Monday, 23 September 2013

Greetings from the MTC

Well I've survived a week of my mission! And let me tell you, it has felt a lot longer than a week... BUT in a goo way!! We have been learning sooooo much! It is awesome.
My companions name is Sister Brown, and she is from Utah. We get along really well and are perfect for each other as companions. I'm so thankful I got an awesome companion.
Our district (which I have no learned mom, is the small one, zone is the bigger one) is GREAT! There are only 8 of us, and it is just 4 sisters and 4 elders. All of the elders are 18 and fresh out of highschool. We have A LOT of fun together!
Getting on the airplane and saying goodbye to everyone was definitely the hardest part of this whole experience so far. I'm so so so so thankful for all of the love you all showed me, and supported me in going even though it was such a hard thing to do. I'm already learning so much and I KNOW its a good thing I got on the plane and I am serving a mission.
After Richelle dropped me off (tell her thanks again for me please!!! she really helped to ease my nerves) they didn't give us any time to think. It was boom boom boom here is your name tag, here is your room, go here, get on this bus. It was CRAAZY. So I didn't even have time to think about anything. Everyone was so nice, and the elders all helped us with our suitcases. ( LOL mine broke already.... it should be fine though)
Then after getting all my stuff in my room they took us to our classroom.
Oh by the way. Since there are so many missionaries right now, I'm not in the ACTUAL MTC. We on the "West Campus" So it is just a bunch of apartments that they bought from BYU. So haha I have no idea what the Main Campus looks like. But apparently our apartments are way nicer, and there are no "tree of life" showers. So i'm PRETTY THANKFUL about that!! LOOOOL
But Ya things have been great! They just throw us in the water!
Our first night we went to the "Teaching Experience" Which is where they have "investigators" and we have to try teaching them as a huge group. Basically it is just to scare us, but WHY would they want to scare us? Hahaha but it worked. But now we are already teaching and learning so much.
We teach our teachers, and they just act as someone else, and they are acting as someone who they taught from their mission, or someone they know from back home. Its really funny though cause they stay exactly in character. So sometimes its hard to think of them as the other person. Our investigators name is Clark. We have taught him a few lessons and he has already accepted the challenge to be baptized.... WOOHOO!! We love Clark! 
There is also this thing called the TRC... I don't really know what it stands for... Training Resource Center? who knows. But they have PAID ACTORS who act as investigators. So we teach them. Our investigators name is George ( HOR-HAY). He has a really really really rough past, but we've only met with him twice and he already is reading the book of mormon, and is going to try praying. It is REALLY exciting! I honestly didn't think that missionary work would be like so exciting, BUT IT IS!!! Its cool beacause we actually sincerely care and love for George(hor-hay) and want the best for him. Its seriously really amazing. He has so much doubt and sorrow in his life and we want him to know that God loves him! 
Sunday in the MTC was fun. It was nice to have a break from classes and be able to breath hahaha. We got to listen to the spoken word, and go to church. Our branch presidency told us to have talks prepared for sacrament cause he was randomly going to call on us to speak. LUCKILY i didn't get chosen haha. What a relief. In the evening we had a fireside and oh man.... The woman who spoke... it was brutal, I felt really bad for her. But her husbands was cool cause he didn't really speak he just showed us clips from this Pioneer movie called Ephraim Hanks. It looks really good. LOL there was a kissing scene and everyone was like OOOOOOOOOOOO. It was funny because we are surrounded by crazy 18 and 19 year old boys. LOL they are so crazy.
K remember how Elder Coleman and Elder Nicholson told us how that one elder was like "I have something better than a testimony I am converted" HAHA, well we totally know where he got that from. On sunday they showed us this talk by President Bednar which was given in the MTC on Christmas a few years ago. It was good that they show it in the MTC now. It talks all about the Character of Christ and how we need to become converted. But I don't think that Elder got it.... haha it is a little bit more of a process.
Last night we had DEVOOOOO. It was at the Marriot center ( HAHA one of the elders in my district thought that we were going to the Marriot hotel when they said that's where we were going. hahaha so funny). The marriot center is on BYU campus where they play basketball games.
It was Elder Gregory A. Schwitzer from the Seventy. Him and his wife spoke and they gave really good talks. They were advice on how to become better missionaries.

Thank you SO MUCH for the LETTERS!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Thank you for all of your love and support!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you posted on when P-day is in CALIFORNIA, but for now I have no clue.
Wish me luck!!!


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