Monday, 7 October 2013

I'm Here Ready or Not!?

Hello my dearest family!
Long time no talk eh? Just kidding.
Well it's official, we've arrived in Sacramento!
The plane ride was way too short, and all of a sudden we were here. No time for sleeping or anything. 
Our mission President and his wife were there with the two assistants to pick us up! They are super nice, I love them already! Sister Lewis is adorable. Their son told them how I am related to DeeJay, so they already knew I was coming! It was kind of fun. I am the only missionary who isn't American. Also good times.
We are at the mission home right now, a man came and picked us up and had a nice big trailer for all of our luggage. As we were driving out of the airport we were all like "Oh my gosh, it's so green!" And it looked so beautiful. But our driver quickly informed us, that its only near the airport where it is so nice and green. And sure enough everywhere else is brown.brown.brown. Lol. Soooo that will be weird. We're usually just used to having brown in the winter, and then after. Not around this time. But the weather feels waaaay nice so far. The driver told us there are short summers and winters, and long spring and fall! That sounds perfect to me!
I kept seeing signs that were leading to places in Bens mission. Our missions are SO CLOSE to eachother. So cool!
So since we've been up since 2am we're all exhausted and starving! So luckily they fed us lunch here, and now there are doing little health checks and interviews with us. I met with President Lewis. He seems really nice, but of course it is always kind of intimidating meeting someone so important. 
Sister Lewis told me they've been serving for just over 2 years....! That means that I will probably get a new mission president while I'm out here.... crrrrazy! 
Today we just sort of get situated. We're staying at members houses tonight...! Haha that should be fun. I hope all of the sisters are together, because me and Sister Brown got separated :'( so sad. I will miss her.
Tomorrow is when it all begins! We will meet our trainers, and then bam go from there....! I hope I get a sweet trainer! 
Also sounds like English sisters are on bikes a lot. But they try and make it so everyone can be on bikes and in cars. So I guess that is good hahaha... maybe...
Driving around some of the areas reminded me of North Calgary... if you know what I mean. Lol. We'll see what the rest of the mission looks like.
Also we had to sign this banner that said "We are BOLD, something(I forgot what the other word is), BAPTIZING California Sacramento Missionaries!" Hahah lets hope so!
Well I Love you all SO MUCH!
Keep writing me letters :)
I LOOOOVED hearing your voices today! It was such a treat! Can't wait to hear from you on my next P-day!!!!! And i'll update you on whatever real life mission life is like.


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