Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Riding a Bike is Actually Fun!!

Hello Family!!
I love you all so much! Thanks for all of the e-mails :) It made my ENTIRE day!!
This week was much better, even though things have kind of been sucking in the missionary department. We had 3 investigators we were feeling really good about.
Jim, Carly-Ann and Stacey.
We have had members available to come to our lessons with Jim, but he bailed 2 times in one week :'( Then we invited him to conference and he said he was too tired.
Stacey we thought things were going great with! She seemed really interested in the Book of Mormon, but we went to her house for our appointment on Thursday and she had forgotten about it and was too busy :'(. So we rescheduled for Monday(tonight) and then she texted us and said she wanted to read the book of mormon on her own before meeting with us again :'(. We are choosing to see that as a good thing, and that she is taking it seriously. wahhhhh.
And then Carly Ann is 11.... LOL. President Lewis doesn't like us baptizing kids without the support of their parents.
So things aren't looking too good. BUT we got a referral today, and found 3 new potential investigators while tracting.
So you are not even going to believe this, BUT we went and rode our bikes! hahaha 3 days! And get this, it was actually FUN! I'll send a picture as proof because I know you won't believe me. hahaha. It was fun though, but lol my comp had never ridden a bike before coming on the mission, so she was kind of interesting to ride around with... I had to remind her quite a few times that we need to check for cars before crossing the street... ahahahahah. Wow. So many good times. And we had someone yelling at us about exorcisms and holy water, so that was a lot of fun too. hahahaah.
Galt is an interesting little town, apparently even President Lewis said it is a "unique" part of the mission. haahah.
I keep wondering why the heck did I get sent here as my first area?! But I'm deciding to take it as a compliment that President Lewis has faith in me and Sister Gutierrez. Also did I mention that this is  considered a dead area? Oh so its tons of fun.
But I am actually learning to love it. The ward members are so kind, and we've actually met some nice people while going out tracting ahahah.
We received a referral from the elders in the other ward and so we went to check it out and we knocked on the door, a man opened it like 3 inches and then said NOT INTERESTED. We texted the elders after and asked if it was a prank referral. LOL. it was super funny.
Conference was AWESOME. I loved it, especially the Saturday sessions, I was a little more tired on Sunday haha.
But we watched Saturday morning at the Williams (thats who we live with). Then Saturday afternoon at the Trinnamins (They are members who live RIGHT across the street from our investigator Jim) We watched it over there in hopes that Jim would be able to join us but he was too tired.
Then sunday we watched both at the Williams, but inbetween we tried to get Carly and Jim to watch, but neither were home.
Were you guys getting hints about missionary work?? HAHAH I hope you were. It felt good to be a missionary during this conference! We are the largest group of missionaries EVER! how cool is that?? And I'm part of it! I love it!
On Thursday we had Zone Training, our zone leaders taught us a nice lesson about being BELIEVING, BOLD, BAPTIZING California Sacramento Missionaries! It was a really good lesson. Later on Thursday we had interviews with President Lewis. I really love Preisdent and Sister Lewis. They are amazing. 
But this week was good! I loved conference!
Sorry if this is short and not too much info.
But basically all you need to know is that I'm alive and I LOVE YOU!!!!
Remember to work with those missionaries in the ward ;)
They will love you for it!!!

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