Thursday, 24 October 2013

Two Baptism Dates for November!! Yahoo!

Wow! What a week
So these past couple weeks have flown by, which has been great!
Monday was p-day (always fun) We played ScatterBall with our zone which is basically dodgeball, but with no teams. It was super fun! Then shopping groceries and all that good stuff. We were supposed to have an appointment with Jonathon and Mirta, but they cancelled. So that was sad.
Tuesday was great! we set up a 10am appointment with Jim and Brother Hinds house, and it went great! Jim was so prepared! He brought his book of mormon, and his bible and a notebook to take notes. It was awesome. We taught him all about the Restoration, and included the Word of Wisdom in it because he has a smoking problem. Jim was so excited to learn all of these things and they made so much sense to him. Then we decided to bike  the rest of the day, which was a lot of fun. Sister Gutierrez thinks that I am so mean, but basically I am always just trying to make sure she doesn't die. HAHA she was taught how to ride a bike, but no body told her rules of the road.. apparently they dont have stop signs, street lights, or anything in Mexico.... which is funny cause I've been to Mexico and have seen all of those things.... BUT whatever hahaha The rest of the day we just went and visited a few other people. It was good.

Wednesday! We decided to fast again on Wednesday, hahah when we decided to fast I was like OH MY GOSH why did we decide to do this again!? haahah I was so hungry. But it ended up giving us so many blessings later in the week. We taught Carly Ann this day, and we really emphasized to her the importance of enduring to the end. That it doesn't stop after baptism, and that she is becoming a member of this church and there are lots of things that that includes. We had dinner at the Bishops house that night, which was delicious (I don't know if its because I was ending my fast, or because it really was so good). It seems like everything that people feed us here is right out of their gardens! Its great! And then haha they do this funny thing where they make every set of missionaries sing a hymn for them. No piano, just singing lol. So we sang Called to Serve... and the Spanish called to serve has 4 verses? So we sang 2 in english and 2 in spanish. Hahahah wowza. Oh ya, earlier in the day we had our district meeting, which was good.  But ya it was a fun district meeting.

Thursday ahahahah. Okay mom, if you ever have to plan a relief society activity and no body shows up don't feel bad. Hahaha there was a relief society lunch at noon. And the only people that showed up was the relief society presidency, me and sister gutierrez, and 1 other lady(who I found out on sunday was the NEW relief society preisdent haha they released them all) But ya it was kind of sad but it was still fun for us. We did a little tracting this day and it was actually a good experience! People were really nice to us, and we gave out a couple Book of Mormons and got some people to contact. So we will see what comes of that. Then we were supposed to have an appointment with Jonathon and Mirta.... they had people over from out of town, so they had to cancel. We are starting to lose hope on them because they keep cancelling. They seemed so promising though. Then we visited a few more people.

Then Friday was different than how any other friday should be. Usually we do Weekly Planning from like 10-3. BUT we planned a lesson with Jim at 10am (it seems like the only time that works for him haha) So we went to Brother Hinds house and taught the lesson. . We were just planning on teaching the first half of the Plan of Salvation, but we ended up teaching the whole thing.  So then we were supposed to have an appointment with this lady named Julie, but she was sick and had to cancel.
Then we started our weekly planing. Hahah It was a great weekly planing. It took forever! Because we actually had things to plan for! It was so awesome! Its really exciting having people with baptism dates!
Oh ya Jim has a date for November 2! And Carlys is supposed to be Nov. 9 (my b-day :D) But we have to change it to Nov. 16 cause she can't come to church next week.
So ya weekly planning was good.
Saturday was also great, we met this girl at stake conference who had been home from her mission for 2 days and wanted to come out with us! So she came out with us for like 3 hours hahah. It was so good. And we went and saw these CRAZY people (like by far the craziest i've met so far) that we met while tracting, and turns out she is related to them!!! haahahh. Oh so funny. The man is her grandpas brother or something like that. But ya she was getting so frustrated and me and Sister Gutierrez were just kind of chillin ahahah. It was hilar. But ya, these people make me so mad, they don't believe in a literal second coming.... they say christ has already come and he lives in their hearts? And they think the Book of Mormon is balogne, but they refuse to read it. I just didn't say anything after a while because they made me so frustrated. We went and saw a couple other people with this girl, and ya hahah. Then we took her home and did our thing. Then we had dinner with Judy again! haha so fun! And another lady named Judie called us and she made us brownies and gave us some sweet coupons for when we go shopping on p-day ( Judie is LA and has no intentions on ever coming back to  the church, but she loves us and always gives us stuff haha we wish she would come back)
Sunday! We had to go to ward council :'( hahah so dumb. But church was good and get this JIM AND CARLY CAME TO CHURCH!! woohhooo!! it was so exciting! Carly went to primary with a girl she knows from school, and Jim came to Gospel principles.

 After church we did our studies and then went and say this LA lady named Debbie. She is old and just had some foot surgery. And she has got to be the sweetest lady ever. She wants to turn her life around so bad! And she told us she was trying to quit smoking, and we told her we were so proud of her and then she started crying. It was so tender. I love Debbie a lot (I want to set Debbie and Jim our investigator up ;) ) She came to stake conference last week and gave us both a kiss on the cheek! It was so sweet. And she asked us if we would teach her the lessons because she doesn't remember anything and wants to know everything she can. It was so sweet. 

We then had dinner at the Chantrys, and hahah they do this fun thing called the Viking Meal. And apparently they have 5 sons, and whenever the missionaries would come over thigns would get CRAZY and then all of the boys would end up getting grounded after hahaha. So the viking meal is no rules, no manners, no plates, no utensils. hahahaah it was kind of fun. We just ate right off of the table. Obviously things weren't so crazy with sister missionaries, but apparently things get thrown across the room when they've got elders and their sons there hahaha. It was funny. Its a cute idea. Then we visited a few other people. And we saw this Part Member Family/ Less Active family and I wish they would come to church! They are so great! But they are planing on coming to the Halloween Party!! Which is great because we've been inviting EVERYONE hahahaha!! Its great! The Halloween Party is this Saturday and we're expecting a lot of people!!! It will be fun!
But ya it was a good week! We are really excited about Jim and Carly!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!
But ya, I hope everyone is doing good at home :) I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!

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