesn't smile. (Don't be fooled by his picture in the Ensign) So he gave us a lot of council. Hahahah there were sometimes where he had people come up to roll play and then they would be doing their  thing and he would cut them off and say "stop. NEVER do that again. That was horrible" or things like "that is a PITIFUL way to ask for a referral" hahaahahah. He was terrifying! But all in all he gave us a lot of good advice, and new challenges and things to try! I said the closing prayer at this meeting, which was terrifying cause he already told me I spoke too fast. Hahaha. Oh and haha we were told to prepare a 2 minute talk on the doctrine of Christ, and to make 2 copies of it. Elder Baxter then chose 2 of the talks to come up and read theirs. Sister G was like ohhh i don't need to make two copies, I won't get called up. hahahah so she only made one copy and Elder Baxter chose hers! Luckily they put it on the stand for her, or else she wouldn't have had anything. hahah it was funny! It was an exhausting day, I know it was supposed to be motivating, but honestly it just felt like Elder Baxter was telling us we weren't doing anything right. 
Thursday was a super busy day!  We were out contacting so many people and getting so many referrals! We had a lesson with Lloyd, and then we all had lunch with the Bigelows. Hahaha we went to visit this part member family the Rivers and we hadn't met the husband before, but he was there and we finally met him, and he is sooo nice! So we were trying to talk to him and set something up so we could come teach him and his wife, but there was this man named Bill there who was sooooo drunk and kept telling us all his regrets! Hahaha he was like "Joseph Smith is my HEROO" hahaahah it was really funny. But really annoying lol. It was a super productive day though, so it was awesome!
Friday we had  a lesson with Jim at the Bigelows! It ended up just being a really good discussion about being a member of the church and about the priesthood. Jim was talking about how he wished he could have been a member his whole life, but then me, sisG and Brother Bigelow all thought of the exact same parable at the same time! Its the one about the labourers in the field and no matter when they started working they all get paid the same. This really made sense to Jim and it made him feel good that he wasn't missing out on any blessings from being baptized later! It was great. Then we had weekly planing and we were planning Lloyds baptism! wooohooo!  Then we had dinner with Judy at Dennys! hahaha always a good time. We played the crane game and got 5 more stuffed animals! Can you even believe it? haahha 
Saturday was a very unusual day for us! We went to a service project at 8am. We were helping distribute Thanksgiving Baskets, these giant boxes of food that different churches from around the city put together and then donate to families who are less fortunate. It was really organized and fun to help! the people were so thankful! It was great! Then at 12 we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Bishops home, it went really well! Hahahah the bishop offered to Baptize Lloyd  I'll send a picture next week.  Hopefully all goes well on Saturday. Hahaha then after lloyds lesson we went and visited a lot of other people, and then at 4 we had a Temple Tour planned! This is kind of cool! The Crosier family had planned this with Stacey ( remember her from my first couple weeks?) So we all got in the car and drove to the temple. So it takes about an hour to get there, and then the tour is at 6. hahaha sister crosier thought it was at 6:30, so we were running really behind. We were going to eat dinner before, but there wasn't enough time. So we went to the tour, which is just a tour of the ouside, and talks about the different things that can happen inside, and then a little bit about how temples came to be. It was cool, not like super spiritual, but still good. Then  we went for dinner after the tour. 
Sunday was good! Jim got the Aaronic Priesthood!! We were so excited for him! Lloyd and Lisa came to church which was great. In the evening we had fhe with the Curry family (this is a part member family, the husband is a member and the wife isn't...yet! ;) ) and the McFadyens. It was okay..... we were hoping it would have went better. We taught the lesson, and we decided to do the Restoration. We hope the wife wasn't bored! lol
Monday we had Lloyds baptismal interview! yayyy! He is all set for his baptism! woohoo! Then it was a day full of contacting people and wishing it was pday haha. Then in the evening we went and saw Peggy Munn, who is a LA member who is soooo sweet. We really wish she would come back to church! She gave me a pair of earrings! It was so sweet! 
Tuesday was another day of no set appointments, and just a lot of visiting people ( well actually we were supposed to have a lesson with Lisa, but she cancelled... haha not surprised) Hahaha we called Lloyd and i asked him how he was and he said "fat and sassy" hahaahahahah. It was so funny! Oh I love Lloyd, he cracks me up.
Wednesday(yesterday) We had district meeting, it was really good and elder gilray taught us some tips and stuff to help us out with our door approach. Then we went to see some potentials we never met before, and applied everything we learnt! It actually worked out really good! It was great! We've been applying everything we've been taught lately! Its great! Aw, we stopped by our house to grab some book of mormons after, and on our way back this man had a truck full of fruit and it all fell out and spilled all over the road! We pulled over and helped him clean it all up! It was so sad! haha but he was so grateful for our  help! Then we visited some more people, and we went to see Jim but he wasn't there but we ended up talking to his family members for like half an hour! Which is huuuuge because the girl, his niece, haaates mormons! hahaha But we talked to them let them know that we're not that weird, and that Heavenly Father really does love them! It was great!!!!
Now it is today!!! woohoo! Happy american thanksgiving! haha Tonight we have dinner at the bishops house! We are going to be verrrrry well fed! We also have all day pday! So we're pretty excited! woohooo!!!!
WELLL I love you SO MUCH!!!!!!!
I am so THANKFUL for you in my life! 
Keep on keeping on!!!!

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