Thursday, 31 October 2013

Week 6 in GALT. Time flies when your havin fun!!

Hello Family!!

Can you believe this is the start of week 6 in Galt?? Crazy stuff! Next week is transfers, but i'm almost 100% positive me and Sister Gutierrez will be staying in Galt! Its a 12 week training program, and we're only on week 6, soooo ya. Oh and that reminds me. Next week P-day is on Tuesday. So don't be surprised when you don't hear from me on Monday! It will be the next day :)

This week feels like it was a month long! Not in a bad way though. Just so many things happened, and when I look back, I'm like wait? That was this week? Hahaha so a lot of things happened.

Tuesday we had the New Missionary Meeting! It was in Sacramento (Rancho Cordova actually), So everyone who came out with me this transfer and our companions got to meet and basically have like a Q&A with the mission pres. It was a good time. It was actually great to see everyone from the MTC. Haha everyone is having a hard time, but we are all hanging in there. Sounds like its mostly comp issues hahaha which I can relate too. LOL. I wanted to talk to Sister Brown more, but we didn't get a chance because they were having us do so many things! But it was a lot of fun. All of the new missionaries got to go up and bare our testimonies. It was really nice to hear everyones testimonies and see how much everyone has already grown! Its super amazing. 
Oh ya Judy (the lady who takes us to Dennys) drove us to Sacramento, and on the way home we stopped at Costco (probably not allowed... ? hahaah oh well) and she bought us BLANKETS! Like you know that amazing fuzzy blanket I have at home? Its like that! Oh man, it was so nice of her and we were so grateful :).
Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Jim at 4, but brother Hinds went to go pick him up and he wasn't there!! :'( it was so sad. So we cancelled lol.

So we rescheduled Jims lesson for Wednesday morning ( I don't know why we thought we could do Jims lesson in the afternoon, because it never works, hahaah only mornings work for Jim!) So Wednesday morning we had his lesson with the Bigelows! (They are probably my favourite family in the ward) It was suuch a great lesson. We focused a lot about Jesus Christ and the Atonement, and the spirit was very strong. Jim even started tearing up. It was nice. Then we had our district meeting, and our District leader is so great, he planned his lesson just for me and Sister G. He taught us a way we can work with investigators to help them overcome trials such as smoking (that is something Jim needs to work on). So it is called Commiting to Christ. So on Thursday night we gave Jim a pocket sized picture of Jesus Christ and wrote Alma 7:11-12 on it, and then gave it to him. We told him we're not giving him this commandment to stop smoking, but Christ is. And then we told we KNOW that he can do anything through Christ. So he told us he was going to stop on Oct 30, (but you have to stop smoking a week before your baptism) So I was bold and told Jim we knew he would be able to do it a week before his baptism. And he agreed! So Saturday was going to be his last cigarrette! woohoo!
On Wednesday we also had our lesson with Carly, which went well and we watched the movie Finding Faith in Christ to help her gain a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ.
Thursday we did a lot of 12 week study, and we watched like 2 hours worth of videos from the District hahaha, it was kind of funny. It was a good day though. And then we sort of started to plan Jims baptism.

Friday! we had another lesson with Jim at the Hinds house and it went really good! We taught him about Tithing, Word of Wisdom, and the law of Chastity. He didn't have a problem with any of them (haha except the smoking, but he's already working on that)

Then we had very long weekly planning! Weekly planning is so exciting when you have actual things to plan for! So we planned Jims baptism and we are so excited! Our dinner appointment got sick, and so Judy took us to Dennys hahahaha. We officially went to Dennys every weekend in October. And we became MASTERS at the claw game! hahaahah (Judy always gives quarters to do it) A little girl was watching us do it and then I gave her one of the ones I won. I'm so charitable hahahah jk.

Saturday we went and saw Debbie Hamilton who is less active hahaha. Umm funny story. She really wants to change and come back to the church, so she asked us to teach her the lessons, and so we said ya, cause its good practice for the lessons, and its good to help people. And so we went into her room to teach her and hahahaha there was marijuana sitting on her desk. Sooooo I think she has a long way to go... (she told us she wasn't taking her pain medicine (she just got foot surgery) but I think she found her own way to deal with the pain ahahaha)

Then we decided to get Jim a gift to help him stop smoking, so we got permission from our district leader to go shopping, and we got him grapefruit juice, brownies, suckers, cinnamon mouthwash and a mini scentsy type thing(someone gave it to us, so we're regifting). And right before we went into the store to go shopping Jim cancelled his BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!! We were like NOOOOOOO. Cause this is really important before you can get baptized. And he's supposed to be getting baptized in a week from Saturday hahaha. But its all good. We think we got it all figured out.

So then Saturday night we had the halloween party which was a lot of fun, and a lot of fellowshipping was going on with the part member and less active families! Great times.
We didn't dress up (my comp is such a party pooper). hahaha It was a great little party though. Lots of fun. I took a picture of the Bigelows in their costume so you can see it! They went all out, it was awesome!

Oh and I forgot hahahaha,  one of these days I can't remember which one, the Relief society president called us and said she wanted us to meet somebody. So we went with her to this motel type place, where basically its all people who have been evicted live. And so its this homeless lady and 4 kids living in one bedroom. they have absolutely nothing and they've been living off of hotdogs for the past 2 months. So her friend who is not a member told her to contact the LDS church because we help people in need. So basically this lady just wants help, but our job as missionaries is to bring people closer to Christ. Sister G was all complaining and saying she is using us (which basically she is) But its not our job as missionaries to judge that, its only our job to teach people. So we are going to continue teaching her and maybe she will actually become interested in the gospel. She came to church on Sunday and she loved one of the talks given in sacrament meeting. So I think maybe she could be interrested. Who knows!!!

But ya, it was a good week! And I can't believe its the end of October already!!!! 
OH!!! And i got the package you sent!!!! Thank you so much!! I love it! I think i've looked at the family pictures everyday since I got it. I miss your beautiful faces!!! 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week and know how much I love you!!!!!!!

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