Monday, 7 October 2013

First Week in Sacramento

Hello Family!!
So I survived my first week in the mission field!
After we emailed you that day we got to stay in a members house, and I was with this girl (she was just a temporary companion, but I missed Sister Brown :'(... lol oh well.) We went to bed early cause we knew we had a big day coming up.
So the lady we stayed with took us to the Mission Office, we then had a little class on some rules and stuff like that, lots of car/ biking rules/ and how not to be depressed on the mission LOOOL.
Then we all line up and walk into the chapel, and all of the other missionaries are singing to us "Called to Serve" It was pretty cool!
Then President Lewis called us up one by one and told us where we would be serving! 
I am serving in the Galt 1st Ward. My companion is Sister Gutierrez!
So then we grabbed all of my stuff (my beautiful shining bike and loads of luggage) And headed to Galt. It was about an hour and a half away from where the mission office is.
So we were driving to Galt with Me, Sister Gutierrez and this girl Sister Bishop. 
So get this hahaahah
Sister Bishop was Sister gutierrez's companion last transfer, and she would have been leaving normally except.
The whole house was being sprayed for BED BUGS. I was thinking "Oh my gosh where the heck am I going to be living?!?!"
So we get to the house and it was literally 140degrees because they were doing the heat treatment for the bed bugs. So I couldn't unpack my things, and Sister Bishop had to wait until the heat treatment was done before she could take her things.
So turns out they had bed bugs pretty bad. But the mattresses have been replaced and the treatments have been done, so so far no problems.
The house we are staying at is actually really really nice. I was super surprised! Our room is also HUGE and we have a way nice bathroom! I was so excited to not be living in a dump! (Im guessing they got the bed bugs from stopping at a random house and sitting on the couch... So now I am super paranoyed that I am going to get bed bugs.... but hopefully I will not. Sister G has like scars and stuff)
So my first night we went and taught a girl named Carly Ann, she is 11 years old lol. But she is interested in religion, Sister G taught basically all of it, but I tried to add in a little bit.
Oh to tell you a bit about Siter G, she is 28, literally from Mexico City and has been on the mission about 6 months. At first I was feeling like what the heck, why did I get the companion who can't speak english?! But I am learning to love her. Sometimes it is really frustrating because I have no idea what she is saying or talking about, and a lot of times the people we teach have no idea what she is talking about either. LOL. But she is super super nice.e
So basically I am learning that missionary work is a whole lot of awkward conversations, and talking to people who really don't want to talk to you.
Apparently this area was super dead before Sister G got here, but she is missionary work crrrrraaaazy and has been finding people.
So basically we just knock on less active, or part members families doors and hope they will let us in and talk to them.
Sister G doesn't want to be friends with anyone. She only wants to talk about the gospel. WHICH I understand is our purpose, but you also need to befriend people in order for them to trust you. So it has been kind of frustrating, because she doesn't let us go stop by members homes, only less active or part member. And I want to get to know the ward and become friends with the people.
But whatever......!!!!
We have a few "investigators" I don't actually think they are that interested, but I think maybe I need to have more faith.
Jim: an older man who got super sick and almost died. 
Carly Ann: 11 year old girl who is interested in learning about religion
Ray: older man who is a smoker and has had a really really hard life.
Stacey: Really really nice lady. Has a daughter.
Anna: We went to see her and her face was all bruised because she had gotten into a fight the day before. Used to be on drugs, and her children got taken away from her.

The people we are staying with are AWESOME.

Last night when we got home I was talking to them and get this! You know that watch I ordered for my mission? Feral Watches. Its the lady we lives with son-in-laws Sisters business! So cool! So me and Sister williams (the lady I live with) were wearing the exact same watch! So she is gunna see if she can get us some sweet discounts! I would love that! And Ben you'll love this! Brother Williams works for APPLE! So cool right?? There house is beautiful! and hahaha we live in the MIDDLE of wine vineyards ( oh ya I forgot to mention, if you went and looked at my mission map from the packet my misson president sent I am in the LODI stake, which is super huge. So I am in the middle of the country.) So ya anyways, there is a giant poodle that lives with us haahha he is funny and luckily doesn't shed, and they have 2 goats hahaahahah I almost died laughing when I saw the goats, and they've got some cats. Its kind of hilarious.

It was fun meeting people at church yesterday,its also fun when people ask where me and Sister G are from because I say "I'm from the north and She's from the south and we met in the middle!" hahaah it's a good time.

Anyways, I don't know what I was expecting missionary work to be like, but whatever I was expecting, this is COMPLETELY different! Its a lot of going around and hoping people will listen to you.

Oh and I know what you're all wondering.... am I in a car or on a bike?? Welllll......! I'm in a car! Hahaha, and since my companion is from Mexico, I am the driver! Crazy stuff right? 

Sorry this email is so crazy and all over the place, its super hard to remember everything that has happened though, and nothign too exciting has happened yet. 

None of our investigators are too serious or anything, so we've only taught like 1 actual lesson.

But it has been a good time.

It's going to take a lot of adjusting.



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