Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My last post as a Sister Missionary!

Well hello folks! This is it!
Can you believe that? I seriously cannot!

This last week was awesome though, just kind of a regular week, but it was a good one.
It is cool to see just how amazing the Lord is and how his hand is in everything.
Our investigator Kody told us that he knows he should be baptized! We are so excited for him. And he was telling us some other things, and it was cool to see how the way we have been teaching him was exactly what he needed. And it has also been so cool to see the power of the Book of Mormon!

Well this has been the greatest 18 months of my life. Not always the easiest, but definitely the greatest. I have learned so much, and my testimony has been strengthened! I know that this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much. We are all his sons and daughters and He wants us to be able to return to live with Him. He sent us his son Jesus Christ to be a Savior for us. I know that if we follow Christs example that we will be happy, and we will be able to live with Heavenly Father again. I know that God is the same yesterday,today and forever. He gave us prophets then, and He has given us a prophet now. I know that the Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God and that we can get closer to God by reading it, than by any other book! I know that if we keep doing the small things that great things will come to pass!

I love you all! The church is true and God loves us all SO MUCH!



Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pictures from Judy's Baptism

Judi Got Baptized!

This week was AWESOME!
So i pretty much don't remember anything except BEDNAR and JUDI's BAPTISM!
SO that is all i will email about!!!
So it was pretty awesome. We drove to Elk Grove, and the WHOLE mission was there! So we all were in the gym, and got all lined up because we got to have a picture with him!! So we were supposed to be waiting reverently, but the photographer had us singing hymns, and 240 of us sound pretty good, so we sang Called to Serve, and another one and then how Firm a Foundation, but then during how firm a foundation he told us to sing verse 7, NO ONE KNOWS verse 7! So we sounded HORRIBLE. and of course that was when ELDER BEDNAR WALKED IN! soooo embarrassing. But oh well. So then we got a picture with him and the whole mission. I'm excited to see it. Then we all went into the chapel, and had the coolest meeting with him ever. Basically he just asked us what we learned when we were preparing for the meeting, and then he would ask comments based on that, and then he did a Q&A session. bahahaha so during the Q&A there was this elder who had a question, and oh ya sometimes the portable microphone was kind of cutting out,so he has his question:
Elder: so what do you say, or how do you help someone who feels like they can't change because they have sldrhosdifh feelings?
Bednar: sorry what was that? What kind of feelings?
Elder: oioisudfosidu feelings.
Bednar: One more time?

bahahaahah and then the mic didn't cut out, and he just shouted homosexual feelings infront of Elder Bednar hahaha. it was soooooo funny. 

And ya Elder Bednar is seriously soooooo funny. I just loved him. And he is such a humble guy. But it is soooooo evident and easy to see that he is an apostle of the Lord.
I  think the definite coolest part was at the end when he bore his testimony. As we all know, apostles are special witnesses of Christ, and everything in his testimony started with "I witness".
Wow. Coolest day ever.

SATURDAY: JUDI GOT BAPTIZED!!!! IT WAS the best!!!! So Tom did the baptism, and wow it was just perfect. I am sooo happy for her!  I really love Judi and Tom, and i am excited because this baptism is just the beginning for them!!! The temple is next :).

SUNDAY: STAKE CONFERENCE WITH ELDER BEDNAR soooooo! We had the new member/investigator meeting at 8:30, and get this. ahaha they kicked the missionaries out. It was really dumb. For real. Like we weren't even upset because we couldn't be there to see Bednar, but we were upset because we brought investigators, and then they made us leave them to sit by themselves....! Like some of the elders investigators had never even been in a church building before. So it was just really sad to see where the active members priorities were. They were only thinking about meeting elder bednar and not thinking about the people who this meeting was actually for. But whatever. But ya then stake conf was really good!!! 
WELL hahaha i will email you next week!!!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Relief Society Adventures!

Just having fun!

Guns on the Mission.

If I turned it the other way it was almost as big as me!  

Elder Bednar is Coming!

Well this was a good week! It went by super fast! Crazy stuff!!!
Monday night we had Kyla come with us to our dinner appointment at the Hollingsworths. They are this young couple who are soooo funny. I love them! We were planning on teaching one of Kylas new member lessons, but it didn't happen. Oh well.
Tuesday: we had MLC which is always great. We had a good training, it was pretty much about WHO WE ARE. So they got us all pumped up about being California Sacramento Missionaries. hahaha which is pretty funny when you think about it cause half of them will end up being Modesto missionaries. so that is too bad. But ya it was good. Then we saw Judi after, and we saw Pablo, he is this super adorable 14 year old boy who wants to learn more. We had dinner at the Pierces, and then went to the bishops with the Medinas. We were supposed to watch meet te mormons but we ran out of time. then we had to go on exchanges.
Wednesday: So I was with Sister Sahm here in folsom. It was a good day. Back and forth a lot, and we did service atthe old folks home and hahahaha there was an old lady making out with a baby doll. ahahahahaah it was so sad/weird/hilarious. But ya the rest of the day was good. sister Sahm is from the exact same island that sister William is from, so it was kind of fun to talk to her. Back with an islander companion!
Thursday: We had a lesson in the morning with Kody, it was good! We taught the restoration using 1nephi 13. It went great. We invited him to be baptized on april 11, and he said he would pray about it! Then we met with the ZLs to plan our zone training. the JUDI had one of her baptismal interviews! then we saw Beth, and did more service at the old folks home! And then our other appointments that we had cancelled, but it ended up being okay, cause we needed to plan for our zone training.
Friday we had zone training! It went really good! I think it will really help the zone! It just helped every body to be pumped  up and to want to work harder! Then the rest of the day was good. We saw Judi again and filled out her baptismal record.
Saturday: Was kind of crazy haha, we had to go on a team up in east sac haaha. lol and that took so long. #stlprobs. But it was good.  Then we had service at the thrift store, which was good. We were supposed to have an appointment with the Medinas but they cancelled :(. Sad day. We went and saw brother edmondson becaause he was out of town. We are glad he is back! And we had dinner at the Kolanders!
Sunday: daylight savings. hahah felt like we got no sleep. jk, it was good. It was a good sunday.  went to all of 2nd ward. Then Judi's interview with PJardine was at 2:30, so we went there, then realized we forgot her baptismal record at home, so had to speed home to get it then back, and luckily the timing was just perfect, cause right as soon as we walked in they walked out of the interview. Ahaha so they didn't even realize we left. #tendermercy. Hahah we did not want to get chastised for forgetting the record hahaha. Butthen it was good!
Small little miracles everywhere :)It is awesome!
Judi will be baptized on saturday!
We get to meet Elder Bednar on Friday! 
Life is good!!!!!!!!!!

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Hard Work Pays Off!

Well this has been a GREAT week!
It is one of those weeks where I am just feeling super grateful for everything that is going on!
I feel like there is a theme in my mission, where I work super hard and not a lot happens until right before I am about to leave. So i definitely have a testimony of hard work paying off!
I've told so many missionaries, that as long as we are working hard, the Lord will fill in the blanks!
And it is sooo true!
But ya this week
Tuesday I  got to go on exchanges in El Dorado with Sister Tu'atonga. It was a lot of fun, she is hilarious. We did service at the thrift store, and i got a supergood deal on a coat. Haha it was brand new and I got it for $3. woohoo! But ya it was good. My last time back in El Dorado. Oh ya and we had a JW attack us. Hahaha good times.
Wednesday we had an appointment with this lady named Lisa who we hadn't met yet but her mom is a member. So Lisa is dying from cancer and it was sooooo sad. She was in sooo much pain, but she was so grateful we came to see her. In the night we saw Tom and Judi and we retaught Judi the Restoration. 
Thursday we did some service in the morning by helping someone move and then we had district meeting, and then we did service at an old folks home haha. Then we just saw some other people. Nothing too exciting.
Friday: i had my departing interview. It was good. It definitely makes going home seem a little more real! Then we had appointments back to back right after. We saw Kody! And he said he would come to church. And then we saw Lisa again, but the RS pres came with us. While we were at her house we all of a sudden heard this noise and we were like what is that? And we look out the window, and the sun was shining so bright, but then there was HAIL and pouring rain! hahaha it was awesome. We got soaking wet while we were leaving.
Saturday: Was good. We decided to try every single PMF in the 4th ward. haha it ended up being pretty good. tHen in the night we had a RS activity to go to. So that was a lot of fun.
Sunday: JUDI AND KODY CAME TO CHURCH! We were so surprised! It was awesome! And then in the night we had an awesome lesson with Judi. And she is pretty much solid for the 14th!!! yayayayayyyy! So keep her in your prayers still. We committed her to fast with us that day so she would be able to recognize her answer, and then she said in RS she kept thinking, ya i should be baptized. And all this stuff. And then she was listening to other peoples comments, and she realized that she doesn't have to be perfect to join the church. And so she is slowly getting more and more sure of it! So we are so excited for her!!! and we got a sweet referral of this boy who wants to be baptized! So we have an appointment with him on tuesday.
But ya things are great.
We found out it is ELDER BEDNAR who is coming to the mission and to our stake conference! So that will be awesome!!!
But ya it was a cool week where things just kept working out perfectly! Heavenly Father is definitely in every detail of our lives. That is for sure! 
WELL I love you all so much!!!!!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Another Great Week in Folsom!

Well it was another great week here in Folsom! I love Folsom! 
We had a lesson with Aubrey on monday night.... she is still kind of skeptical, but she is willing to listen, and seems pretty sincere about knowing  what is true. So we have another appointment with her tonight!
Tuesday we saw a lot of people we saw this guy whose last name is Cashdollar hahaha and his first name is Bill. Isn't that funny? But ya, he is a grumpy less active... hahaa it was kind of funny. We saw the Edwards in the night. Oh my gosh, i'm serious they have got to be the funniest people in the world! I love them! We did service at the thrift store. which was pretty fun. and Oh ya! I found $100 in one of the pant pockets, but obviously I gave it to the manager, but since then people keep giving us money hahaha we try to give it back, but no luck. So for now we are calling it good karma. hahah
Wednesday we saw a lot of people, did some service,  had dinner at the Graysons. Aw I love the Graysons, they are such a solid family. And we did practice teaching with Brother Edmondson, so either i'm a perfect teacher, or brother edmondson knows that i am too old and you can't teach an old dog new tricks. hahaha cause he didn't give me any critiques but he gave sis wright a bunch. hahaha. But it was all good. He is awesome. He just wants to make it to so we are awesome teachers.
Thursday was good. We saw some people, had district meeting. Elder Thomas is our new district leader, and he did a great job! I loved it! hahah our district is really silly. It is just us, and then Elder Thomas and his companion, but then the zone leaders have to come so we are not on a date. hahaha so weird. We got to see Beth this day, she is sooo sweet. And then we had this RM come out with us to see Kody, but Kody bailed for that time. So we went back before dinner and we committed Kody to read the BOM, so it is all good! And then we had dinner at the Edmondsons, saw Sister Huff, and then went to the Pierces. hahaha Sister Wright is crazy about cats, #catlady, but she won't admit it. And at the pierces she was like oooo kitty and was going nuts about their cat, and now whenever the Pierces see her they pretend to stroke a cat and make meowing noises, and sister wright is all offended about it. haahahah so funny, especially because she does that whenever she sees a cat, but they called her out on it. hahahahaaha hilar.
Friday was weekly planning, and then we rode our bikes around for a little bit! It was soo fun! We saw some potentials and stuff like that, but no one too exciting. 
Saturday was great!we met with bishop stoeltzing, and then we did service, saw some people, and then we had dinner at the Medinas! This was great, they are not members, but had us over, and we taught them the restoration and set an appointment to come teach them more!!! we are super excited!!!
Sunday was awesome. Oh man i just love both of these wards! They were just both awesome. In second wards relief society there were some good comments from the lesson, one was "When reverses (or setbacks) come, we need the temple even more". And one sister told a story from her brothers mission. They were in this little town and there was no sun for months, just super overcast, and the missionaries started getting really depressed, and then this members took them on a drive, like up a mountain, and then boom they drove over the clouds, and they could see the sun! So he said "the sunshine is always there, but sometimes from our position we can't see it" So remember in hard times, the sun is ALWAYS there! :) In 4th ward this girl came home from her mission, and her talk was great. And then we had dinner with the Jensens, hilarious. And then saw Tom and Judi.
So it was a good week!
Today ahhh we've been running around like crazy ladies. So sister wright is super talented on the piano, so they asked her if she would play the piano for this musical number when the apostle is here. So we had to drive to the mission office, then drive to elk grove for her to practice with the other sisters. So we left at 11 and didn't get back to Folsom till 3:45.... haahah byebye pday. Oh well. It was for a good cause. And i got to see some missionaries I haven't seen in a while.\
BUT other than that, life is good.
I have my departing interview on friday... hahaha.......... oh well. it is what it is.