Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fasting Really Works!!

Hello Family!
This was an awesome week. So many great things happened, many small miracles!
Before I tell about my week though I have to give some advice: NEVER go to a mexican dentist. hahahaah My companion is a dentist in mexico, and we've been running around last week and the week before to different dentists because she needs a ROOT CANAL. Lol It was because she was going to get braces before coming on the mission, and somehow it ended up giving her a big cavity and then she didn't want the root canal before she came out so she just had them fill it, and NOW she needs a root canal. So never got to a mexican dentist. 
So Tuesday we were running around doing a lot of dentist stuff and then we went tracting and visited a few more people and it was just a good day. We've been working hard for our area trying to find people who are prepared and ready to receive the gospel. And haha we were just joking around about wanting to find an old woman/man as our next investigator, cause we figured they would be perfect to receive the gospel. So anyways later that day we got a REFERRAL! Woohoo! And it was someone named Zach and they lived in a care home! We were like OH MY GOSH! Our perfect investigator. So we go to find this Zach referral, and so turns out the care home wasn't like an old folks home.... it is a care home for disabled people...! SO now our task is discovering if Zach is accountable or not. We've tried to stop by 2 more times with our ward mission leader to get a second opinion, but he hasn't been home. And he doesn't have a phone so we can't call him. So ya, we're not too sure if Zach is actually going to be an investigator or not.
On Wednesday we had our district meeting, and it was so good! Our district leader is awesome, so inspired. We talked a lot about how we can improve our areas and make our district stronger, and how sometimes the best thing we can do is bear our testimony, no one can tell us our testimony is wrong, they might not agree but they can't tell us we are wrong. Then we had to go to the dentist AGAIN hahaha, Then we came home and visited some people and had our lesson with Carly Ann (she is the 11 year old) We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! woohoo! But now we need her family on board, we need them to realize that its not just getting baptized, but she is becoming a member of our church. So we have got a family to fellowship her and help invite her to church and to YW ( her birthday is nov 11 so we figured we might as well get her started on going to yw cause she is SO mature) So we're excited about Carly Ann, but we really need her parents to be able to support her.
Thursday was just a good day full of lots of visiting people and teaching little lessons. We also did service for this old lady named Rosemary. There was some crazy windy days last week and so the palm tree in her backyard made a huge mess and there were branches and leaves everywhere. So she is too old to clean that up so we offered. And we invited the elders to help us clean. Haha it was a lot of fun, and it felt so weird to wear pants. hahahah Rosemary isn't a member, but she is the sweetest old lady ever, and she has a neighbour who is a member, and apparently she went and asked him if us sister missionaries were actually legit or not hahahaah. oh man, silly rosemary. She wanted to know how she could thank uus, and we said she didn't need to, but if she really wanted to thank us she'd let us come back to her house and teach her a lesson hahaahah so we are going to teach rosemary a lesson... lol about the gospel
Friday we were fasting. It was weekly planning and so it felt like the longest day ever hahaha. BUT fasting works! These are where our small miracles came. We got 2 new investigators and just had a really good day. HAHA our one new investigator is actually CRAZY. she was a referrral from the elders and hahahah this is her story, She doesn't believe in God because He killed her soulmate, and you are probably thinking oh that is so sad, her husband died.... ya not the case..... she believe her soulmate was her CAT hahahahah. So her cat died and she is so heartbroken that their couldn't possible be a God. But she does believe in a higher power (aka God, she just isn't giving him a name hahaha) And she believes in afterlife. Soooo.... we are going to work with her, and help her to know she can be with her soulmate again..... hahaahahah. Good times.
And the other new investigator is the old guy (he was actually a former investigator from like 2009) and haha he let us in because he thought I was his granddaughter. Then we were talking to him ahahahhaha and on his table he had cigarettes, beer and chewing tabacco. hahahaha so funny. He told us we weren't getting anywhere near heaven with our book of mormon, and that really upset me so I told him that we were and that the book of mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and bore my testimony and everything. hahah then he agreed to read the book of mormon and let us stop by again. hahahaah It was good times.
Then to break our fast we went to Dennys with JUDY she is my favourite old lady ever. She is a really recent convert and is just awesome ( and crazy hahahaah) I love her though. So we got to order anything we wanted, and then we played the crane game!! And Sister gutierrez won 4 stuffed animals! hahaahhaha it was hilarious! And so fun! Judy is great.
Saturday we went on exchanges, so I was in Lodi with Sister Olephant. It was fun. We taught an old guy, then went and saw this lady who is 97 years old!!! And she is still going strong! Its insane! Shes not a member, but her daughter is and her daughter (who is 70 lol) has a 5 page patriarchal blessing, and it says she is going to live a LONG life hahahaah. So I think she will probably be as old as her mom. But ya they have family members who have lived to be like 114. Something in their gene pool!! Its crazy!
Then we had Stake conference so we went to the adult session, which was awesome and was all about missionary work! We loved it. President and Sister Lewis spoke!! I love them so much. Sister Lewis is only 5"1 too!! she always wears heels so I didn't realize we were the same height! It was great!
Then sunday we had Stake conference, which was a little less intersting ahahahah. It was about primiary and youth and bla bla bla stuff missionaries don't care about hahaha. No jk, but it was still good.
We went and visited Jim (he is one of our investigators) and we brought the ward mission leader, and they became best friends!! woohoo!! perfect fellowshipping! And we've got an appointment tuesday morning. And Jim is so excited to have a brand new start and focus his life completely on Christ.
Oh and auntie Kirsten and the Campbells sent me a package!!!! It was such a pleasant surprise! I wrote them a letter to say thanks, but just in case it doesn't make it there, please pass on how thankful I am and that I love them!!
So ya it was a great week!!!!! Our goal is to make a Galt STAKE! hahaha jk, but thats what we tell all of the members hahaha. Good times. 
Well I love you all! thanks so much for your emails!!
I AM SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU! You are amazing and I love you!

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