Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Me and Sister Gutierrez before Lloyd's Baptism!

Sister G, Lloyd and Me!


"The Gospel Changes Lives"

Hahah thought I'd start out with something different!
Well this was a good week. All weeks are good weeks I guess! But ya soooo
On Tuesday we had a lesson with Lloyd, we watched the movie Finding Faith in Christ. It was really good. Lloyd even teared up a bit. I could tell everyone was feeling the spirit, so that was great. I was feeling it, and for some reason in that moment it just became so clear to me that Jesus Christ made such a huge sacrifice! He really was here and really died for us. Its amazing to think about. We are all so blessed. After we had our lesson we had some HOT chili hahaha. We were at the Bigelows and his sister made it. Hahah Bro Bigelow was coughing it was pretty funny. After that we went to the library and did some mormon.org time hahaha aka we just went and creeped all the other missionaries in our zone. It was kind of funny seeing everyones pictures and stuff. Also, I could see the missionaries who are serving in our stake at home too! hahaah after that we decided to go visit the lady who we did service for one time. She wasn't home, but we ended up talking to her mom for a while lol. She was just some old baptist lady. It was impossible to keep her on topic of the gospel lol. Then we went to visit this lady named Julie whose husband is a member, but totally inactive. And Julie is really nice and actually agreed to have us come back on tuesday for a lesson! Turns out she didn't even know what the book of mormon was, so missionaries have been visiting her for ages, but no one had ever given her a book of mormon! so we're excited about that! Then that night after visiting some other people the spanish elders called us and told us something really exciting! They went to visit the lady we met in Thornton, and now her and her son are scheduled to be baptized on December 28! So thats super crazy and exciting!
Wednesday we started our day with our studies then we went to Lodi to get the brake and signal light changed on the car! The guy at the dealership did it for FREE! wow people are so nice to missionaries! haha we don't even know if he was a member or what, but he just said we were good to go! So that was so nice! Then we planned to have daily contact with Lloyd this whole week so we stopped by and gave him some fudge and read a story from the ensign, and then gave him the ensign to keep! Then we were supposed to have dinner with this part member family, but they cancelled :'( but they rescheduled for a lesson on friday. This is a super interesting family. The wife, Michelle is a member, but hasn't been to church since she was a teenager, and her husband is not a member. But they just had a baby, so they want to find a church to raise her in! So they are "investigating" even though shes a member. Hahah. they are reeeeeeally nice! Then carly also cancelled her lesson for that night. sad day. We went tracting  this day and haha it was actually a really interesting day. We met a Hindu man who was telling us allll about his beliefs and then every time he said Jesus he would say "Geejus" hahahah it was so funny. Ya so good luck ever converting a hindu! lol. Then we went and taught Karma, and she is just the smartest  little girl ever!
Thursday we had zone training! This was good, it was all about how we need to become really effective planners. When we got home my other package was there!! Woohooo! Loved it! Thanks mom and dad! And Darren for the adorable ornament hahahaha loved it! Also I can't wait to put the toilet seat cover on! HAHA so funny! love it! Then we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Bellvilles. We talked about the priesthood. It was a good lesson. We think Lloyd is really understanding and gaining a testimony of the priesthood after he got the blessing to help him stop smoking! After our lesson we had a voicemail from President Lewis and he told us he is going to try and do as little amount of transfers as possible! So chances are good that SisG is staying! I was pretty sure I was going to, but now we will probably both be here!
Friday was weekly planning. Which is now getting hard because we don't have any investigators.... i guess we can't complain though cause the reason we don't have that many is because they keep getting baptized :) ahaha. On wednesday we scheduled to have Carlys baptismal interview on this day, and she texted us and told us she couldn't. But we pretended we didn't see the text and showed up anyways hahaha. So then the elders came and she had her interview! Now she is all set for baptism except for she doesn't have a date planned yet....! gahhhh that's the easiest part lol. After that we went to have our lesson with Michelle and Jason (the pmf from above) It actually went pretty good. We taught the restoration but really focused about how it can  bless families! It was good. After that we had our ward Christmas Party! hahah it was kind of funny. My favourite part was the song that someone made. It was a gospel version of the 12 days of christmas. So each table had a different day and we would shout out our parts! It went:
On the 12th day of Christmas the Prophet gave to me:
12 apostles preachin'
11 Witnesses
10 Percent Tithing
9 Crafts to finish
8 Year old Baptisms
7th day as sabbath
6 Be's from Hinckley
5 golden plates
4 Standard works
3 sunday meetings
2 years on a mission
And my ancestors on a family tree.
Hahahah so it was very cute and a lot of fun! Ohhh and while we were there we saw Jim arrive but we didn't know where he went so we figured he went home, but then we saw him helping in the kitchen!! soooo great to see! He has really just dived in! It is great :)
Saturday was exciting! It was Lloyds baptism!!! woohooo! The day finally came! It was really nice! Great talks on baptism and on the holy ghost, it only took one dunk! annnnd him and the bishop both fit in the font! haha woohoo! It was really nice! Lloyd was really nervous before hand, but then it was all good!
Sunday was also a good day and guess what! There was frost on the car! haha i had to give my comp a lesson on how to scrape all of the frost off... and a lesson on how you need to scrape everything off or you can't see....lol. good times.....! Then Lloyd got confirmed! yayayay! He is officially a member of the church! very exciting! We are so happy for him! I can see the huge change thats happened in him since taking the lessons. Its really amazing! The gospel changes lives! yayaya! Then we went and visited some people, and its getting really hard to contact people, because no one will stand and talk to us on their doorstep cause it is too cold for them! And we can't go inside their homes unless there is a woman in the house! so i don't know how we are going to find new investigators and haha i've been thinking of all the missionaries back home...! I have no idea how they find new people or contact them lol. Its gotta be hard annnnd COLD! But ya in the evening we went and watched the Christmas Devotional hahahha it was really funny, they said they were broadcasting it at the stake center, so we figured a lot of people would be there but nope, it was literally just me and Sister G and the Lodi sisters. hahahahah great turn out. It was funny! But I really liked it! Russell M Nelsons was quite the production! hahahaha it was cute though! The song with all the kids was adorable! He looked like Mr Rogers with all the kids sitting around him singing to him! hahah very adorable!!!
Well This week we get to go the temple!! yayayayyyy! On wednesday! I'm very excited! We're also having some kind of Christmas party thing! It's all day, it's going to be a lot of fun! :)
Well anyways I will close here for now!
OH but you gotta tell Grandma thank you SOOO much for sending me the Campbell Chronicle! I loved it! And you gotta tell Grandpa he did a great job! It was a lot of fun reading about everybody! Hahaha the picture of Derek and one of the schlenkers at the parade made me laugh! hahahah! But it was really great to get a update of the year :)
WELL I love you so much!!!!!!
Sister Lacusta :)

"Wheres the Happy At?"

WOW! It feels like we just talked.... emailed ;) haaha. Isn't this great!
Well not a lot has happened since my last email But I will still update you!
Thursday was Thanksgiving, so we had the whoooole day for pday! We were so excited but then it ended up not being so great ahahah... we wanted to go shopping, but all of the stores were closed? It was so weird. So we ended up just going to walmart grabbing a few small groceries and then taking a nap! Haha so no complaints I guess! The Williams (the members who we live with) whole family was in town so it was a full house! They were having a thanksgiving dinner and playing together as a family! It felt being there cause we're not related.... we just live there hahaha. So it was kind of funny. Then we went to the Johnsons (who is the bishop) for thanksgiving dinner! Wow haha I honestly didn't even eat that much but i was stuuuuffed. I had to just sit there for a while and let it all sink in haahah. There were 9 different desserts and SisG tried a little bit of every dessert hahahahaha. Oh wow, so funny. Then we just kind of hung out at their house for a while, and actually neighbour to the Johnsons is Judie L, who is a less active sister. We went and visited her because we knew she was all alone. So we went and sang a hymn to her! Then haha oh ya I forgot, so at the Bishops there is this old old old lady (she is like 94 or something) who lives there. Her name is Bea, so anyways Bea was sick and super contagious so she was quarantined to her room. hahaha so we went to say hi (from the doorway) and we were like "Hi Bea! Happy Thanksgiving!" and she says " WHERES THE HAPPY AT?!?!?" hahaahahahahah oh my gosh. It was so sad it was funny! She was sooooo grumpy because she couldn't come out for thanksgiving. Maybe you had to be there, but whenever something bad happens me and SisG say "WHERES THE HAPPY AT?!" hahahahah then we laaaaaugh. good times! So it was a good thanksgiving day!
Friday was weekly planning! We usually plan separately for all of our investigators, and we were like "Oh! we don't need to plan for Lloyd because he is getting baptized!" Then like 20 minutes later we got a call from Lloyd. We said Lloyd how are you? He said "not good" We asked what was wrong, and he told us he smoked that morning!!!! Oh noooo! we were shocked! It was the last thing we were expecting! So we told him not to worry and we could come over. So we went to see Lloyd and told him that everything was okay, We told him we loved him, Heavenly Father loves him and that he could still get baptized but that we have to move it a week. So he was sad, but he was feeling better. Then we came back home and called a lot of people and told them we were rescheduling Lloyds baptism. Surprisingly no one asked why. So that was good! But it is scheduled for the 7th at 2pm! We are excited!  Then we visited more people and did more missionary things and had dinner at the relief society presidents house. Then at 6! We actually managed to kind of have a lesson with Carly! our 12 year old investigator. Haha what we did was watch "The Testaments" which is a grrreat movie that takes place in the book of mormon time. So we watched that and had popcorn haha it was good. Its really an amazing movie. When Jesus Christ comes (ooo spoiler sorry haha jk) the spirit is sooooo strong! It was just like wow! So if you guys get a chance you should watch it! If you don't have a copy, just ask the missionaries! haha :)

Saturday, well saturdays are usually horrible. hahah but this saturday was actually surprisingly great! Jim went to the temple with the ward and did baptisms for the dead! How awesome is that?? :D We were sooo happy for him! And you'll never guess what! YOUR PACKAGE FINALLY CAME!!! Woohooo! I was in SHOCK. Hahah i had called on friday and they said it should be arriving, but it seemed too good to be true. But sure enough! It came! WOW thank you so much! I am sooooo spoiled! Everything was just perfect!!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and spoiling me so much! That gps is just wow. I'm speachless! Its amazing! And so high tech! And so personalized! :D I love it! And all the goodies! And the socks and everything! I just feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you so much!! So after I opened and saw my package and was in shock we went to Thornton. hahaha now I don't know if I've ever mentioned Thornton before, but it's this small town that is in our area. It takes about 25 minutes to drive there or something, and k I thought Galt was small, but Thornton is just wow, I don't know why anyone would voluntarily live there. It looks like one of those scary small towns that you see in scary movies. Where everything just stares at you as you drive by and where everyone is crazy hahaha. So we went to Thornton, and it was actually pretty successful! Which is super surprising! SisG taught this lady (all in spanish) and she is actually pretty interested! So we got a referral for the elders! And it was cool I was actually like understanding bits and pieces of what she taught. Haha i could tell she taught basically the whole restoration, about Christ coming to the americas and about the Plan of Salvation. After we got in the car I asked her if that was what she taught, and it was!! Wow maybe I have the gift of tongues. hahaha jk. I know I don't. But it was good. Then we went and visited a few less active people and then went back to Galt. We had dinner with the Huston family. Wow. The talk sooo much. It was exhausting. They started tell us all of their problems. hahah for some reason a lot of people think that missionaries are therapists. And let me tell you we are not! We are just normal people but we wear a name tag. hahahaha (which reminds me whenever we go shopping people always ask us if we work there hahahaahah Its like umm no sir, sorry I work for Jesus Christ!) Ohhhhhh and I just rememberd, Judie L the lady we visited on Thanksgiving called us today and said, can you guys come over sometime today? So we went over and she had bought us jackets!!!! How nice is that?!?! Wow, we were just so shocked. People really really treat us so nicely!
Sunday was a good sunday! Church was great! hahah its so funny, it feels like we are celebrities at church or something hahah everyone is saying hi to us and hugging us and wanting to talk to us! Haha it's so great! It was an awesome fast and testimony meeting! Lloyd came to church and we sat with him, and he actually teared up during a little boys testimony :'( so tender. Then we had dinner with Peggy Munn. She is so sweet (we had to call her and ask because no one had signed up for that day... haha probably because we just passed it around yesterday... ooops) But she said yes! It was a lot of fun. Then we went to visit the Trinnaman family, which is Karmas family. I'm not sure if I ever told you about Karma. She is 8 and the only thing she wants is to be baptized! She is sooo smart and knows just about everything you could! Her mom is not a member, and her dad is less active, but they live at the grandparents who are totally active. So we visited them and it was a gong show hahahaha. There is the brother named Jared who is 7 and we were just visited at first and then he cuts in and says " WHY AREN'T YOU TALKING ABOUT JESUS AND GOD?" hahahahahahaha it was so funny! So he knows what missionaries do! Which is great hahaha. We wish more people knew what missionaries were there for. So we shared a scripture (Helaman 5:12) cause Jared wanted us to, and then it turned into the whole room singing the wise man and the foolish man! hahaha it was so funny! Then we went to visit a few less active people then came home. Oh and by the way mom, I gave Judy the present and she loved it :) She said she is going to write you a thank you note! so then I'll email it to you! She was soooo happy and really loved it!
This week I really realized how glad I am here on my mission. Seeing other peoples worries and their problems, and they just seemed so small and didn't seem important. The Williams son had his girlfriend over and they were being soooo crrrazy and lovey dovey, and it was just like ya, wow, thats not what my focus is right now haha! I'm supposed to be here serving my mission! And even though its hard, it is good, I am learning A LOT. and hopefully helping some people too ;) hahaha. But ya, me and SisG just talked about that a lot how we are so glad we are here serving our missions, and how we are so happy to be doing the Lords work! And sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to, but then we remember this is the Lords work, not ours! So it is all good!!

WELL I love you so much!!!! STAY WARRRRM!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Lloyds Baptism is coming up!

WOW! It feels like it has been FOREVER!
How are you all? I hope everyone is doing well!
We had a good week and a half. Lots of exciting things happened!
Last Tuesday we went on exchanges! We were with the spanish sisters. SisG was in Lodi with sister thomas, and I stayed in Galt with sister pitcher. It was a lot of fun! It was so weird though, I had to make all the plans, and it's really hard to plan the whole day out! But it turned out to be a really good day. First we did all of our studies, then we went and did some service for Sister Cook, haha we were expecting to do yard work or something outside like stacking wood, but we ended up cleaning crabs!! ahhaha it was so funny! The strangest service ever. But it was fun. Then we went to visit a few people and at 3 we met with Jim and Brother Bigelow at the church. (Oh I think last week I told you about how Jim didn't come to church and we were worried, turns out he just was really sick and fell back asleep, but then ended up at the hospital, but all is well now!) At 4 we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Nelsons, we taught the plan of salvation. It went really well! then we had dinner with the duncan family. and hahaha oh man I was telling sister pitcher all about the duncans son. He is less active, and one time when we went to try and visit him he just yelled at us. And then when we show up to dinner, the grumpy son was there! haha it was hilarious! After dinner we went to the yw/ym activity and talked about the importance of testimonies and how important it is to share them. The youth then were writing their testimonies in book of mormons and they are going to give them to their friends. After yw/ym we went home and received a call from Bro.Nelson, and he told us he was talking to Lloyd before we got to the lesson, and Lloyd shared with him that he is medicated for being schitzophrenic. so Bro. Nelson was all concerned, but we know that Lloyd is fine. But still we called our district leader and he said everything was fine because he is accountable and he is safe!
Wednesday we had ZONE CONFERENCE. Wow what a day. So on Monday we had cleaned the car because every zone conference they check how clean the cars are and see if you still get the privilege of having one or not. but it had rained! hahaha so there was no point in cleaning it, but at least we were obedient. So anyways, Elder Baxter of the Seventy was there at our zone conference. WOW. he is super scary! hahah if he wasn't an apostle I don't think I would like him very much... haha shhh don't tell. But anyways he is scottish, bald, and doesn't smile. (Don't be fooled by his picture in the Ensign) So he gave us a lot of council. Hahahah there were sometimes where he had people come up to roll play and then they would be doing their  thing and he would cut them off and say "stop. NEVER do that again. That was horrible" or things like "that is a PITIFUL way to ask for a referral" hahaahahah. He was terrifying! But all in all he gave us a lot of good advice, and new challenges and things to try! I said the closing prayer at this meeting, which was terrifying cause he already told me I spoke too fast. Hahaha. Oh and haha we were told to prepare a 2 minute talk on the doctrine of Christ, and to make 2 copies of it. Elder Baxter then chose 2 of the talks to come up and read theirs. Sister G was like ohhh i don't need to make two copies, I won't get called up. hahahah so she only made one copy and Elder Baxter chose hers! Luckily they put it on the stand for her, or else she wouldn't have had anything. hahah it was funny! It was an exhausting day, I know it was supposed to be motivating, but honestly it just felt like Elder Baxter was telling us we weren't doing anything right. 
Thursday was a super busy day!  We were out contacting so many people and getting so many referrals! We had a lesson with Lloyd, and then we all had lunch with the Bigelows. Hahaha we went to visit this part member family the Rivers and we hadn't met the husband before, but he was there and we finally met him, and he is sooo nice! So we were trying to talk to him and set something up so we could come teach him and his wife, but there was this man named Bill there who was sooooo drunk and kept telling us all his regrets! Hahaha he was like "Joseph Smith is my HEROO" hahaahah it was really funny. But really annoying lol. It was a super productive day though, so it was awesome!
Friday we had  a lesson with Jim at the Bigelows! It ended up just being a really good discussion about being a member of the church and about the priesthood. Jim was talking about how he wished he could have been a member his whole life, but then me, sisG and Brother Bigelow all thought of the exact same parable at the same time! Its the one about the labourers in the field and no matter when they started working they all get paid the same. This really made sense to Jim and it made him feel good that he wasn't missing out on any blessings from being baptized later! It was great. Then we had weekly planing and we were planning Lloyds baptism! wooohooo!  Then we had dinner with Judy at Dennys! hahaha always a good time. We played the crane game and got 5 more stuffed animals! Can you even believe it? haahha 
Saturday was a very unusual day for us! We went to a service project at 8am. We were helping distribute Thanksgiving Baskets, these giant boxes of food that different churches from around the city put together and then donate to families who are less fortunate. It was really organized and fun to help! the people were so thankful! It was great! Then at 12 we had a lesson with Lloyd at the Bishops home, it went really well! Hahahah the bishop offered to Baptize Lloyd  I'll send a picture next week.  Hopefully all goes well on Saturday. Hahaha then after lloyds lesson we went and visited a lot of other people, and then at 4 we had a Temple Tour planned! This is kind of cool! The Crosier family had planned this with Stacey ( remember her from my first couple weeks?) So we all got in the car and drove to the temple. So it takes about an hour to get there, and then the tour is at 6. hahaha sister crosier thought it was at 6:30, so we were running really behind. We were going to eat dinner before, but there wasn't enough time. So we went to the tour, which is just a tour of the ouside, and talks about the different things that can happen inside, and then a little bit about how temples came to be. It was cool, not like super spiritual, but still good. Then  we went for dinner after the tour. 
Sunday was good! Jim got the Aaronic Priesthood!! We were so excited for him! Lloyd and Lisa came to church which was great. In the evening we had fhe with the Curry family (this is a part member family, the husband is a member and the wife isn't...yet! ;) ) and the McFadyens. It was okay..... we were hoping it would have went better. We taught the lesson, and we decided to do the Restoration. We hope the wife wasn't bored! lol
Monday we had Lloyds baptismal interview! yayyy! He is all set for his baptism! woohoo! Then it was a day full of contacting people and wishing it was pday haha. Then in the evening we went and saw Peggy Munn, who is a LA member who is soooo sweet. We really wish she would come back to church! She gave me a pair of earrings! It was so sweet! 
Tuesday was another day of no set appointments, and just a lot of visiting people ( well actually we were supposed to have a lesson with Lisa, but she cancelled... haha not surprised) Hahaha we called Lloyd and i asked him how he was and he said "fat and sassy" hahaahahahah. It was so funny! Oh I love Lloyd, he cracks me up.
Wednesday(yesterday) We had district meeting, it was really good and elder gilray taught us some tips and stuff to help us out with our door approach. Then we went to see some potentials we never met before, and applied everything we learnt! It actually worked out really good! It was great! We've been applying everything we've been taught lately! Its great! Aw, we stopped by our house to grab some book of mormons after, and on our way back this man had a truck full of fruit and it all fell out and spilled all over the road! We pulled over and helped him clean it all up! It was so sad! haha but he was so grateful for our  help! Then we visited some more people, and we went to see Jim but he wasn't there but we ended up talking to his family members for like half an hour! Which is huuuuge because the girl, his niece, haaates mormons! hahaha But we talked to them let them know that we're not that weird, and that Heavenly Father really does love them! It was great!!!!
Now it is today!!! woohoo! Happy american thanksgiving! haha Tonight we have dinner at the bishops house! We are going to be verrrrry well fed! We also have all day pday! So we're pretty excited! woohooo!!!!
WELLL I love you SO MUCH!!!!!!!
I am so THANKFUL for you in my life! 
Keep on keeping on!!!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Challenging Week!!

Wow! What a week. haha I'm pretty sure I say that every week, but it's true every time. This week was really challenging though. A lot of ups and downs! 
Tuesday we had a lesson with Lloyd at the church with Brother Hinds. We followed up on our lesson of the Restoration and showed the restoration dvd. We felt like it would be very important for Lloyd to understand that through Joseph Smith the gospel was restored and that only a man who has been given this authority is a prophet! The lesson went well. Brother Hinds wasn't tooo crazy.
Wednesday was an alright day! We had district meeting at 11:00 which was good, as always. Our district leader Elder Gilray always gives great lessons. This one was about keeping it simple. I feel like this is a problem for a lot of missionaries or a lot of Ward Mission Leaders!!! Haha I feel like SisterG and I have been pretty good at keeping things simple and not over complicating things. The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple. He taught it simply and thats how it should be! there is a quote in preach my gospel, (I dont remember what page) that talks about how we need to teach simply not so that people will understand, but so that there is no room to misunderstand!! I love that and that is how it should be. After district meeting things went down hill....! All of our appointments for the night cancelled. Carly who has never cancelled before cancelled! Then our lesson with Karma got cancelled. And then!! We had a lesson with Beth the next day and she cancelled!!!! It was so sad! We were in shock!! But the silver lining was hahaha we had dinner at the Bishops house.
Thursday. Wow so we thought Wednesday was bad. So we are getting ready in the morning and then Lloyd called us! He said he didn't want to be a mormon anymore!!!! We were shocked!!!! He said that the mormon church was too quiet and he wanted a louder church! So we called Gilray and asked if he had any advice for us hahah. Basically he told us we just needed to go talk to him and find out if that is really his concern, or if there is a real concern and he's not telling us about it. Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Jim that morning (we need to teach lessons still after they have been baptized) We called him and he cancelled on us too! We were so sad!! So all 3 of our appointments that day were cancelled too! We didn't even know what to do with ourselves lol. So we kept driving by Lloyds to see if he was home and if we could talk to him, eventually he was home so we went and talked  to him. We asked him what happened! Then he told us his real concern. Our last lesson we challenged him to stop smoking until our next lesson. You know we were going to try and be more bold because with Jim we weren't bold enough and we ended up having to change his baptismal date. So his real concern was, he had been talking to his brother and his brother told him that if he didn't stop smoking by our next lesson we weren't going to let him get baptized!!! Oh my gosh we felt so bad! Basically Lloyd was just feeling like he wasn't going to be good enough, but we assured him he was! And we said we know quitting smoking will be hard but he could do it!! He also for some reason felt that God wanted him to smoke because, in the olden times they "cleansed temples with fire" so he felt that he was cleansing his body. I said Lloyd something like I think we both know that Heavenly Father just wants us to take care of our bodies because they are such a special gift from him, and we know that smoking is harming them. Joseph Smith received revelation from Heavenly Father called the Word of Wisdom that is a health code to keep our bodies clean and healthy. One of the things we're asked not to do is to smoke or use tobacco. Lloyd then said God is telling me that what you're saying is true. hahaah!! woohoo!! The Spirit strikes again! It was really a good little heart to heart with Lloyd. It made us love him a lot more. Now he isn't just another investigator, he is Lloyd and his needs are important! So we were so happy and relieved that we were able to find out Lloyds real concern and now he is still on track and excited to be baptized!!!! ahaha he called us after our dinner appointment and asked "I need to know what other things I need to take out of my diet" So we set up an appointment for friday to teach the word of wisdom
Friday was weekly planning and then we ended up teaching Lloyd about the word of wisdom with sister Holden. It went so great and LLoyd is so willing to follow the word of wisdom!  Then we taught Lisa the homeless lady with sister holden. Lisa talks soooooooo much! gah.
Then saturday was another crazy day. No set appointments, so that always sucks. We invited Carly-Ann to a baptism that the elders were having, and we invited Karma. So we showed up at the baptism and oh man! there were so many missionaries! It wasn't good. the zone leaders, the elders whose baptism it was, the spanish elders, president and sister lewis and then us!! It didn't look very good. Our investigators didn't end up showing up so we left. So hopefully president and sister lewis don't think we were being lazy!! cause we weren't! 
Sunday I gave a talk in church! haha luckily I had some notice and had time to prepare. I talked mainly about Jesus christ and his atonement and how that is the center or everything, and the reason we do missionary work is so that they can feel the grace that Jesus Christ has provided for us! then i challenged everyone in the ward to talk to their friends, or refer them to us. I liked it. hahaha someone came up to me after and said that wasn't your usual missionary work talk. haahh not sure if that is  a good thing or not! But a lot of people came and said they liked my talk so it couldn't have been that bad!
Well that was our week! Haha we survived! I haven't got your package yet :'( but I got lots of mail! :) I got a letter from Cherish, Grandma, Emily, Echo, Tiffany and an elder from the mtc! It was so great to hear from them all!!!!
Tell Echo she must have been inspired to send me the talk she did because i used it for my talk in sacrament meeting! :)
Well I love you all and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

My Birthday Lunch!!

Package from Emily!!  Love the Sweater

Filling the Font

Jim, Sister Gutierrez and Sister Lacusta

Jim's Baptism

Me and Jim!
Galt Water Tower


Hey everybody!!
Well this was probably my craziest week on the mission!
But it was really great! I loved it all! There was kind of some drama...! who would have thought that there is drama between missionaries!
Haha, well mom I told you this, but k last week on Tuesday we went to the flea market, and on our way out, we saw Jim! So we said hi and talked to him for a bit. The Spanish sisters asked who that was, and we told them it was our investigator who was getting baptized on Saturday. Then one of the sisters said that he was smoking..... Well, no one else saw this. And I'm pretty observant.. So me and Sis G we so concerned!! We were like, are you serious that you saw him smoking? Cause we really wanted to know! Cause I in order to get baptized you have to stop smoking (or any other habits) for a week before baptism. So if he was smoking, we would have had to change his date. So we were like thinking about it all day long and didn't know what to do. We decided that we would call Jim in the morning. So that morning (which was Wednesday) we called Jim and asked how it was going, and how not smoking was going. And he said it was really hard! But haha neither me or Sister G were bold enough to straight up ask him if he had smoked. BUT we decided to pray about it to figure out what we should do! So we said a prayer, and it was super amazing, instantly after we prayed we both felt really calm! We felt like we didn't need to be worried, and that everything was going to be okay! So then after we prayed, we got amormon.org referral!!!! Which was so exciting, and it was a man named Lloyd who said "I want to be baptized at the cross of Jesus' feet" we were like whoaaa!!!! So, we went right away to go meet this referral. So right as we arrive at Lloyds house, the district leader was calling us, so obvi we ignored it, but then he went a text that said "Call me ASAP" 
SO LLOYD. WOW he has had a really really rough life. He started telling us how he tried to baptize himself (?!), tried to make some healing ointment, and all these other things. He really follows the counsil from some online pastors. Anyways, so we got talking with Lloyd, and we invited him to baptized on November 30th! And he said yes! So WOW. Super crazy awesome. And then we invited him to come to Jims baptism on Saturday and to church. And we gave him a book of mormon. And he said something about some healing ointment, so we asked him if he wanted a blessing, and he said yes, so we said we would come back later that day with someone who could give him a blessing.
SO after we left Lloyds, we called Gilray back (our district leader) and turns out, the Spanish sister who "saw" Jim smoking called elder gilray and told him!!? So he was all concerned for us. So we asked him if we could go to their house and talk to them in person. So we went to the elders house and were discussing the whole situation, how we didn't see him smoking, but we're not sure and all of that. ( LOL in the middle of our discussion, we were just standing outside at the elders house, the MAIL MAN started like bible bashing with all 4 of us hahahaha it was so random and funny) So after our conversation we decided that we needed to meet up with Jim that night and figure out for sure if he smoked or not. So we set up an appointment with Jim and the elders for that night. Then we asked the elders if they would give Lloyd a blessing. So they did, and when we got back to Lloyds house he was already done 1 Nephi!! It was amazing!
So then we had the craziest day. We ended up seeing ALL of our progressing investigators haahhah! It was the best! Appointment to appointment to appointment! I LOVE days like that! But then we went to meet with Jim, and long story short, we asked him if he felt prepared and if he had smoked, and he said he felt very prepared and no he hadn't smoked! So the baptism was still on!!! WOOHOOOO MIRACLESSS!!
So i just can't believe the sisters did that.... Theyre not even in our area... let alone the same language as us! So its like they didn't trust our judgement as missionaries. I was super offended! And now they are our sister training leaders.... aweeesome. Lol, but nah its all good. I'm pretty much over it now, I just wanted to give the whole story!
Thursday we had district meeting and a service project! ( I never thought in my whole life I'd be excited about raking leaves!!) hahah Service projects are the best though! Put the missionaries to work at home! haha they'll love it! Don't even feel bad!
And Friday was weekly planning and we taught Lloyd the Restoration lesson! He is going to have a hard time realizing that prophets HAVE to be called of God and need to have proper authority! Not just any ol internet pastor is a prophet!....! haahah so that's going to be a lot of work.
Then SATURDAY! Wow, this was the greatest day! First of all, it was my birthday!! and then! It was Jims BAPTISM! woohoo!! So the day started out great and we decided we wanted to go to the taco truck for lunch! So we ordered our food and stuff, and then i'm taking a big bite out of my burrito and I turn my head and i see The Elders! woohoo! So awwww Sister G secretly invited them to have lunch with us. so nice. Then we went to see some people, but then went home to get some stuff for Jims baptism. When we got home I had a package from EMILY!! (Sorry your guyss isn't here yet! lol) So that was such a nice surprise!! She gave me such a nice gift! Lots of food and candy and the cutest california sweater!! It was so nice!! THEN off to Jims baptism!!! We made the nicest looking programs, set up chairs, filled the font and! We got a large print set of scriptures for Jim, so we wrote our testimonies in the front of it! Then the baptism. It was honestly just perfect!! We were a little worried something was going to go wrong, but it was great! The spirit was SO STRONG! We had this girl named Ayana Smith do the musical number, her and her dad sang Amazing Grace. And it was SO beautiful! Jim even started crying!! :'( so tender!!! But ya it was perfect! then when it was all done we gave Jim his scriptures and he started crying again!! He was so thankful!! It was really great! It was honestly the best thing I could have been doing on my birthday! I'm so thankful I got to be part of Jims baptism and conversion!!! It was so great to be part of! (oh and Lloyd came to the baptism!!!)
Then after Jims baptism the Williams took us out for dinner for my birthday! :) It was a lot of fun! The Williams are honestly the nicest people ever! I love them a lot! We had italian and just had a great time!
Then sunday Jim got confirmed!! It was perfect!!! And remember how I said we wanted to set Judy and Jim up??!?! They were waving at each other when Jim was on the stand! so maybe they've got a little connection!! Maybe next year around this time I'll be attending a sealing!!! ;) hahah jk, but can you imagine? That would be amazing!!
But ya, it was a crazy week! So many things happening, and baptisms are SO exciting!!!!
Now we should be having Lloyds at the end of the month, and Carlys at the beginning of December!! Yayyyy! Hopefully everything goes smoothly :)
Well, those were the main highlights of my week!!
Hope you are all doing great!!
Keep on keeping on!!!

Sister Lacusta :D

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Playing the Harp!

The Circus is "For Sale"

Jim is getting Baptized on my Birthday!!

Playing the Harp!  

Sister Lacusta and Judy at the Sacramento Temple

My new friend Judy!

First Baptism on my Birthday!!

Hey Family!!
It feels like its been FOREVER!
But its just been one day more than usual. hhaha. So ya it was a good week, like usual SO many things happened!
On Tuesday (Moms birthday :) ) We had Jims Baptismal interview scheduled! So exciting right! So we planned to have the lesson at 10 then have his interview right after.... WELL Old Scratch (haha Satan) was working really hard on Jim that day! First, his alarm didn't go off, and he had to drive his niece to Stockton, then on his way back, he ran out of gas, then he realized he didn't have his wallet! So he had to call someone to come bring him money and to help with gas, and then after he got gas, his car had died so it woouldn't start!!!! Everything and anything happened to him! It was crazy! So anyways, he didn't end up getting to brother hinds house until like 12:40 HAAH. So by the time we were done everything we had been there for FOUR hours!! It was crazy. We had a really good little short lesson though AND he passed his interview!! woohooo! We ended up rescheduling his lesson for November 9! :) So its exciting!
I'm pretty excited that my first baptism on the mission is going to be on my BIRTHDAY! woohoo!!!
Thursday which was HALLOWEEN ended up being a lot of fun. In the morning we had these senior sisters, (who are actually sisters in real life and companions in the mission) come check our apartment for cleanness. They are so adorable! Then at like 3:30 we went to see Jonathon and Mirta ( I can't remember if I told you about them already, they are former investigators who had a firm baptismal date and everything, but for some reason they didn't get baptized) So we've been trying to set an appointment with them for weeks, but everytime something came up and we couldn't have the appointment. SO we actually got to go in their house and sit and talk with them, and we were kind of bummed out, it turns out they mostly just love hanging out with the missionaries. They had some elders before who they thought were really cool, so they didn't actually care about the lessons, they just liked hanging out. So, we are not going to focus on them for a while haha. But after that we had ZONE TRAINING in Lodi. it was awesome. We actually got to watch Ephraims Rescue the movie, and eat pizza! Then we had actual zone training. It was so fun! 
Friday we had another lesson with Jim at the Bigelows house, and it went well, it wasn't awesome or anything, but it was good. We just shared the talk by President Monson called Obedience Brings Blessings. And then we all talked about it. It was good. Then we did weekly planning and stuff, and we actually got to call people and make the plans for Jims baptism! Which was a lot of fun! After weekly planning we went to visit a few people, and there is this guy named Jonny who we met while tracting he is like 24. So he clearly doesn't understand what missionaries do cause he invited us to have a beer and to stay the night HAHAHA so needless to say we are not going to be visiting Jonny for a while. Then when we were leaving he gave us hugs and we both just like froze, it was so funny. We were laaaaaughing so hard. 
On Sunday I had my first experience with a total anti-mormon! HAHA oh man. So on Saturday we were tracting and we met this kid probably about my age, and he was on his way to work, but he said to stop by on sunday around 1 cause his dad would love to talk to us. So anyways we ended up talking to this guy for an HOUR. just in his doorstep. He told us his whole story about how he became a Christian and all that jazz and then we were like ya that is great, Jesus is awesome! But then he started telling us we're not Christians, we're going to hell, we're bringing everyone we're teaching down to hell, and all this stuff! HAHA oh my gosh, I was getting SO mad inside! This guy was suuuuch a jerk! Near the end I was just taunting this guy though hahaah. We asked him to pray about what we talked to him about, and he REFUSED to do it. So I was like "Don you seem like youre SCARED to pray about it because you know it'll be right when you pray about it" and then he didn't like that and totally was getting mad hahaha oh my gosh it was hilarious. And then I kept trying to end the conversation by bearing my testimony, and I was like "well I KNOW... bla blabla" and then he would be like "NO YOU'RE WRONG" hahaahah it was ridiculous!!!! But ya. He was telling me my testimony was wrong.... It was just so ridiculous. 
But through that whole experience it made my testimony stronger! Seems like a silly way to do that, but it really did. I'm so thankful I know the things I do! Why would Jesus Christ only visit one group of people? The Book of Mormon is just MORE proof of Jesus Christ. But according to Don we are not Christians even though if you read 2 Nephi 25:26 it says exactly what we do. We talk of christ we rejoice in christ, we phrophesy of Christ.and SO ON, but apparently we're not Christian hahahaah. What a nut job.
Then Monday was transfer calls! For some reason SisG was freaking out... lol even though it was pretty much set in stone that we're both staying. So annoying. But anyways in the morning we had a lesson with Jim at the Bigelows. We watched the Restoration video and it was awesome. We wanted to make sure Jim had a testimony of Joseph Smith, and turns out he had prayed about it on his own to find out! We were so proud! Then we had lunch there! Then we went home and washed the car hahha by hand (ooo la la ;) haha jk) and then went and visited people, and then had dinner at Sister Cooks house. She let my play her harp! Mom you should take up the harp! Its just like piano! I'm gunna learn how to play for reals when I get home!!!! we'll see, but that would be awesome. 
Then today, I got to go to the TEMPLE! Woohoo! It was awesome. I wasn't planning on going, but then I felt like I should go, so I did. Judy and I went, and SisG stayed with the Lodi Spanish Sisters. It was great to go, and then we came home and now we are here!!
So hopefully everything will go smoothly for Jims baptism! We are so excited for him!!!!

Well I love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!
Thanks for all of your support!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Picture from the Mish!

Sister Gutierrez having a ride on Boston!

The "Crane Game"  

Me and Judy at Denny's!

Our package we made for Jim!

Finished Product!

Trunk or Treat!

Trunk or Treat!

Week 6 in GALT. Time flies when your havin fun!!

Hello Family!!

Can you believe this is the start of week 6 in Galt?? Crazy stuff! Next week is transfers, but i'm almost 100% positive me and Sister Gutierrez will be staying in Galt! Its a 12 week training program, and we're only on week 6, soooo ya. Oh and that reminds me. Next week P-day is on Tuesday. So don't be surprised when you don't hear from me on Monday! It will be the next day :)

This week feels like it was a month long! Not in a bad way though. Just so many things happened, and when I look back, I'm like wait? That was this week? Hahaha so a lot of things happened.

Tuesday we had the New Missionary Meeting! It was in Sacramento (Rancho Cordova actually), So everyone who came out with me this transfer and our companions got to meet and basically have like a Q&A with the mission pres. It was a good time. It was actually great to see everyone from the MTC. Haha everyone is having a hard time, but we are all hanging in there. Sounds like its mostly comp issues hahaha which I can relate too. LOL. I wanted to talk to Sister Brown more, but we didn't get a chance because they were having us do so many things! But it was a lot of fun. All of the new missionaries got to go up and bare our testimonies. It was really nice to hear everyones testimonies and see how much everyone has already grown! Its super amazing. 
Oh ya Judy (the lady who takes us to Dennys) drove us to Sacramento, and on the way home we stopped at Costco (probably not allowed... ? hahaah oh well) and she bought us BLANKETS! Like you know that amazing fuzzy blanket I have at home? Its like that! Oh man, it was so nice of her and we were so grateful :).
Then we were supposed to have a lesson with Jim at 4, but brother Hinds went to go pick him up and he wasn't there!! :'( it was so sad. So we cancelled lol.

So we rescheduled Jims lesson for Wednesday morning ( I don't know why we thought we could do Jims lesson in the afternoon, because it never works, hahaah only mornings work for Jim!) So Wednesday morning we had his lesson with the Bigelows! (They are probably my favourite family in the ward) It was suuch a great lesson. We focused a lot about Jesus Christ and the Atonement, and the spirit was very strong. Jim even started tearing up. It was nice. Then we had our district meeting, and our District leader is so great, he planned his lesson just for me and Sister G. He taught us a way we can work with investigators to help them overcome trials such as smoking (that is something Jim needs to work on). So it is called Commiting to Christ. So on Thursday night we gave Jim a pocket sized picture of Jesus Christ and wrote Alma 7:11-12 on it, and then gave it to him. We told him we're not giving him this commandment to stop smoking, but Christ is. And then we told we KNOW that he can do anything through Christ. So he told us he was going to stop on Oct 30, (but you have to stop smoking a week before your baptism) So I was bold and told Jim we knew he would be able to do it a week before his baptism. And he agreed! So Saturday was going to be his last cigarrette! woohoo!
On Wednesday we also had our lesson with Carly, which went well and we watched the movie Finding Faith in Christ to help her gain a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ.
Thursday we did a lot of 12 week study, and we watched like 2 hours worth of videos from the District hahaha, it was kind of funny. It was a good day though. And then we sort of started to plan Jims baptism.

Friday! we had another lesson with Jim at the Hinds house and it went really good! We taught him about Tithing, Word of Wisdom, and the law of Chastity. He didn't have a problem with any of them (haha except the smoking, but he's already working on that)

Then we had very long weekly planning! Weekly planning is so exciting when you have actual things to plan for! So we planned Jims baptism and we are so excited! Our dinner appointment got sick, and so Judy took us to Dennys hahahaha. We officially went to Dennys every weekend in October. And we became MASTERS at the claw game! hahaahah (Judy always gives quarters to do it) A little girl was watching us do it and then I gave her one of the ones I won. I'm so charitable hahahah jk.

Saturday we went and saw Debbie Hamilton who is less active hahaha. Umm funny story. She really wants to change and come back to the church, so she asked us to teach her the lessons, and so we said ya, cause its good practice for the lessons, and its good to help people. And so we went into her room to teach her and hahahaha there was marijuana sitting on her desk. Sooooo I think she has a long way to go... (she told us she wasn't taking her pain medicine (she just got foot surgery) but I think she found her own way to deal with the pain ahahaha)

Then we decided to get Jim a gift to help him stop smoking, so we got permission from our district leader to go shopping, and we got him grapefruit juice, brownies, suckers, cinnamon mouthwash and a mini scentsy type thing(someone gave it to us, so we're regifting). And right before we went into the store to go shopping Jim cancelled his BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!! We were like NOOOOOOO. Cause this is really important before you can get baptized. And he's supposed to be getting baptized in a week from Saturday hahaha. But its all good. We think we got it all figured out.

So then Saturday night we had the halloween party which was a lot of fun, and a lot of fellowshipping was going on with the part member and less active families! Great times.
We didn't dress up (my comp is such a party pooper). hahaha It was a great little party though. Lots of fun. I took a picture of the Bigelows in their costume so you can see it! They went all out, it was awesome!

Oh and I forgot hahahaha,  one of these days I can't remember which one, the Relief society president called us and said she wanted us to meet somebody. So we went with her to this motel type place, where basically its all people who have been evicted live. And so its this homeless lady and 4 kids living in one bedroom. they have absolutely nothing and they've been living off of hotdogs for the past 2 months. So her friend who is not a member told her to contact the LDS church because we help people in need. So basically this lady just wants help, but our job as missionaries is to bring people closer to Christ. Sister G was all complaining and saying she is using us (which basically she is) But its not our job as missionaries to judge that, its only our job to teach people. So we are going to continue teaching her and maybe she will actually become interested in the gospel. She came to church on Sunday and she loved one of the talks given in sacrament meeting. So I think maybe she could be interrested. Who knows!!!

But ya, it was a good week! And I can't believe its the end of October already!!!! 
OH!!! And i got the package you sent!!!! Thank you so much!! I love it! I think i've looked at the family pictures everyday since I got it. I miss your beautiful faces!!! 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week and know how much I love you!!!!!!!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Goats, Houses and Sister Missionaries!

Sister Lacusta and Sister Guiterrez ready to go and work!

This is where I live.  Check out our car.

Never thought I would be living with Goats on my mission!

Two Baptism Dates for November!! Yahoo!

Wow! What a week
So these past couple weeks have flown by, which has been great!
Monday was p-day (always fun) We played ScatterBall with our zone which is basically dodgeball, but with no teams. It was super fun! Then shopping groceries and all that good stuff. We were supposed to have an appointment with Jonathon and Mirta, but they cancelled. So that was sad.
Tuesday was great! we set up a 10am appointment with Jim and Brother Hinds house, and it went great! Jim was so prepared! He brought his book of mormon, and his bible and a notebook to take notes. It was awesome. We taught him all about the Restoration, and included the Word of Wisdom in it because he has a smoking problem. Jim was so excited to learn all of these things and they made so much sense to him. Then we decided to bike  the rest of the day, which was a lot of fun. Sister Gutierrez thinks that I am so mean, but basically I am always just trying to make sure she doesn't die. HAHA she was taught how to ride a bike, but no body told her rules of the road.. apparently they dont have stop signs, street lights, or anything in Mexico.... which is funny cause I've been to Mexico and have seen all of those things.... BUT whatever hahaha The rest of the day we just went and visited a few other people. It was good.

Wednesday! We decided to fast again on Wednesday, hahah when we decided to fast I was like OH MY GOSH why did we decide to do this again!? haahah I was so hungry. But it ended up giving us so many blessings later in the week. We taught Carly Ann this day, and we really emphasized to her the importance of enduring to the end. That it doesn't stop after baptism, and that she is becoming a member of this church and there are lots of things that that includes. We had dinner at the Bishops house that night, which was delicious (I don't know if its because I was ending my fast, or because it really was so good). It seems like everything that people feed us here is right out of their gardens! Its great! And then haha they do this funny thing where they make every set of missionaries sing a hymn for them. No piano, just singing lol. So we sang Called to Serve... and the Spanish called to serve has 4 verses? So we sang 2 in english and 2 in spanish. Hahahah wowza. Oh ya, earlier in the day we had our district meeting, which was good.  But ya it was a fun district meeting.

Thursday ahahahah. Okay mom, if you ever have to plan a relief society activity and no body shows up don't feel bad. Hahaha there was a relief society lunch at noon. And the only people that showed up was the relief society presidency, me and sister gutierrez, and 1 other lady(who I found out on sunday was the NEW relief society preisdent haha they released them all) But ya it was kind of sad but it was still fun for us. We did a little tracting this day and it was actually a good experience! People were really nice to us, and we gave out a couple Book of Mormons and got some people to contact. So we will see what comes of that. Then we were supposed to have an appointment with Jonathon and Mirta.... they had people over from out of town, so they had to cancel. We are starting to lose hope on them because they keep cancelling. They seemed so promising though. Then we visited a few more people.

Then Friday was different than how any other friday should be. Usually we do Weekly Planning from like 10-3. BUT we planned a lesson with Jim at 10am (it seems like the only time that works for him haha) So we went to Brother Hinds house and taught the lesson. . We were just planning on teaching the first half of the Plan of Salvation, but we ended up teaching the whole thing.  So then we were supposed to have an appointment with this lady named Julie, but she was sick and had to cancel.
Then we started our weekly planing. Hahah It was a great weekly planing. It took forever! Because we actually had things to plan for! It was so awesome! Its really exciting having people with baptism dates!
Oh ya Jim has a date for November 2! And Carlys is supposed to be Nov. 9 (my b-day :D) But we have to change it to Nov. 16 cause she can't come to church next week.
So ya weekly planning was good.
Saturday was also great, we met this girl at stake conference who had been home from her mission for 2 days and wanted to come out with us! So she came out with us for like 3 hours hahah. It was so good. And we went and saw these CRAZY people (like by far the craziest i've met so far) that we met while tracting, and turns out she is related to them!!! haahahh. Oh so funny. The man is her grandpas brother or something like that. But ya she was getting so frustrated and me and Sister Gutierrez were just kind of chillin ahahah. It was hilar. But ya, these people make me so mad, they don't believe in a literal second coming.... they say christ has already come and he lives in their hearts? And they think the Book of Mormon is balogne, but they refuse to read it. I just didn't say anything after a while because they made me so frustrated. We went and saw a couple other people with this girl, and ya hahah. Then we took her home and did our thing. Then we had dinner with Judy again! haha so fun! And another lady named Judie called us and she made us brownies and gave us some sweet coupons for when we go shopping on p-day ( Judie is LA and has no intentions on ever coming back to  the church, but she loves us and always gives us stuff haha we wish she would come back)
Sunday! We had to go to ward council :'( hahah so dumb. But church was good and get this JIM AND CARLY CAME TO CHURCH!! woohhooo!! it was so exciting! Carly went to primary with a girl she knows from school, and Jim came to Gospel principles.

 After church we did our studies and then went and say this LA lady named Debbie. She is old and just had some foot surgery. And she has got to be the sweetest lady ever. She wants to turn her life around so bad! And she told us she was trying to quit smoking, and we told her we were so proud of her and then she started crying. It was so tender. I love Debbie a lot (I want to set Debbie and Jim our investigator up ;) ) She came to stake conference last week and gave us both a kiss on the cheek! It was so sweet. And she asked us if we would teach her the lessons because she doesn't remember anything and wants to know everything she can. It was so sweet. 

We then had dinner at the Chantrys, and hahah they do this fun thing called the Viking Meal. And apparently they have 5 sons, and whenever the missionaries would come over thigns would get CRAZY and then all of the boys would end up getting grounded after hahaha. So the viking meal is no rules, no manners, no plates, no utensils. hahahaah it was kind of fun. We just ate right off of the table. Obviously things weren't so crazy with sister missionaries, but apparently things get thrown across the room when they've got elders and their sons there hahaha. It was funny. Its a cute idea. Then we visited a few other people. And we saw this Part Member Family/ Less Active family and I wish they would come to church! They are so great! But they are planing on coming to the Halloween Party!! Which is great because we've been inviting EVERYONE hahahaha!! Its great! The Halloween Party is this Saturday and we're expecting a lot of people!!! It will be fun!
But ya it was a good week! We are really excited about Jim and Carly!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!
But ya, I hope everyone is doing good at home :) I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sister Guiterrez

Me and Judy

Fasting Really Works!!

Hello Family!
This was an awesome week. So many great things happened, many small miracles!
Before I tell about my week though I have to give some advice: NEVER go to a mexican dentist. hahahaah My companion is a dentist in mexico, and we've been running around last week and the week before to different dentists because she needs a ROOT CANAL. Lol It was because she was going to get braces before coming on the mission, and somehow it ended up giving her a big cavity and then she didn't want the root canal before she came out so she just had them fill it, and NOW she needs a root canal. So never got to a mexican dentist. 
So Tuesday we were running around doing a lot of dentist stuff and then we went tracting and visited a few more people and it was just a good day. We've been working hard for our area trying to find people who are prepared and ready to receive the gospel. And haha we were just joking around about wanting to find an old woman/man as our next investigator, cause we figured they would be perfect to receive the gospel. So anyways later that day we got a REFERRAL! Woohoo! And it was someone named Zach and they lived in a care home! We were like OH MY GOSH! Our perfect investigator. So we go to find this Zach referral, and so turns out the care home wasn't like an old folks home.... it is a care home for disabled people...! SO now our task is discovering if Zach is accountable or not. We've tried to stop by 2 more times with our ward mission leader to get a second opinion, but he hasn't been home. And he doesn't have a phone so we can't call him. So ya, we're not too sure if Zach is actually going to be an investigator or not.
On Wednesday we had our district meeting, and it was so good! Our district leader is awesome, so inspired. We talked a lot about how we can improve our areas and make our district stronger, and how sometimes the best thing we can do is bear our testimony, no one can tell us our testimony is wrong, they might not agree but they can't tell us we are wrong. Then we had to go to the dentist AGAIN hahaha, Then we came home and visited some people and had our lesson with Carly Ann (she is the 11 year old) We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! woohoo! But now we need her family on board, we need them to realize that its not just getting baptized, but she is becoming a member of our church. So we have got a family to fellowship her and help invite her to church and to YW ( her birthday is nov 11 so we figured we might as well get her started on going to yw cause she is SO mature) So we're excited about Carly Ann, but we really need her parents to be able to support her.
Thursday was just a good day full of lots of visiting people and teaching little lessons. We also did service for this old lady named Rosemary. There was some crazy windy days last week and so the palm tree in her backyard made a huge mess and there were branches and leaves everywhere. So she is too old to clean that up so we offered. And we invited the elders to help us clean. Haha it was a lot of fun, and it felt so weird to wear pants. hahahah Rosemary isn't a member, but she is the sweetest old lady ever, and she has a neighbour who is a member, and apparently she went and asked him if us sister missionaries were actually legit or not hahahaah. oh man, silly rosemary. She wanted to know how she could thank uus, and we said she didn't need to, but if she really wanted to thank us she'd let us come back to her house and teach her a lesson hahaahah so we are going to teach rosemary a lesson... lol about the gospel
Friday we were fasting. It was weekly planning and so it felt like the longest day ever hahaha. BUT fasting works! These are where our small miracles came. We got 2 new investigators and just had a really good day. HAHA our one new investigator is actually CRAZY. she was a referrral from the elders and hahahah this is her story, She doesn't believe in God because He killed her soulmate, and you are probably thinking oh that is so sad, her husband died.... ya not the case..... she believe her soulmate was her CAT hahahahah. So her cat died and she is so heartbroken that their couldn't possible be a God. But she does believe in a higher power (aka God, she just isn't giving him a name hahaha) And she believes in afterlife. Soooo.... we are going to work with her, and help her to know she can be with her soulmate again..... hahaahahah. Good times.
And the other new investigator is the old guy (he was actually a former investigator from like 2009) and haha he let us in because he thought I was his granddaughter. Then we were talking to him ahahahhaha and on his table he had cigarettes, beer and chewing tabacco. hahahaha so funny. He told us we weren't getting anywhere near heaven with our book of mormon, and that really upset me so I told him that we were and that the book of mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and bore my testimony and everything. hahah then he agreed to read the book of mormon and let us stop by again. hahahaah It was good times.
Then to break our fast we went to Dennys with JUDY she is my favourite old lady ever. She is a really recent convert and is just awesome ( and crazy hahahaah) I love her though. So we got to order anything we wanted, and then we played the crane game!! And Sister gutierrez won 4 stuffed animals! hahaahhaha it was hilarious! And so fun! Judy is great.
Saturday we went on exchanges, so I was in Lodi with Sister Olephant. It was fun. We taught an old guy, then went and saw this lady who is 97 years old!!! And she is still going strong! Its insane! Shes not a member, but her daughter is and her daughter (who is 70 lol) has a 5 page patriarchal blessing, and it says she is going to live a LONG life hahahaah. So I think she will probably be as old as her mom. But ya they have family members who have lived to be like 114. Something in their gene pool!! Its crazy!
Then we had Stake conference so we went to the adult session, which was awesome and was all about missionary work! We loved it. President and Sister Lewis spoke!! I love them so much. Sister Lewis is only 5"1 too!! she always wears heels so I didn't realize we were the same height! It was great!
Then sunday we had Stake conference, which was a little less intersting ahahahah. It was about primiary and youth and bla bla bla stuff missionaries don't care about hahaha. No jk, but it was still good.
We went and visited Jim (he is one of our investigators) and we brought the ward mission leader, and they became best friends!! woohoo!! perfect fellowshipping! And we've got an appointment tuesday morning. And Jim is so excited to have a brand new start and focus his life completely on Christ.
Oh and auntie Kirsten and the Campbells sent me a package!!!! It was such a pleasant surprise! I wrote them a letter to say thanks, but just in case it doesn't make it there, please pass on how thankful I am and that I love them!!
So ya it was a great week!!!!! Our goal is to make a Galt STAKE! hahaha jk, but thats what we tell all of the members hahaha. Good times. 
Well I love you all! thanks so much for your emails!!
I AM SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU! You are amazing and I love you!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My Shiny New Bike

Check out the Helmet and Missionary Shoes!!

Disc Golf

Sister Lacusta and Sister Guiterrez

My Zone on P-Day!